How to practice minimalism after moving to TN

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Starting a life at a new address is a great way to introduce new habits and lose the old unnecessary ones. Do not miss the opportunity to start over and create a better and more practical life for yourself. Too many items can suffocate the space and make you feel anxious and unorganized. Professionals at Spyder Moving and Storage can show you how to practice minimalism after moving to TN. Keeping it simple leads to better results both in professional and private life. Take some useful advice from professionals to optimize your post-relocation adjustment period.

Living in Tennessee

Stretched between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River, this state has attracted a large number of people in recent years. With a rich Native American heritage, a famous music scene, and a diverse economy, Tennessee attracts people from all age groups. Also, there is no state income tax, and the job market is on the rise. And you can visit Graceland and Dollywood anytime you like! You will have the chance to taste the finest whiskey while enjoying the southern charm. Since you will be surrounded by all these fantastic activities and experiences, you don’t need a hectic household. Learning how to keep it simple after moving to Tennessee¬†will give you more time and energy to absorb the beauties of this southern gem.

a picture of a town in Tennessee
Tennessee offers a great cultural heritage and numerous job opportunities

How to practice minimalism after moving to TN

Minimalism means keeping only the things that add value to your life. Letting go of the items, situations, places, and people you do not need leaves more time for those you cherish and find valuable. However, it is hard to keep only the essentials and let go of the items you have been collecting over the years. But no matter how hard it might be it is not impossible. Here are some things you need to do to establish a minimalist life once you move to TN:

  • make an inventory list
  • declutter
  • establish good habits
  • make use of the fresh start
  • don’t buy new things immediately

Make an inventory list

Once your residential movers unload their truck in front of your new TN home, it is time to start making preparations for minimalism. Make a list of all items you no longer use or rarely use. If you have no intention of using an item in the next year, put it on the list as well. This will give you a clear overview of the number of items you are about to get rid of. Avoid getting emotional about losing redundant items – they will eventually end up piled up in the corner of your house covered in dust. Ask members of your family to add their items to the list. Carefully choose the items you are bringing into your new Tennessee home. If you want a fresh start, there is no time like the present.

a couple going through inventory list while moving
Make an inventory list to facilitate the process of decluttering

Decluttering is one of the best ways to practice minimalism after moving to TN

Once you have made a list of the things you no longer need, it is time to remove them from the house. There are many ways to lose unnecessary items. You may give them away to friends and family. Invite them over one day for a coffee and let them go through your boxes. You can also donate some things to charity. Also, selling your items online or organizing a garage sale may bring you some extra cash, apart from extra space in the house.

Alternatively, you may rent a storage unit. However, if you wish to practice minimalism, you should make decluttering a regular activity. Once in a while reevaluate the items you possess, and check what needs to be thrown away.

If you decide to just throw out the redundant stuff, make sure they go into adequate recycling bins.

Establish good habits

The best type of behavior you can adopt to keep up the minimalistic life is to avoid buying unnecessary stuff. Try to fight the consumer’s urge to hoard possessions. Instead, use your money to buy experiences instead of things. Go to the movies, travel, enroll in a course, donate money to charity, and do many other useful activities that will not fill your house with unnecessary items.

Another thing you can do to fight the urge to collect the things you don’t need is to put money aside. Every time you reach out for your wallet to buy another cup you don’t need, put that money in a piggy bank. Afterward, maybe there will be enough funds to treat yourself to a vacation trip.

a couple sitting on the floor and eating pizza
Focus only on the things you really need in order to better practice minimalism after moving to TN

Make use of the fresh start

Once the top moving company Germantown TN has completed your relocation, utilize the opportunities that the new beginning offers. Start getting rid of stuff and consume less. If you plan to move more than once, there is no use dragging unnecessary things around in your bags and boxes. Living in Tennessee means enjoying music, nature, great food, and the most famous whiskey in the world. These are the things you should focus on if that is your preference, instead of hoarding objects of no value.

Don’t buy new things immediately

Think twice before you buy a new piece of furniture or tableware for your house. Postponing shopping activities will prevent you from acquiring new nest syndrome. Waiting will make you realize which items you need, and which would be only a waste of money and space. Wait until you’ve lived there for a while and try to acquire unique pieces for your home.

It is easy to practice minimalism after moving to TN if you have enough information on how to do so. Remember that in addition to the many benefits it brings, a minimalistic lifestyle is good for your mental health as well. This kind of lifestyle doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can do it bit by bit and still make a huge difference in your everyday life.