How to pack for your Tennessee move

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Moving is never fun, but it doesn’t need to be too hard. When you need to pack for your Tennessee move, first consider your moving date. That will show you how much time you have to complete the process. It will also influence your way of packing for the move. So, you can have a short notice move. If so, you will have to adjust your packing methods to meet the deadline. In case you have enough time, our advice is to start packing eight weeks before the moving date. In this case, use the first week to assess movers in Tennessee. This first week is great for getting quotes, checking the available companies, and choosing the one that suits you the best.

General tips on how to pack for your Tennessee move

Packing is among the most important parts of the move. To make the whole process easier, you can first prepare your belonging for packing. By doing that, you can apply the two principles:

  • pile like items together
  • organize room by room packing

This will also help you to easier unpack your belongings in your new home. And, while preparing your belongings for packing, you can also declutter them. When packing, use enough wrapping and padding material. Filling the moving box, always put the heavier items to the bottom. And, avoid packing the moving box until the brim. That will prevent the box from becoming too heavy. And, you will need one more layer of padding before closing the box, to keep the belongings safer. Finally, after closing the box with tape, label it properly.

Sunset over downtown Memphis with the pyramid and bridge to remind you to pack for your Tennessee move.
Following the packing guidelines, you will be timely ready for your Tennessee move.

Additional general tips

Before you start packing, make sure that you have enough packing materials. Also, you will need tools like screwdrivers, and hammers. And, don’t forget to prepare:

Moving essentials bag

In the essential bag put items that you will need during the move. And, right upon arriving at your new destination. So, it should contain several changes of clothes, basic toiletries, chargers, medications, important documents, a first-aid kit, etc. The Tennessee long-distance moving companies will move your belongings. But, this bag you will keep in your vehicle.

The Box of essentials

Known also as the open-first box, should contain things you’ll need right after the move. So, in this box, you can pack paper plates and plastic utensils, paper towels, toilet paper, water, etc. In case you are moving with a toddler, put some extra diapers, clothes, a few favorite toys, and baby food. If you have pets, add into the box of essentials their food and bowls, the leash, cleanup bags, etc.

Step-by-step packing process

As we now have the general idea about packing, it is time to give more details about each step. But, before that, you have to make clear if you are organizing the DIY move. Or if you are hiring some of the best moving companies in Memphis TN

In case of a DIY move, you will have to get the truck rental. And to organize the loading and unloading of your possessions. However, in both cases, you can complete the packing with the help of family and friends.

Woman checking her wardrobe - pack for your Tennessee move.
The first step in packing preparation is decluttering.

The first step is decluttering

You have probably heard this many times. But, let us emphasize the importance of decluttering once again. First, it will make your move much lighter, and thus cheaper. And, you will need less packing material. Additionally, you will need less time to pack fewer things. And, bottom line – why would you move junk into your new home? So, let us see how to complete decluttering efficiently.

When decluttering check your things in all rooms

Besides the rooms, kitchen, and bathroom, check also your attic, garage, and sheds. Doing so, open all the drawers and wardrobes. Take out all the items that you intend to leave behind. Also, ask your mover to provide you with the list of the forbidden items. Namely, the moving companies are, by the law, forbidden to load certain items onto moving trucks. So, those things you will have to leave behind. Or find some alternative ways of transporting them. 

Afterward, go through the pile of discarded items one more time. This time separate the things which are still good from those that are torn or broken. Get rid of the last. Things that are still good but not needed anymore, you can donate or present. 

Take an inventory of all furniture you don’t want to move

While going through the rooms, note down all pieces of furniture you won’t move. In case the furniture is still new, but won’t fit your new home, ask the new homeowners if they want to buy them. If not, you can sell those pieces. Or, you can present them to relatives and friends.

At the same time, make an inventory of the things that local moving companies Memphis will move for you. In the inventory list, make a note next to every piece that needs to be disassembled before packing. This will help you later to see if you can complete all disassembling and packing. Or, if you will need some professional assistance. Also, in case of moving items like a piano, pool table, etc., talk to your helpers. Make sure if anyone of them knows how to handle such a specialized packing task.

Woman in White Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting Beside Woman in White Crew Neck T-shirt.
Make sure to have enough packing supplies.

Find proper and sufficient packing supplies

Talking about moving supplies, the first association that people have are the moving boxes. But, that is just a part of the materials that you will need. We are sure you would like your possessions to be properly protected. Also, you have to know that the Brownsville TN movers will not take lousy-packed items into their custody. Therefore, when you are choosing packing supplies, make sure they are of good quality. And that you have enough of them.

Some people are trying to squeeze as many items into one box as possible. This way, they are trying to save up on the moving supplies. Well, that is a big mistake. It can easily cause the breaking up of the moving box. Or, in the case of fragile items, they can crash one another being pressed too tightly.


Get enough cardboard or plastic moving boxes. For some items, you may also need crates. And, when getting boxes, make sure you have enough of them, and in various sizes. Also, calculate how many boxes will have to be: small, medium, large, extra large, or wardrobe boxes.

Other materials that you will need to pack for your move to Tennessee

Besides moving boxes, you will also need:

  • packing tape of good quality
  • plenty of packing paper
  • plastic wrap
  • self-adhesive foil
  • bubble cushioning
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • scissors
  • small plastic bags (to keep screws, bolts, etc., when disassembling your furniture
  • markers and labels for moving boxes
  • basic tools set (in case you are disassembling furniture)
Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Standing Beside Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt.
Set a packing station when you pack for your Tennessee move.

Packing tips for your Tennessee move

Packing for your move to Tennessee will be the most time-consuming part of the entire process. Therefore, a good organization is essential. It will make your packing efficient, and therefore faster. So, the main goal of the moving tips is to help you to save up on packing time. And to still make sure that all your belongings are packed properly. Otherwise, the movers Cordova TN will refuse to load them.

The reason for this is simple.  Soon they take and load them, the moving boxes are becoming their responsibility. So, they will not want to take risks with things that are not adequately packaged. Following our packing hacks, you will speed up the process, keeping your belongings safe.

Setting a packing station

As a packing station, you can use some flat surfaces, for example, tables. A folding table could be an excellent solution. You can easily move that table from one room to another. In case you are packing the kitchen, you can use the kitchen counter. As well, you can use an empty room for this purpose only.

The main idea of having the packing station is to have all the packing supplies in one spot. So, once a moving box is filled up, you can bring it to the packing station for sealing and labeling.

Sealing the boxes for your Tennessee move

Always use good-quality moving tape for sealing your boxes. With weak tape, your box can easily open, causing the contents to spill out. That way, your clothes, and linen can get dirty. And sensitive items, say grandmother’s china, can break into pieces. If your items get damaged due to your carelessness, the movers Jackson TN will not be held responsible.

Labeling the boxes

One of the good ways to label your box could be – kitchen/dishes/fragile. It can look like a bit boring work. But, once you reach your destination, movers will know exactly where to put such a box. They will also know that they have to handle it carefully.

It will be also much easier for you to complete unpacking. And much faster. You will know exactly in which box to find certain items.

Wrapping your belongings

Before putting things in a moving box, wrap them. When doing so, take care of the item’s surface. For example, you should never apply the self-adhesive foil directly on the wooden surface. In case you are not sure which wrapping materials to use, consult with movers Germantown TN.

Person putting Tape on a Cardboard - pack for your Tennessee move.
Seal your moving boxes with good-quality tape.

Packing the moving box for your move to Tennessee

When packing, you should first consider the size of the moving boxes. The rule is to use smaller boxes when you pack heavy items. Packing several heavy items together can cause them to smash one another. Packing the light items, like linens and pillows, you can use bigger boxes.

Also, when packing fragile items, you should first put a protective layer of bubble sheet at the bottom. After that, put a layer of well-wrapped items, and once again, the protective layer over them. This way, your items will be well cushioned. When packing, always leave some space at the sides of the box and fill them with Styrofoam peanuts. Or with some other, soft material. The same you should do with any empty space in between items. They have to be immobile inside the box. Before closing the top seams of the box, make sure to put more protective layers between it and the inside items.

Crating for moving expensive art

In case you are moving some expensive art, the best is to ask your movers for crating. That way, your artwork will be perfectly safe during transportation. Also, be careful when wrapping the artwork. The wrong wrap can easily damage the surface. Luckily, packing and crating various types of artwork is not new to your movers. So, consult with them. Or, let them do the job.

Additional tips for packing items from different rooms

The above tips will already be enough to help you organize your packing well. And, to make it faster. However, we will give an additional overview of packing items from different rooms. 

How to pack the kitchen

  • defrost your fridge – at least 48 hrs before the move
  • organize dishes
  • use sectioned boxes for your glasses
  • pack small appliances – make sure to remove blades and all loose components
  • pack dry goods

Refrigerated goods are usually allowed only in case of local moving. Even then, you will need the mover’s permission. And, they will have to be packed in coolers with ice.

Woman and man standing beside brown wooden kitchen cabinet and packing.
Packing your kitchen for the Tennessee move.

Dining room

  • Roll up the rug and tie them before wrapping
  • Packing chairs and table, remove the legs, if possible
  • Pack decorations, lamps, and artwork – follow the described way for packing them

Packing your living room and den

  • secure electronics and keep components organized
  • pack furniture – disassemble the larger pieces
  • prepare artwork, mirrors, and coffee table for transport
  • remove lampshades and bulbs from lamps before wrapping them
  • pack your books

Pack bedrooms for your Tennessee move

  • keep your clothing in closets and drawers, when possible – and pack them together
  • put your jewelry and valuables into a container – keep them in the essential moving bag
  • pack mattresses
  • disassemble and pack furniture – including the bed frame
  • wrap well bedding and pillows to keep them clean

Pack your bathroom

As you will need a bathroom until the last day, the recommendation of movers Somerville TN is to keep it as the last room to pack.

Pack your entire home for your Tennessee move easily

When you pack for your Tennessee move, it is important that you stay patient and well organized. Packing is a time taking process, and the more organized you are, the faster the packing will go. Moreover, following our tips, you will be able to pack your home in the most convenient and easiest way. Also, following the proposed steps, you will not become overwhelmed. In this way, you will arrive quickly in your new home. And well-organized and labeled boxes will help you unpack quickly and efficiently. And soon, you will enjoy resting in your new home in Tennessee.