How to negotiate with your moving company

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Planning a relocation includes a lot of preparation and calculation. As your budget is burdened with various expenses during the moving times, you want to find a way not to pay too much for your relocation. Keep in mind that there are many useful tips on how to negotiate with your moving company. Find out all there is about successful negotiation and give yourself some leverage. Professional movers from Spyder Moving and Storage offer practical tips on how to secure inexpensive moving services. Follow the guidelines from the top movers and make sure you get the best deal for your upcoming relocation.

Make sure you prepare well for negotiations

As usual, if you plan your actions in advance, there is a chance you get what you want. As soon as you find out that you will be moving, start looking for moving companies and check their rates. Also, make a list of all your possessions, so the movers know the weight and number of your items. This way they will be able to give you a precise estimate. Also, check the top movers for specific areas. If, for instance, you are moving to Hattiesburg MS, focus your research on this area to find the best possible movers. Bear in mind that if you leave negotiating until the last minute, you may lose the leverage.

a girl learning techniques on how to negotiate with your moving company
Make sure you gather enough information before starting to negotiate with your moving company

How to negotiate with your moving company

Negotiation skills are one of the best tools in every aspect of life. They ensure a favorable outcome as well as the satisfaction of everyone involved. This skill can help you settle important issues, such as relocation costs. If you are skillful enough, you can get the best services at an affordable rate. Using several negotiation techniques you can get a budget-friendly moving quote. The most important things when talking about the relocation price with your movers are as follows:

  • deal only with licensed movers
  • get estimates from various companies
  • avoid peak season
  • take only the services you really need
  • ask for a discount

Deal with licensed movers only

Moving scams happen quite a lot, so before asking for a quote make sure you are dealing with a real and reliable moving company. If you are moving to Mississippi, check all reliable and trustworthy companies that can help you with this type of relocation. Be sure to check if the company has a website, a working phone number and email, and a physical location. Also, good online ratings are an index of a licensed and renowned company. Avoid booking a relocation with third-party companies, such as moving brokers.

Get estimates from various moving companies

Look closely into all available movers in your area. Check what services they offer and how much they charge for each service. Narrow down your search to the most affordable ones. Then when you have the final list, get in touch with these companies and ask for an estimate. Bear in mind that your bargaining power lies in your knowledge. The more you know about services and prices, the easier it will be to negotiate.

a person labelling a moving box
Look for estimates from various movers

If you have found one company that you are willing to work with, it might happen that they don’t offer you the best quote. In that case, you can always mention there is another company that is happy to offer you lower prices. Perhaps they will be willing to match that price if you enclose a copy of your preferred estimate.

However, it is not always recommendable to go for the lowest estimate. Beware of the additional fees, and make sure to double-check the company’s credibility, so you don’t end up dealing with scammers.

Avoid peak season if you want to negotiate with your moving company

Summer is the time of the year when most relocations take place, due to favorable weather conditions. Also, families with kids take advantage of the school vacation to conduct their relocation. All of these factors make it more expensive to move in the summer. If possible, avoid moving during peak season. Try to be flexible with your schedule in order to save up some cash. Choose weekdays over weekends to get a cheaper deal. When moving companies are not in high demand, they will be able to offer you discounted prices. This is another reason why planning in advance is crucial in your moving process. With all this information, you can bargain more easily and secure an inexpensive moving quote. Companies like the best Mississippi long distance movers offer the best moving services at affordable rates.

Take only the services you really need

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider cutting some services you don’t really need. For instance, you don’t always need professional movers to pack your belongings. This is something you can do on your own, with help from friends and family. Make sure to buy enough packing material and learn all about proper packing techniques. Dismantle furniture before loading it onto a moving truck, and apply all advice regarding packing fragile, bulky, and valuable items. Once you decide to do the packing yourself, get in touch with your movers and ask for a lower quote, one that doesn’t include packing services.

a person sealing a box with a duct tape
Learn how to pack to avoid paying for additional services

Ask for a discount

Never hesitate to ask for a discount. After you do the research and collect moving estimates from various companies, feel free to present them to your chosen moving company. Most companies care about their customers and value their opinion and feedback. Also, don’t overlook the type of estimate you are offered. A non-binding estimate, although budget-friendly, may cost 10% more than the agreed upon price. On the other hand, a binding one gives you a fixed estimate that cannot be amended, unless you take up additional services or add more items to your moving list.

If you prepare well, you will be able to successfully negotiate with your moving company. Learn what professionals and knowledgeable people have to say about effective negotiations, as this skill is applicable to any field of everyday life.