How to pack fine china for transport

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Transporting items is a process that is going to require a great deal of packing first. If you need to pack fine china for transport, you should know that it requires a lot of knowledge and insider tips about what exactly you should focus your attention on. Also, the right techniques are something that you should get familiar with before you get down to business. In the case that you realize at some point that this is not something that you are going to be able to carry out the right way, you could always ask packing and unpacking services for help. Compared to everyday dishes, fine china is typically far more sentimental. It makes reasonable that people would want to protect it because it is frequently handed down through the generations or given away at significant events like weddings.

How to pack fine china properly?

As you are already aware of, you are going to have to obtain the right skillset in order to pack fine china given the fact that it is very fragile. In fact, chinaware represents some of the most fragile items that we have in our homes. Therefore, make sure to learn how to do it properly. When you are moving long-distance MS, your belongings can be all over the moving truck. Therefore, they can easily suffer damage. If you wrap every piece of china entirely, you are going to minimize the risk of this happening. 

a couple packing for a move
Gathering necessary supplies in advance if you want to pack fine china for transport properly

The following are the things that you should keep in mind when you need to pack fine china for transport:

  • Get the necessary packing supplies
  • Cut packing paper in advance
  • Pack cups and saucers
  • Wrap drinkware
  • Place cushioning in between two pieces of china
  • Place your china in the proper cardboard box
  • Line the bottom of a moving box
  • Seal and label the moving boxes
  • Keep the largest boxes at the bottom

Collect the supplies needed to pack fine china for transport

The packing process can be streamlined by doing a little advance planning. Enlist the aid of friends and family and think about setting up an assembly line if you have a lot of delicate china to wrap. One person can wrap the china, make and prepare the moving boxes, and put the box with the china inside.

Priorities: Prepare a work surface for packing by cleaning it. If you have the space, set aside a tiny area for each type of china you plan to pack. If you have more than one person packing dishes, this additional workspace is useful. Both parties may be working on plates and bowls simultaneously.

Here are some of the important packing supplies you should have on hand:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper or packing tissue
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape

Cut some packing paper pieces to the appropriate size

Size-wise stack a number of cut packing paper sheets. For each type of dish, you plan to pack, you’ll need a different size. Just enough space should be left on each sheet to completely enclose the china. You’ll save paper and be able to pack each dish more quickly if you cut these pages in advance. Furniture movers Memphis advise you to use packing paper instead of bubble wrap if your china is very fragile, antique, or expensive.

china cup and saucer
First pack irregular-shaped objects, like cups and saucers

Cups and saucers should be packed first

The objects with irregular shapes are the most difficult to pack. Therefore, we advise starting with cups and saucers. Put everything on the dining room table. This can help you estimate how many items to bring. On the table, provide enough space so that you may pack these goods gently. Start by focusing on one item at a time. Place the packing paper on the table. Roll one cup over the packing material. Place the ends of the packing paper into the opening of the cup as you roll it around the object and reach the finish. Repeat the process with saucers.

Wrap drinkware using a rolling motion

Set down a piece of packing paper before packing crystal vases, glasses, and stemware. After that, set one cup in one corner of the sheet and roll the china along the paper’s length. Fill the opening of the glass with the extra paper that is on top. Wrap the base of the vase with the twisted end of the excess paper.

Place cushioning in between two pieces of china

Once wrapped, you are going to have to place your fine china in the moving box. In order to make sure that nothing happens to it, you should make sure to place a piece of fabric or cardboard in between two pieces that go in. This way, the friction between the pieces when moving to Mississipi will be brought to a minimum. Plus, the cardboard is very soft. So, it will absorb any movement of your fine china and protect you from suffering damage.

Find a proper cardboard box to pack fine china into

The last piece of the puzzle is the cardboard box. It is important to obtain the right type of cardboard box in order when you need to pack fine china. Simply, it needs to be sturdy enough. Otherwise, it may give way and your china could smash into a thousand pieces.

cardboard box
Get sturdy, endurable cardboard boxes

Line the bottom of a moving box

The bottom of a moving box can be lined with tightly packed paper or peanuts, but movers in Mississippi like to use bubble wrap for this. On all sides of the moving box, but notably the bottom, you should have at least two inches of padding.

For every variety of china, choose a moving box. You’ll need one box for cups, one or two boxes for plates, etc., depending on the size of your service. Your china will travel more securely if you utilize a smaller box and more packing material.

Seal and label the moving boxes

Make a label, then use packing tape to secure the box. A crucial step in the moving process is labeling the boxes. Write down every detail of what is in the box, including the sort of china and an estimate of how many pieces there are. In the event of damage, this inventory is useful. Additionally, mark the box with a very large “fragile” label and indicate which side is up.

man labeling a box
Labeling serves as an inventory

Keep the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom

Be careful not to stack your boxes too high when getting ready to relocate. That’s how the professional movers in Memphis TN area do it. The pile should be only one or two boxes high. To prevent the cardboard from being damaged, make sure to stack the lighter boxes on top and the heavier ones on the bottom.

To pack fine china, you need to come up with the right plan. Invest in learning how to do it the right way. Then, buy the packing materials. Ultimately, you will be able to pack it yourself. It may seem difficult to pack china for a relocation, but all you really need is a little patience and goodwill. You can always call experts for assistance if you don’t have time or have a lot of delicate stuff to pack. Good luck from Tennessee long distance movers.