How to minimize downtime during a corporate move

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No need to worry too much! Especially since Spyder Moving is here to teach you how to minimize downtime during a corporate move. Let’s dive right into it! You need a contingency plan, effective communication and thorough documentation of your office installation plan. And let’s not forget reliable commercial movers. In most cases, these four things will start you off on the right foot. As a rule, an experienced moving company will tell you these will ensure a successful office move.

CPUs, namely monitors and peripherals need to be set up correctly. Obviously, this will ensure minimal downtime when employees come to work.

Firstly, plan for delays

Things like a broken pipe or an out-of-service elevator could be your obstacles. Believe it or not. And these are just two examples. So many unexpected contingencies that can interrupt an office move. Key questions you should plan for include:

  • Above all, does your present or new space have more than street building entrance?
  • How many elevators travel between floors?
  • Additionally, are there any other city events scheduled for the day of your move?
  • Other unexpected delays can happen with your movers. Sometimes companies forget the need to plan for cleaning up the vacated space. Which accounts for extra fixtures and equipment that didn’t seem to make the transition. If you’re considering working with moving services Hattiesburg MS, ask them about their experience with planning for contingencies. It’s a good way to investigate their experience with office moves.

Secondly, consider a phased approach in order to minimize downtime during a corporate move

Usually, moving companies will recommend a phased approach. To minimize downtime during your commercial move, plan ahead for unforeseen obstacles. Unless you need to move employees and your property at once. Depending on the size of your organization there may be no other way to do it.

Thirdly, effective communication will minimize downtime during a corporate move

Employee collaborating and labeling and packing your office is essential to ensure a successful move. Moving companies have restrictions and policies around what they can move. Sometimes they will be unable to move boxes without labels. On the other hand, improperly packed belongings and workstation could be a problem as well. Practice repeated, consistent communication in the months leading up to the move.

Build employee engagement in the office move

One of the best ways to minimize downtime during a corporate move is to communicate. But also promote and build enthusiasm. Namely, try to motivate employees to participate and even go the extra mile. Describe or show them that they are moving to a new space with more room, more amenities or a more convenient location. It should make enthusiasm-building easy.

Documents you need to minimize downtime during a corporate move
Movers specializing in office moves should have experience tracking the disassembly, transport, and reinstallation of equipment with precise documentation.

Last but not least, take care of documentation and request a moving estimate

It should be noted that the majority of employees require equipment to do their jobs. As a consequence, the importance of careful technical documentation is absolutely paramount. Also, if you’re looking for quotes from a trustworthy commercial moving company, feel free to contact us and book us for your office move. Apart from this, we can provide you with a full range of services. To sum up, do not hesitate to rely on us!