How to pack and move car parts

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If you want to pack and move car parts you will need to acquire all the materials you need for adequate protection. This is one of the most important things you should know when doing such a task. Moreover, preserving the condition of your car parts during transport will prevent additional costs and stress. Certain car parts might be more complex than others, which means you will have to pay special attention to these parts. None-the-less, if you need help with transporting your items, or for that matter packing them, you can rely on movers in Tennessee to help you. By hiring a professional moving company, you reduce the chances of any items suffering damage from transport.

What you need to pack and move car parts

Instead of talking about how to individually pack your items, we will talk about everything you need to protect them. By applying enough protection to these items you will ensure their safety. More importantly, you will minimalize the chances of them being broken during transit. This can save you a good chunk of money. Moreover, it will surely help you avoid stress. If you are, by any chance, moving your whole household and need help with preparing everything – hire residential movers Memphis. Especially if you lack relocation experience and want to ensure the condition of your items throughout the whole process.

a roll of cardboard material
Although cardboard boxes are not good for transporting car parts, you can use it to add a layer of protection to them
  • Packing peanuts – Perfect for packing multiple smaller car parts in one box. They make sure your parts do not hit each other
  • Biodegradable packing hay – A material you want to use when you need something soft to place an item on
  • Sponges – A good way to ensure your car parts remain intact and do not tumble during transport

Find adequate containers to move the items

The first thing you should look for is a solid container that can hold all of your parts well. For instance, you want to avoid cardboard boxes due to their weak structure. Because most of the car parts are heavy, a cardboard box will not be able to hold the weight even with additional reinforcement. Instead, try and opt for wooden crates. They can hold significantly more weight than any other material and are perfect for these kinds of transport. On top of that, these crates can preserve the condition of your items much better. Because they are made out of harder material, your items will be much safer in case of an accident. However, they are more expensive than cardboard boxes. Looking at it in the long run, it is better to pay more for adequate protection than to pay for a new item due to bad protection.

If you pack and move car parts make sure they are clean

Before you start packing your items you need to make sure they are clean. Cleaning them is a good way to ensure their condition remains the same before, during and after transport. Namely, this is very helpful as you will have an easier time unpacking those items and putting them away knowing they are clean. To clean your car parts you will usually need regular items you should have in your garage. Items such as wax, car polish, microfiber cloths, etc. are something you will need to maintain the condition of those items. Make sure you wipe them before you start packing them.

a car part on the table with a rag near it as one way to prepare, pack and move car parts
Cleaning your car parts before packing them will ensure their longevity and the longevity of other items inside the crate

This is a good way to protect items from dust, mold, corrosion and other things that might affect its condition. Clean items will not only preserve their condition but also not put other items in danger. If you want to be extra cautious you can wrap each item in a rag or a piece of paper. This way you will minimalize the chance of them getting dirty or damaging other items.

Protecting your items means making sure they do not tumble in the crate

Another way to protect your car parts is to make sure they are stable during transport. Namely, that they have little-to-no room to move in their container. Now, regardless if you place several items in one box or just one item, you should make sure they will not move. Moreover, make sure you put soft materials inside so they can absorb any potential shock damage during loading or transport. Soft materials on the sides of the boxes will help your items survive the journey. Moreover, putting, for instance, packing peanuts in between the items will prevent them from hitting each other. These are all the situation in which your items can suffer damage and cushioning them is very beneficial. There is a variety of materials you can use to prevent damage inside the box. However, if you do not have enough experience, you can always hire commercial movers Memphis.

The Golden rule when you pack and move car parts

One of the most important rules, when one is packing or moving car parts, is that you should drain all the fluids out of the parts. Items that might contain fluids, in any form, can suffer serious damage from them over time. This does not only apply to oil, but to water as well. Especially if you cleaned your parts beforehand. Make sure they dry off properly and make sure you wipe them with a rag after they dry off. If you are considering renting a truck for moving these items you have to do it.

two men cleaning car parts in their garage
Separate all of the items you want to move and make sure they are completely dry and without any fluids inside

Namely, some moving companies might not agree to move certain parts if there is a chance that they might damage other items. Of course, one of the most dangerous fluids that can leak is excess oil from any of your parts. Not only will it pose a bigger threat to anyone around those items, but it can also leak onto other items which can cause them to malfunction. The moving company will usually make sure nothing is leaking, so do not avoid this step when you pack and move car parts.