How to maintain security while moving

Moving is a risky process. All of your stuff will be out in the open, people will be coming and going all the time, and it will be difficult to keep track of everything. This leaves you open to a number of security risks, including theft, scams and even injury. It’s only natural to be concerned about those things! But luckily, there are ways to maintain security while moving too. From finding the best moving companies in Mississippi to packing the right way, here are the best tips on how to stay safe during the move!

Maintain security while moving by hiring the right movers

One of the first things you will do when moving to Tennessee is hiring movers. But if you want to maintain security while moving, you can’t just hire any movers. You must find a reliable, trustworthy and legitimate moving company. Otherwise, you leave yourself, your home and everything you own vulnerable and in the wrong hands.

People shaking hands.
Choose movers you can trust.

Learn to recognize and avoid moving scams

The first step towards finding a good moving company is finding a legitimate one. Sadly, moving scams are more common than you may think. So it’s important to learn to recognize them. That way, you’ll be able to avoid them. So how do you recognize a moving scam? Some of the red flags to look out for are:

  • you cannot locate or verify the company’s license and insurance information
  • the reviews and testimonials on the website don’t sound believable
  • the ratings on independent websites and social media are overwhelmingly negative in the last few 6 months
  • there are multiple complaints lodged on Better Business Bureau and similar websites
  • the company lists multiple names and DBAs or company representatives don’t give the company name when answering the phone

In comparison, a legitimate moving company will be registered with the FMCSA, licensed and insured, and positively rated by a variety of different sources.

Customer reviews reveal the truth about moving companies

Reviews from previous customers are one of the best sources of information about a company. Nobody knows how good or bad movers are as well as the people who’ve used their services. So always read recent comments on the moving company’s website, BBB, Yelp, and social media. Pay attention to the language used in these reviews too.

Illegitimate companies sometimes try to boost their ratings by posting fake reviews. If something sounds too good, too vague, too accurate, too contrived or simply unnatural, it probably isn’t a real review. But the legitimate comments that you find will reveal what you can expect from the movers you’re vetting!

Monitor the process for extra safety

Even when you find the best possible movers for your relocation, you may still feel nervous and wary to leave your stuff in their hands. That’s perfectly normal! Some personal supervision of the process may give you more peace of mind. So work with your movers, ask any questions you may have, and most importantly, be present while they pack you. load your boxes and move you. Don’t be afraid to monitor their work personally or have someone you trust to do it for you if that’s what you feel you need in order to maintain security while moving.

Maintain security while moving by packing smart

When you’re moving, everything you own will need to be boxed up and transported elsewhere. There will be plenty of opportunities for things to get misplaced, damaged or stolen. So be smart with how you pack!

Take inventory

No matter how few things you own, there is no way you know all of them by heart. So take inventory as you pack. If you’re taking advantage of your movers’ packing services, do this before they arrive. Write down everything you’re moving with you. When you get to your new home and start unpacking, check things off your inventory. Did everything make it? If not, you may be able to claim insurance money from your movers!

Person taking notes.
Write out an inventory list.

Label creatively

Of course, you will label every box you pack. But labeling a box that contains valuables as such makes it easy prey for potential thieves. So use some kind of code for that box! Someone may take a box marked “jewelry and fancy dress” but no one is going to look twice at a box that claims to be full of Christmas decorations!

Get a storage unit

If you’re not sure that you can keep all your things safe while moving, there’s a simple solution to that! You can always rent out a storage unit for the duration of the move. That way, your home won’t be cluttered, your boxes won’t be in the way, and most importantly, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing something from your house while you’re not looking.

Maintain security while moving into your new home too

If you really want to maintain security while moving, you must understand that additional safety measures are necessary not just during the preparation for the moving but also on moving day and in the first few weeks after moving into your new home. So while we fully encourage you to go out, socialize, get to know the neighborhood and befriend your neighbors after moving in, we want you to consider some security measures first.

Key in a lock.
Secure your new home when you move in.

Never reveal your exact plans

Your move will affect the people in your life as well as you. It’s only logical, then, that you will tell them when you’re moving. But it may be a good idea to avoid sharing your detailed plans with people you don’t know very well. Intentionally or not, they may share this information further and put you in a risky situation. And if the wrong people find out exactly when you’re having friends over, when you’re packing, when your movers are coming, when you’re out of the house and when you’re moving, they will also know exactly when your home is empty and vulnerable to theft!

Start settling in with some security measures

You can maintain security while moving into your new home and settling in with a few simple safety measures. Start by changing the locks on all doors of your new home. Then, install a security system. If your new home already has one, make sure to change all security codes and passwords to something new. That way, you can be sure no one but you and your family will have easy access to the home. Trust us, you’ll sleep better knowing you took a few extra precautions to stay safe!

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