How to organize a yard sale

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So, you decided to move. But when you started going through your belongings – you realized that you need to declutter your home. And since we all know that moving can be expensive, you should be looking for ways to add more money to your budget. One of the most popular ways is to organize a yard sale. On a yard sale, you can sell everything you do not need and make some extra money. So when you hire Tennessee long distance movers – you do not have to worry about space and your budget. We will help you to start and organize a successful yard sale!

If you want to organize a yard sale – declutter!

So, the first and basic rule of a successful yard sale is to declutter everything you don’t need. Start going through your home – basement, attic, every closet. And create criteria that will help you to declutter faster. For example, if you did not wear something more than 2 years – out it on sale! If you move fewer items, the price for the relocation will be lower and you will have enough space in your budget for any unexpected expenses

clothes to organize a yard sale
You should declutter your belongings and sort them before the yard sale

Sort your belongings

Organizing a garage sale can be exhausting. But moving is also a stressful event. And if you are doing both – make sure that you start on time sorting all of your belongings. You can always hire professional packers to help you pack and unpack. But when it comes to a yard sale – you will have to do everything on your own. 

Set a good date for your yard sale

it is important to think ahead, so make sure that you set a good date for your yard sale. You should organize a yard sale on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Those the days when a lot of people can come and visit your yard sale. But, if you really want your yard sale to be successful – organize your yard sale on the first weekend of the month. A lot of paychecks are delivered at the end of the month, so this is an ideal moment for a yard sale. Just make sure to check the weather forecast before you set a date!

Make sure to choose a good date for your yard sale!

If you want to organize a yard sale – set your prices

So, one of the best tips to successfully organize a good yard sale is to set a realistic price. You need to be careful not to add sentimental value to the price since that will only make your yard sale go south. You can try to search online for an approximate price. Or you can ask a friend to come and help you set the prices for your belongings. Your yard sale will be successful and when you look for residential moving and ask for a quote- the price will be lower!

Make sure that prices are visible

One of the most important things is to make sure that the prices are visible. That way people will know how much something costs. Also, make sure that the price tags are clearly visible – don’t make the buyer look fo them.