How to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

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One of the biggest challenges of every moving day is lifting all the heavy items. If you are moving your home or your office, you should prepare for a day of heavy lifting. We recommend hiring a Mississippi moving company to help you out. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, a moving day can have many mishaps and complications. Take a look at the following guide that will help you prepare for a day of heavy lifting and organize your day like a pro.

Tips for planning a moving day

In order to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you will need to plan a moving day in advance. There are many things you should organize before you start lifting heavy objects. No matter how far you plan to move, heavy furniture and other items take time to lift and carry. One of the best ways to plan this action is to make a good moving plan. Here are some tips for making a moving plan list:

  • Calculate your inventory
  • Measure every heavy item you need to lift
  • Make a timeline of your moving day
  • Consider getting help from friends or professional movers
  • Plan the resting time

    a woamn writing on a piece of white paper
    No matter how far you plan to move, it is important to make a moving plan

If you follow the plan you made, you will have less trouble preparing for a day of heavy lifting. Whether you are doing it by yourself or with the help of a few friends, preparing is an essential part of this action.

Finding a moving company to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

Moving is not just putting the items on the truck on a moving day. It takes a lot more preparation and lifting of heavy furniture legs to disassemble furniture.

In addition, there are electric appliances as well that need wrapping. You have probably heard that there is the option to book a white-glove moving service. Moving help Oxford MS can be priceless in this situation. That means that a moving company can provide full-service moving. The good side of it is that you will save your back. But your wallet may suffer since this service always costs more. Arrange with your movers in advance if you will participate in lifting. In addition, do not forget that movers charge differently for lifting. That also depends on whether your building has a lift. Also, how far would they park the truck?

Consider getting help

In order to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you will need to think if it’s possible to do without additional help. You can always ask one or two friends to help you on a moving day. Also, hiring professional movers can be a great idea.

There is one way to save yourself from lifting heavy stuff in your home. That means that in the moving contract you will arrange with some of the moving companies Gulfport  MS to, first of all, disassemble and pack your items. In addition, they will also take out the items from your home on a moving day. Finally, they can load everything on the vehicle. Besides carrying a heavy load, movers with experience can help you organize the entire moving day. If you start preparing for the moving day on time, you might find a moving company that is both reliable and cheap.

movers holding sofa
Find reliable movers and prepare for a day of heavy lifting

How to prepare for moving heavy furniture

Moving heavy objects is hard for two reasons. First of all, these items are easy to damage because of their weight. Secondly, there is a big chance of getting a serious injury if not lifting them the proper way. This is why you should prepare for a day of heavy lifting, and one of the best ways to avoid injuries when moving is to get rest and call a professional moving company. One of the first things you should do is plan a good night of sleep before the moving day. Being well-rested will help you focus and have more energy to pick up and carry heavy loads. After you are ready for a hard day of work, you can start preparing your furniture for the move.

Measuring the furniture before the moving day is very important. 

First of all, not every piece of your furniture can fit through every door. For this reason, you should measure all the furniture pieces, as well as all the doorways and halls. Another thing you shouldn’t forget is to clear out all the space in your home or your office before lifting a heavy load. In case you have to take a rest, it can be tricky to put down heavy objects if the room around you has a cramped floor. One of the most important parts of the moving preparation is to put protection both on the walls and on your floors. Try putting some neoprene runners to protect them from scratching. Regarding walls protection, different kinds of fixtures can help. Putting those on the walls will protect when bumping the edges.

Take your time when lifting heavy objects

Moving objects like furniture, heavy musical instruments, or other heavy loads, you should think about whether you can do it alone or not. Depending on your physical strength and the nature of your move, you might want to take time and do it one step at a time. If you don’t have enough time to do it, you can always hire residential moving services in Mississippi and explain your moving situation to them. You can choose whether to hire movers just for moving heavy objects or for handling your entire move.

a man leaning on moving boxes
Book full-moving service to save yourself from heavy lifting

If you decide you will go on your own

In case you decide that you will not pay for additional packing services of bulky items, it is useful to know how to prepare for these actions. The is no need to start gym exercising. The most important thing is not to do the lifting with your back, but with your legs. Basically, there is no need to avoid lifting heavy possessions. When you need to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you will also need to prepare for getting all the right equipment. The good part of these preparations is that you could use items you already have at home. For example, you can use blankets and old bedsheets for dragging heavy items. These materials will prevent you from scratching the floors and make it easier to lift heavy objects.

Eat healthy on a moving day

The last thing, but not least important, is planning your meals on a moving day. In order to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you should make sure to eat healthy on a moving day.

Of course, many people don’t have much time to cook on a moving day. However, you can always prepare some healthy snacks in advance. In general, avoid eating too much on a moving day. It will be a lot easier when your stomach is not full. What you should make sure to do is to drink enough water and take small breaks in between lifting heavy items. Also, avoid eating pastry, potatoes, or any other carbohydrates. Get enough sleep and have some meat meals on a moving day so you can endure all day.

healthy meal
Prepare some healthy meals for a moving day

Learn some lifting steps to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

In addition to good sleep and proper food, there are other things you should learn about heavy lifting in order to avoid some injuries. In case you sit a lot during the day and do not move a lot, it may be necessary to do some light exercising at least 8weeks before the preparations start. Learn about useful ways to prepare for heavy lifting. This way you will reduce the risk of getting hurt during the moving process. Remember to apply them on a moving day in order to save your strength. As for every exercise, you will need to follow some general rules. Also, you do not need to start going to the gym regularly.

  • do some warm-up
  • plan the path of taking the items out
  • keep them close to your body
  • try to use leg and stomach muscles

There are many ways to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. It doesn’t matter how you plan to do it. The most important thing is to avoid moving injuries and possible damage to valuable items. If you can organize your moving day in advance, make sure to do so. Also, hiring professional moving assistance can be of great help. On the other hand, you can always go easily DIY and some help from your friends. The last thing you need is getting hurt on a moving day. Remember that there is also the unpacking part once you get into your new home. Therefore, look forward to the moving truck at your doorstep. Soon you will be in your new home, happily unpacking and decorating.