How to personalize your new home?

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Once you have successfully relocated, it is normal that you want to personalize your new home. You want to add a little bit of personal touch and make it feel more like home. After all the stress after finding reliable Cordova movers, packing, relocating, and unpacking you might not have a lot of ideas. But with this simple guide with a few simple steps and a reasonable budget – your new home will be great!

The first step to personalize your new home is to hang personal photos

The one thing that can always make any space feel cozier and personal is your personal photos. Even if you bought or rented furnished homeadding some personal belongings as photos can really help you personalize your new home. You can be creative and create galleries on your walls, hang them in a certain pattern. You can even add floating shelves and put pictures on them. The possibilities are endless.

photos on a wall will personalize your new home
Adding personal photos will make your new home personalized

You can always repaint the furniture

One of the things that can help you make tour new home personal and fresh is repainting the furniture. Before you clean your new homeyou can repaint some wooden furniture, or maybe even your front door. Possibilities are endless, it is up to your imagination. If you do not want to paint you can use different furniture stickers and add a little bit of fresh look to your furniture. Personalizing your new home is not hard!

Add color to your accessories around the house

Once the Oxford movers and packers have done unloading your furniture, and you unpacked it you can start decorating. Adding color to your new home with colorful pillows, bright curtains can really make it feel fresh and new. This will personalize your new home and make it welcoming. 

A welcoming entryway is a great way to personalize your new home

One of the smart ways to add a little bit of style to your new home and personalize it is to create and decorate the entryway. There are a lot of different DIY projects. Your whole family can participate and you can make it into a fun family activity. You can add a bench, shelf, or simple hooks for wardrobe. You can add some paintings or cute messages. This can be a place where you will be leaving your keys and notes to the rest of your family.

Add flowers

Flowers can really change any space. Whether you buy them or get them from your garden – freshly cut flowers can make any room feel friendlier. You can put them in your favorite vase. Or you can purchase some new ones. There are a lot of different ways to decorate your flowers, so use your imagination!

bouquet of tulips
Freshly cut flowers will brighten the space

Get a new rug

One of the things that we notice when we first come into the room is the rug. And since you moved to a new home – this can be a great opportunity to buy a new one. You can choose a rug that you like, and that will fit with the rest of your furniture. Choose warm colors since. Warm colors will personalize your new home, and add a little bit of warmth!