How to pack & move robust items

If you are planning to move, one of the difficulties that you will encounter is packing and moving robust items. Luckily today, there are many good moving companies that could help you with this task. Of course, you need to find movers that know how to pack & move robust items. Luckily movers Jackson MS, have the knowledge, equipment and experienced staff that could help you in this matter. But if you plan to move on a budget, hiring packing services is probably not on the top of your list. In that case, you will have to pack and move on your own.

Before you decide to pack & move robust items learn what would be the cost of moving them

Packing and moving robust items is not cheap. So, the first thing is to determine the true cost of moving a particular item. Use one of the available online calculators for this. After you do this, you will see if packing and moving it is the right way to go. Or maybe it will be better to get rid of it before the move. Of course, this usually applies to older and worn out items that you would like to replace anyway.

Illustration of a closet
Determine the cost of moving a particular item so you can decide whether to pack and move it or to get rid of it

Why get rid of your robust items and what are the best ways to do it

Getting rid of your robust items before moving to Mississippi has many advantages. Of course, the most obvious is that you will not have to deal with them during the moving chaos. But also, you will not have to get packing supplies for it, and you will not have to pay for moving those items that are usually heavy (the weight of your items is the decisive factor in determining the cost of your move). And depending on what you do with them you could even earn some money. However, it is important to start thinking about it at least 6 weeks before the move.

How to get rid of your robust items

  • If you have enough stuff, you could organize a yard sale.
  • If you do not have enough stuff for a yard sale, try selling your robust items online. This could also take a lot of time.
  • Maybe you do not have enough time to organize a sale; in that case, you could donate your household items and become eligible for certain tax deductions in Mississippi.
  • The easiest but not the most profitable way to dispose of your robust items is to give them to your friends or family who might find a use for it.
  • Take it to the recycling center if nothing of the above is possible.
Small items on a yard sale
If you have enough items you can organize a yard sale

Hire professionals to pack & move your robust items

If you decided that you have to move your robust items then there are practically two ways to do it. You can do it the easy way, or you can do it the hard way. Of course, you will probably want to learn about the easier way to pack & move robust items. The easier way is, of course, to hire professional packing and unpacking services.

This will certainly cost you more. But when you really think about it, you will find out that it is worth your money. You do not have to prepare and pay for packing supplies for it, you do not have to deal with disassembling and reassembling, and you do not have to do all the packing and moving.

Pack & move robust items on your own

On the other hand, maybe you are trying to move on a budget. And you can’t afford to pay your local movers TN to pack your belongings. If that is the case, make sure that you have proper packing materials prepared. For packing robust items, you will need moving blankets, bubble plastic sheeting, stretch wrap, packing tapes and plastic bags. Besides, you will need a set of tools that you will use for disassembling. And, it would be good if you can find a friend to assist you in this process.

Where to start

Your first task is to see if you can disassemble robust items that you plan to pack and move. If you have newer furniture pieces, disassembling should not be a problem. Especially when you are dealing with tables, shelves, or beds. On the other hand, antique furniture is usually impossible (or requires a lot of professional effort) to disassemble. In that case, you will have to move it in one piece.

Disassembling process

If you are going with disassembling, you should learn about a few important guidelines. If you are doing this for the first time, do not panic and do not try to rush things. That is how you will get hurt or your item damaged. Take photos of the assembly before you begin. It will be of much help once you start putting things together.

Also, pay special attention to small parts, screws, bolts, and similar. There is a big chance that those parts are unique for that piece and you will have a hard time replacing them. If you accidentally lose them. Therefore, prepare a plastic bag and place small parts inside as soon as you remove them.

Small worker lifting a screw
Pay attention to small parts, screws, and bolts.

Packing and moving process

Once you disassembled your item, start with wrapping. If you are dealing with wooden parts, wrap them in bubble plastic and tape it. The larger parts you can cover with moving blankets. It will give them good protection from accidental hits and scratches during carrying and transportation.

If you need to pack & move robust items that you cannot disassemble, a helping hand is the most important thing that you will need. Of course, you should first wrap your item with moving blankets and stretch wrap. And, before you start moving it, make sure that all the moving parts are secured. If everything is set you can carefully start moving your items.

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