How to pack & move robust items

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Moving is such an exciting event in life. But as soon as the first wave of high leave, you will face how many tasks you have to do. And for some of them, not only that you will need help, but you will need some ideas. One of those things can be how to pack & move robust items – because every household has them. As we said, getting help is really smart here. And that help can come in many shapes and forms. Start with getting the best moving company you can find. Finding a reliable moving company will change your experience for the better and you will never regret that decision. But how to know which company to choose?

Hire moving professionals with experience

Getting a professional moving company to help you will be such a great choice if you find someone who lives up to the assignment. Since there are so many different ones on the moving market, ask for a recommendation if you have a friend who moved recently. But if this is not the case, we strongly suggest you find some time and search for the best Memphis moving helpers you can find on the market, if Memphis is where you are moving to or from.

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Hire movers to help you with your relocation.

In your research for the best Memphis moving companies always read about how long they are on the market. Look if they have the needed equipment, certificates, and skilled staff. Never rush in that search and read all the reviews that people who hired them left. Because that will give you the right insight into the way they work and if they are able to handle all that moving can bring. And we don’t want to worry you, but it can bring many unexpected things. So it is very important to have someone reliable by your side.

How to pack & move robust items

Every complex event asks for great organization. And moving is no different for that matter. So the first thing to do is to hire experienced movers. If you are from Germantown, you can find them locally. Ask around. Find out if your neighbors know some reliable movers Germantown TN offers. And once you finish with that, start organizing. It is not said lightly that preparation is half of the job. This is true for complicated things and you should plan well all your moving steps. It is always better to have it all written down. So sit and start by making lists of things you have to do. And dedicate special time to plan pack & move robust items.

Have in mind that you can always ask your movers to help you with it. They can offer you many additional services that can be so beneficial to you. So, check with them if you want them to pack and move all the bulky things for you. They will accept it but you can expect them to charge it extra. So you have to make a decision if your moving budget is flexible enough for such additional service. Or decide to do that by yourself, because that is also an option. In case you want to do that, we have some pearls of wisdom for you

Getting packing material

Packing is so important part of every relocation. And this is just the first thing you should start planning the minute after you finish choosing your movers. Get different moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and labels. Also, think of what you can use from the stuff you already have at home and especially for those bigger items. That can be some sheets or towels. So prepare them all, too.

Disassemble your bigger furniture pieces.

When you have those larger pieces, you should look if you can take them apart, because that is so much easier way to relocate them. If you have newer furniture pieces, disassembling should not be the problem. Especially when you are dealing with tables, shelves, or beds. On the other hand, antique furniture is usually impossible (or requires a lot of professional effort) to disassemble. In that case, you will have to move it in one piece.

pack & move robust items
Learn how to pack & move robust items.

How to start with it

If you are going with disassembling, you should learn about a few important guidelines. Even if you are doing this for the first time, do not panic and do not try to rush things. That is how you will get hurt or your item damaged. Try to find some manual about it. If you don’t have the original one, you can find it all online. So search for a similar piece that is disassembled step by step.

Also, pay special attention to small parts, screws, bolts, and similar. There is a big chance that those parts are unique for that piece and you will have a hard time replacing them if you accidentally lose them. Therefore, prepare a plastic bag or some kind of box to place small parts inside as soon as you remove them. The last thing you would want is to lose some of them, for sure.

Packing and moving process

Once you disassembled your item, start with wrapping. If you are dealing with wooden parts, wrap them in bubble plastic and tape them. You can also use larger paper sheets that you can tape on them. Some other larger parts you can cover with moving blankets or sheets. It will give them good protection from accidental hits and scratches during carrying and transportation. And you want your items to get undamaged to your new home for sure. Have in mind that you can also use those blankets or towels to move larger parts around your home.

Ask your friends to jump in and help

Moving will take so much time and energy. And however good you are organized, you could use some extra pair of hands, or two. So this is just the best time to ask your friend to jump in and offer some help. If they don’t offer it by themselves, explain to them how valuable it will be for you.  If they are very busy ask them is there some time that suits them the best. In the moving process flexibility is an important value, so be ready to adapt your schedule to them.  Also, let them know how much you appreciate their time and help.

Get some quality packing material.

This can be just another opportunity for bonding. Letting them help you in such an important thing as relocation will make memories. Soon, you maybe won’t be living so close, so see this as a chance to make your bond stronger. Since you are the one who needs help, remind everyone that this shouldn’t be a dull event. Put some music on and make this day and all the hard work fun. After all, you are hanging out with your friends, and you are in charge of the atmosphere. Don’t forget to fill your fridge with some cold drinks and to prepare some snacks. This can just be the thing you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life.

Did we help you learn how to pack & move robust items?

We tried to help you learn the best way to pack & move robust items to your new home in Memphis, TN. And we do hope that you’ve found just the information you’ve been looking for. But this is just one of the steps. Now start with preparation. And don’t hesitate to use every help possible. Have in mind that your friends could come up with some great ideas. Trust that you are able to do so and even if some problem occurs, don’t panic. Just continue looking for some other solution. There is a ton of thing you are able to do, even if you have never done it before. We trust that you will handle it all well. Just go with one step at a time.