How to make packing fun for your kids

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Are you moving soon, but you’re looking for ways to involve your kids more? There are several ways to make packing fun for your kids! Whether you’re looking to hire a Mississippi moving company or to do everything yourself, there will always be a task to delegate to your kid, and something that he or she should look forward to. Relocation is a stressful time even for adults, let alone kids. That’s why trying to make the whole process as fun as possible should be one of our main priorities!

Make packing fun for your kids by including them in the process

Some people like to use packing and unpacking services, which is absolutely valid. But it leaves less processes where kids can feel included. In case you decide to hire professionals, leave at least some of the clothes for kids to pack. Tell them to prepare their moving day bag. Let them pack their toys, blanket, and things they like. By including your kids in the packing process, you help them come to terms with relocation and have fun in the process. They will also feel like they have control over what’s coming, and you’re giving them confirmation that they’re capable.

family packing together and having fun
When you include your kid in the packing process, it can also be a bonding experience.

Do it together!

To make packing fun for your kids, do it together. When you’re packing or wrapping some items, have kids help you with taping the bubble wrap, playing with it, and bringing you some items. Of course, those tasks should be safe for kids, and easily done. But when you do it together, you’re making it more fun for your kids. Your presence keeps them more focused, and you get to share an experience with your kid. 

Make up games to keep it interesting

You can improvise, and invent the game to make packing fun for your kids. Have them compete who can fold clothes more nicely, for example. If you want to keep them entertained so that you alone could finish packing, let them draw on cardboard boxes. Sometimes we have to pick our fights, and having colorful boxes that are actually packed definitely beats unpacked room. 

make packing fun for your kids
Make packing fun for your kids by making it colorful!

Frequent pauses are important

While movers Hernando MS can finish the packing in no time, sometimes it’s better to do the work yourself. Have your kids pack a little bit each day, and make frequent pauses. Offer them rewards mid-packing, or after they finish packing. The rewards can be in the shape of fruits, candy, cartoons, or activity that they like to do. This will motivate them to keep with packing. If you make the pauses come after the task is finished, in comparison to after your kid has worked for a certain amount of time, it’s much more likely that your kid will be productive in the first case. Stay creative, and play to your kids’ strengths! There are numerous ways to make packing fun for your kids!