How to pack your pantry for moving

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Packing for the move is one of the most daunting moving tasks. It takes a long time to complete and no one likes it! But, with a few tips and tricks from the pros, you can do it much more efficiently. You can even pack your pantry for moving in a few simple steps. So, let us share the secrets all Cordova movers know and make your relocation a piece of cake!

canned goods
Packing your pantry may seem simple, but even in this moving task, there are tricks that can make it easier. So why not make it as easy as possible for you?

Things to know before you pack your pantry for moving

First things first, you should keep in mind that Tennessee long distance moving companies will not move perishables at all. Not even when you’re moving locally. This is because movers cannot guarantee a certain temperature in the moving truck, not there is enough air circulation to keep the food fresh. So try to use it up as much you can before your moving day! A good idea is to organize a goodbye party for your friends and neighbors, so you can use up everything you cannot relocate.

Secondly, you should probably invest in a few clear plastic bins. When you’re putting a lot of cans into regular cardboard boxes, they can become too heavy and can break during transport. Professional packers will also tell you not to overpack your bins, as items can easily get squished and damaged. Stack the heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Snacks such as bags of chips that are filled with air should always be in a separate container, so they don’t break along the way.

Donate the excess food you do not need

Of course, before you move, you should go through your pantry and get rid of the food that is expired or that you do not want to bring along. If there are some items that are within their expiration date, consider donating them to food banks. You’ll make someone happy, and have a few boxes less to load onto the moving truck! The fewer boxes you have, the quicker the movers will load the truck and start transporting your belongings.

food bank volunteers
Donating the perishable food you cannot move is a great gesture. Many food banks will be happy to have them, and you won’t waste the food you didn’t get to eat before your relocation!

And finally, if you have any open containers that you don’t want to go to waste, place the food inside ziplock bags or air-tight containers. This will keep the food from drying out or going bad. Not only that, but it won’t spill all over the rest of the box and make a huge mess. There is no reason to throw absolutely everything out when you’re moving to Tennessee – but make sure you know how to pack it for the move so they don’t go to waste!