How to plan an emergency relocation

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It is not too rare that you will find moving guides that explain to you just how much planning is important for a move. And it truly is important. However, let us not forget that no two moves are the same. Sometimes people simply lack the time to prepare for 8 weeks, or to do a thorough search for movers, or to figure out some minor yet important details. That is why this guide exists. We will help you plan an emergency relocation as straightforward as possible. From the beginning of your planning to the moving day itself. We will go step by step with you and help you figure out exactly what to focus on when having to move last minute. Therefore, read more to find out how to plan, choose movers, calculate the cost, and pack, all while being in an emergency situation!

Reevaluate your situation

Since you are having an emergency relocation, this is obviously a little bit chaotic. In order to plan correctly, you will need to know exactly where you are going to be moving, when, how big is your budget and where are you moving to. These four questions are essential to know if you are trying to plan an emergency relocation since they are the ones that will form it!

Plan an emergency relocation with care

You don’t have a lot of time before you the moving day with your residential or commercial movers Memphis, but that does not mean that you do not have time to be thorough and careful with your plan. Be sure to write everything down! A plan that is only in your memory is not much of a plan at all!

plan an emergency relocation - writing down a plan
You need to plan with care!

Furthermore, be sure to organize the plan in a form of a checklist. It is easy to miss things when you are planning in a hurry. Therefore, forming a checklist will make sure all the steps are respected.

Choose the movers

You are in a hurry, but you still must look carefully when looking for long-distance or local movers MS. Be sure to work only with licensed movers to evade any fraud attempts. Read the reviews at a glance to find the best one. Finally, call for moving estimates and find the lowest bidder.

Calculate the cost

One of the pretty important things when moving on short notice with the help of good residential movers is to know exactly how much it will cost you! Now, we already mention that you should go for the one who offers good service at an acceptable price. However, that does not actually explain exactly how the price is made and how you can influence it to go up and down…

Once you contact a mover you can (and should) ask for something called a moving quote. That is an estimation your movers do on the spot to produce to you the general idea of a price you will be making. It is often not binding. However, even when it does not bind them, they still cannot charge you more than 110% of the price, due to industry-wide regulation.

calculator and papers
How is the cost handled?

So how is the moving quote produced? What is it that your movers will value when they produce their estimation for your emergency relocation? Well, there are three main components to the formula that will produce the price.

  • Distance -First and foremost, it is the distance traveled that influences the cost. The greater the distance, the bigger the fuel consumption. Therefore, the higher the price. However, when you plan an emergency relocation distance should also matter due to it being a variable that determents if this relocation of yours is a long-distance one or the local one. The choice between those will impact the price as well.
  • Weight and volume – How much your possessions will weigh and how much space they will take is a pretty important aspect of the relocation. This comes into play especially if you are moving long-distance since then you are actually consuming more fuel if you bring more stuff!
  • Time – How much time your pick among Memphis moving companies will take to relocate you is most important in local relocations. This is basically the price of their work.

Travel light

If you are planing an emergency relocation, you might just want to travel as light as possible. The best way to do that is to downsize before having to do a relocation. If you have trouble deciding what to downsize and what to take with you, try taking inventory of all the possessions you have. In order to have a quick selection, make a rule. For example, it had to be used in x amount of time. Everything that does not make the cut goes to downsizing. There are three options for what you can do with your stuff. 

How to downsize?

The first among three options is to simply sell the unwanted items. A good old garage sale will help by bringing a small influx into your budget, while also lowering the cost of the move. Furthermore, you can turn to some of the America’s top charities and donate the old furniture, clothes, and whatever else you want to downsize. Finally, you can also try to recycle! It can also bring you a small profit, while also helping to save the planet!

In summary

Moving in an emergency is far from simple, that is pretty much the honest summary. However, as we hopefully pointed out, there are a lot of things you can do to make this process as straightforward as possible. you can travel light, stay organized, pack quickly and choose the right movers, all in a short period of time. All in all, the most important thing is to plan an emergency relocation with determination and efficacy, and we hope that our guide has produced the results that were intended. If it has, you are now ready to tackle the challenges of your emergency relocation! Best of luck!