How to make your Memphis move sustainable: unique tips

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Welcome to Memphis, where the city’s culture, cuisine, and people will make you feel at home. This guide on how to make your Memphis move sustainable is your go-to source for a smooth move to this soulful city on the Mississippi. It offers priceless details about communities, living expenses, work opportunities, and regional attractions. With the professional guidance of Spyder Moving and Storage Tennessee , you’ll get helpful hints and in-depth expertise. Our main goal is to provide you with a rough overview of what this dynamic city has to offer and to highlight the many benefits of moving here.

Unique tips for a sustainable move

Moving your entire life from one house to another is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t have to result in a significant carbon footprint. Even though businesses are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, our earth needs all the eco-friendliness we can get. We’re all familiar with the concepts of bamboo toothbrushes and reusable grocery bags, but you can also make your next move environmentally friendly.

pack items in a white bag
One of these tips will help you how to make Memphis move sustainable

Eco-friendly relocation raises its own set of issues. What sort of packaging is best? Should you work with a moving service? How can you reduce waste as much as possible? The “green move” conversation must address each of these issues. Hire movers in Memphis TN area recommends for more advice and how to make your Memphis move sustainable.

Use friendly packing materials

It might be stressful to move. When you add packing supplies like bubble wrap and moving blankets that you’ll need to secure your items adequately, it can become even more exhausting. How serious of a situation is this? Approximately 173 million pounds of packaging materials are reportedly dumped in US landfills each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Use biodegradable items as an alternative, or reuse blankets and packing materials to lessen your influence on the environment.

Eco friendly app as on of tip how make Memphis move sustainable
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), packaging materials are reportedly deposited in US landfills at a rate of about 173 million pounds annually.

When packing your stuff, you can use additional techniques to protect them, such as rubber bands, magazines, shirts, and bath towels. These supplies can be used to wrap fragile utensils, safeguard your belongings during transportation, and even facilitate movement once you get to your location.

Checklist of eco-friendly packing options

  • Cornstarch packing peanuts
  • newspaper
  • Suitcases
  • Drawers
  • Reusable bins
  • Clothes
  • Cardboard boxes from a previous move

Donating or selling unwanted items

Donating or selling as much of their possessions as possible is one of the greatest things people neglect to do when packing. You don’t have to relocate with your entire collection. Instead of taking up valuable space in a truck or storage container, donate your unneeded stuff to save space and help the environment.

The greatest thing to do would be to think about selling some unwanted goods as well. With this cash, you can get a jump start on your relocation expenses while also buying furniture for your new home. Professional movers in Tennessee will help you with moving.

Use green recyclable containers and bins

Consider purchasing reusable packing containers if you haven’t already in place of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes that are only meant to be used once. By using these reusable containers, you may significantly increase the sustainability of your relocation. Utilizing reusable packaging helps you reduce waste and spend less money. If purchased at retail, a conventional moving box composed of fiberboard or cardboard can easily cost more than $100. Consider reusing the box your new home comes in if you can’t find a less expensive alternative to these ones.

Man collect the trash in white bag
You may save money and decrease trash by using reusable packaging. A typical moving box made of fiberboard or cardboard, if bought at retail, can easily cost more than $100.

Memphis apartment movers said that you could construct a storage unit out of these boxes after the move. If you have a big family, you could even make a number of these boxes into playhouses for the kids. They can be reused as playhouses or storage organizers, so there is no reason to discard them.

Hire movers who care about the environment

It could be tempting to select a moving company with a low quotation and complete the procedure quickly. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you often just receive a single peek of their job and believe the cost they provided. It is advisable to hire a reputable and experienced company after doing some local research. Long-term, this can help you save time, money, and irritation. Local moving companies who are concerned about the environment will utilize green shipping supplies and spend extra time protecting your items.


Waste can be significantly decreased by packing more wisely and sparingly. Make a list of the things you haven’t touched in a while before you begin your relocation. Consider whether you actually need these things or whether they are worth making room for in a vehicle or storage space. When you go to your new area, you can always keep them and see if you need them.

By packing efficiently, you may make the most of the volume in your moving truck and lessen the load that needs to be moved. This will enable you to save money on gas, lessen your environmental impact, and make more room in the moving truck or storage facility. For instance, call packing services Memphis TN has for a little help and advice.

The conclusion on how to make your Memphis move sustainable

Moving is never easy, whether it be locally or large miles. Planning, however, may ease the process and guarantee that your furniture, possessions, and data are treated correctly. Many of these suggestions focus on decreasing waste and reusing objects as opposed to throwing them away. You may cut waste by knowing what is recyclable and reusable. To secure your items and preserve the environment, you should also utilize ecologically friendly packaging materials. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. While transporting your life from one place to another, there are numerous strategies to reduce your waste and carbon footprint significantly. Follow these helpful suggestions to make your Memphis move sustainable, whether you’re using a professional firm or doing it yourself.