How to pack your garage 101

When you are preparing for relocation anywhere in Mississippi, you have to make each and every room like a pro. That goes the same with your garage. Since there are a lot of tools there and other items you do not keep in your house, you have to prepare it differently. Here are some ideas on how to pack your garage for your relocation! Read our article carefully, and you won’t have any problems preparing for your move at all!

Organize and plan everything before you pack your garage

It is the same principle as with every other place at your home. You need to figure out what you don’t need anymore. Most of the times, people turn the garage into storage where they put things they don’t use that often. To pack your garage like a pro, you need to declutter it first! There is an excellent possibility you have more than enough items you can throw away! You have to dig in and sort it out. Remember, if you have too many items to transport when relocating, then you will have to pay more. Declutter your garage and then search for moving companies in Mississippi!

Bunch of tools you need to organize before you pack your garage
Organize your items before you pack your garage

When you start packing, take into consideration what you can do with the items you do not need anymore. There should be three categories of those items like recycling, donation, or trash. And trust us, it is easier to get rid of them in any way than to pack them for your relocation. Take your time when deciding what items you want to throw away and which ones you want to keep.

Most of the time, you can donate those items to charities or organize yard sales. That can be very positive since you can get more money you can use that way for your relocation!  And we all know how much you can need that money when you plan on moving to Mississippi!

Try to avoid injuries

To pack your garage like a pro, you need to first make space for safety. You are going to pack tools and other power tools and large items. They are both heavy and hard! You can quickly get yourself hurt and end up having to cancel your moving! Since there are so much that can go wrong, have a couple of basic things you need! Always have protective gloves, glasses, and sturdy working boots! They are the best solution if you drop a wrench on your foot. It will protect you with ease! Learn more on how to avoid injuries when packing to make sure your relocation goes smooth!

injured stuffed animal
Avoid injuries by thinking about your safety first

Clean your garage

Cleaning your garage should be one of the first things you do besides packing and decluttering! Because your garage is not used that often, it can get dirty and perhaps infested with pests. Once you declutter it, start cleaning all those places you couldn’t scrub before. Tight spots, corners, and other places that can accumulate dust, humid and mold. Remember, mold is one of the biggest causes of faulty tools and items in your garage. If there is no constant flow of fresh air in your garage, then you will get some mold for sure. See how to deal with mold in your garage before you move. That will significantly influence the price of your home if you decide to sell it!

A girl holding cleaning equipment
Don’t forget to clean your garage

Gather all packing materials

As with everything else, you will need a substantial amount of packing materials to pack your garage! Since you are not packing items like in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, you will have to make sure you get more than plenty. And we do mean plenty! Tools are sensitive, and you can’t just drop them in the moving boxes like that. The best solution for packing tools is to have a proper toolbox you will use. In any other case, make sure you have either plastic boxes or sturdy cardboard ones. Because tools are substantial, the boxes can quickly get damaged and get your tools all over the floor of the truck.  Next comes wrapping materials! Use natural materials like paper or old fabrics!

A bunch of packing materials in a box
You will need suitable packing materials to pack tools

When it comes to power tools, the best solution for packing them is to have the original boxes they came with. For any other packing solutions you will need to know what packing supplies you need for relocation!

A proper way to load them

Once you find perfect boxes and properly pack y our garage, the time comes to load those boxes into the moving truck. Remember, they are both heavy and sturdy! Which means you need to be careful to avoid any injuries, as we mentioned before. Now if the moving company doesn’t have any moving dolly that you can use to load boxes into the truck, remember this: Always lift with your legs, not with your back! That is a sure way to avoid any back injuries when loading a moving truck. Also, try to keep the heaviest and sturdiest boxes at the beginning of the trailer. It will give the moving truck much-needed stability! Also, you can stockpile other boxes on top of them with ease then! There are different ways to load a moving truck when moving you should know about! It will only make your relocation easier and stressless!

It is not difficult to pack your garage like a pro! And after reading our article, you will have a more than a decent idea on how to do it with ease! Just follow our instructions, and you will be on your way to your new home in no time! If you feel like adding something to our guide, please feel free to do so! You can leave a comment in the comment section down below! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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