How to plan your business relocation

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Do you need to relocate your company? Then, it is time to organize your relocation. Moving your business is not any different from moving your household. The only difference is you are not moving alone. If you plan to move your office, you need to see if your employees are coming with you. If they are, you also need to organize your relocation with them. For this reason, it would be smart to hire Spyder Moving Services Memphis in order to help you all. Still, you should do some parts of relocation by yourself. Therefore, here is how you should plan your business relocation. 

Have regular meetings 

First of all, you need to decide if your employees are going to move with you. For this reason, you need to organize your first meeting. In this meeting, you need to notify your employees about relocation, reasons behind your location, and a tentative plan about finding commercial movers Memphis, etc. You should listen to suggestions from your employees about relocation. Maybe some of them have moved recently so they know how to organize a household relocation. You can basically apply the same plan to your company. 

In addition to this, you need to have regular meetings throughout the entire relocation. The reason is quite simple. You need to assign to each employee one moving task. For example, one employee can responsible for hiring Tennessee long distance moving companies, another employee can be responsible for notifying your clients, and so on. In order to ensure that everything is going according to schedule, you need to receive updates from your employees. The easiest way would be to hold a meeting. Apart from this, if there are any problems, you can all solve them together. 

people talking how to plan your business relocation during the meeting
Have a meeting to organize a plan with your employees

Plan your business relocation and packing 

Now that you included your employees, it is time to organize packing. You have two options. You can either use professional packing and unpacking services or you can do everything by yourself or stop if you want to do everything by yourself, you can say to your employees to pack their tables individually. If this is the case, then make sure to gather all the necessary packing supplies for your office items. 

In addition to this, you need to pay special attention to your IT equipment. If you have an IT department, let them take care of everything. If you don’t, then you need to hire someone to take care of your IT equipment. It is extremely complicated to disconnect and later reconnect all the electronical devices. if you plan to replace your equipment, you can consider donating your old ones to charities, such as Computer with Causes and similar. 

people sitting in front of the window
See what you will do about packing your office items

More tips to follow 

Lastly, when you need to plan your business relocation, you need to think about the following aspects as well. 

  • Changing your address on all the official documents 
  • Respecting buildings rules and regulations when moving 
  • Working and moving at the same time 
  • Treating your employees to dinner after relocation