How to make moving interesting for kids

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Regardless if you are moving across town, or to a new state, moving can be difficult. There are so many tasks to do and you have to juggle it all to perfection.  After that, comes reorganizing your entire system, and figuring out what goes where. The adaptation period is the next hardest thing after the move itself. All this is even harder for children, no matter their age. To make moving interesting for kids you will have to find the best approach possible and think of their needs and wishes at the same time.

The first step is to get some of the hard work off of your backs. Many movers Mississippi can carry out this relocation and provide all the time that you need for preparing your children for this big change. Since this is a big change for them as well keeping them entertained won’t be too difficult although it may seem so. 

child playing with clay as an example of how to make moving interesting for kids
Let your kids keep their old habits even during the relocation!

Make moving interesting for kids

They may have a hard time adapting to the whole process. Sleep problems may happen, due to them waking up in a new and strange place. Adolescents may get angry and sad, due to leaving their childhood friends and memories behind. You on the other hand, have to do all the packing, find the best Tennessee long distance movers, and physically get to the new location. 

It is important that you plan everything and prepare for some difficult questions. You will feel overwhelmed due to the number of tasks ahead of you, and that is perfectly fine. Residential moving is draining, no matter the distance. The kids might not understand why you have to move, and they will only see the world changing for them. Make moving interesting for kids and avoid negative feelings. Talk to them, play with them, and keep them involved by making your move fun. This is a recipe for a good, stress-free move. To help you out even more let’s dive into some details!

Start by explaining the situation and keeping them involved

Put yourself in your child’s shoes and imagine how it feels for them. They react to relocation differently, mostly depending on their age. However, regardless of how they react, you can be sure of one thing. Kids know very well when something is going on. So, to make moving interesting for kids, start by openly talking to them. Explain the situation and ask them what they think of it, making sure to value their opinion. Even though you are the one making the big decisions, your kids should still have some say in the process. This will help them feel valued and included. For example, let them decide what they want to take to the new home. You will most likely hire packing professionals MS to take care of the house, but let the kids be in charge of their rooms.

child smiling to the camera
Avoid letting them know about some concerns you have as this may affect their mood!

After talking to your kids, sit down with them and do some research on your future hometown. Look for things they might like or find interesting, such as parks, music venues, toy stores, or comic book stores, all depending on their age. Help them understand that together, you can make moving fun. Explain everything in detail and help them understand that you are all going together. As mentioned, you will be the one in charge, but as long as you include your child in the process, they will feel safer and more open to change. Keep this in mind if you want to make moving interesting for kids.

Make moving interesting for kids by keeping it fun and engaging

The simplest way to make moving less scary is by turning it into a game of sorts. This has other purposes aside from making it a fun experience. Mainly, it will keep your kids involved, but it will also keep them busy. This will give you time to focus on other tasks. Your number one priority is to keep your child entertained and in good spirits. Here are some suggestions to make moving fun:

  • Build a box fort before you start packing – Let’s be real, who doesn’t love box forts? This can be a good way to set a fun mood for the upcoming packing. Just make sure not to damage any boxes if you start a fort war. You need to work with moving supplies that are intact.
  • Make an item hunt – Use your packing list and give your kids different assignments. Divide them by rooms and let them locate some items for you. They will be busy hunting so you can focus on other tasks from your moving checklist.
  • Make a packing challenge – Task your kids with packing their own rooms. It can be a competition, but make sure they don’t take it too seriously. Otherwise, it may end in tears. Talk to your kids before doing it and explain that it is just a game. Prepare equal rewards for all participants such as snacks, candy or small toys.
  • Make a “treasure box” with your kids – This is useful even if you are moving a short distance. Give them a box they can decorate and pack with the items they want to take in the car. This way, they will have all of their favorite things on hand in a cool container.

    man woman and the child on the floor packing
    Let your kids pack their toys or books to keep them entertained!

Keeping your usual routine will make moving interesting for kids

Moving is a process that includes the entire family. However, just because you are caught up in the moving chaos, the things you normally do as a group should not suffer. You need to constantly remind your kids that moving isn’t a scary thing to make sure they feel included and safe. For example, if you have a tradition of going out to eat every Saturday, keep doing that even during the moving process. Little things like these will help your kids accept relocation and prepare. For everyone that is moving to Hattiesburg MS you can show them some photos of all those cool places they will get to see! If you have pets, take them to the park together even if the moving date is close. After the move, you can go out together and find new spots for your family routine.

Prepare them for the moving day

A day before the move, sit your kids down and talk to them again. Explain what will be happening and how the day will progress. Remind them that they should immediately tell you if they feel overwhelmed or anxious. Prepare snacks and toys, and notebooks so they can draw or write. It is important to keep them engaged in activities, so they can’t get hurt and be out of the way during the move. Whatever you do, remember to stay positive, your kids will greatly reflect on that!

Let them meet the movers

Kids simply love seeing professionals in their uniforms and getting to know more about the things they do! You can use this trick to keep them entertained throughout this process. Local movers MS will know exactly how to react as meeting kids is something they come across often! Let your kids learn more about everything that is going on and participate in this process in a safe way! As soon as they feel included in the relocation, everyone will feel much better and more relaxed! 

Avoid sharing your concerns

This is essential even with your older kids. Remember that this is a huge change for them as well, and letting them hear about your concerns will just make things worse. After you make all arrangements with movers in Collierville TN for example, let your kids know about most important details of this entire adventure. If you are feeling insecure or stressed because of this relocation, your kids will probably boost your mood without even knowing it! On the other hand, try to listen to their concerns and worries which will most likely end up in solving issues on both sides!

parents packing with their child

The best way to make moving interesting for kids is to include them in small tasks!

Visit your new place with them

With the help of movers, you will have enough time to pay your new home a short visit. If things are going according to plan you can take your kids with you. This will be a great opportunity for them to meet the place, look at some attractions or even visit their new school. As long as they feel involved things will be much easier for everyone. On the other hand, if they can’t go with you, you can take a bunch of cool photos or have a couple of video calls with them! 

In conclusion

After all, no one knows your kids better than you. To make moving interesting for kids you will simply have to spend more time with them! Always be positive when around the young ones and prepare them for all the things waiting for you! Keep your kids entertained during this relocation will make you feel much better as well. Put a huge smile on your face and look forward to new adventures!