How to lower the costs of moving house

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In order to lower the costs of moving house, you will have to make some adjustments. That’s why our team at Sypder Moving Services is there to help you with tips and tricks so you can have an affordable and hassle-free moving journey. Moreover, we at Spyder Moving Services are always ready to come to your aid and execute your move efficiently, in a timely manner.  We operate as capable and trustworthy movers in Tennessee, so rest assured you can always rely on our expertise. Once you decide it’s time to relocate, feel free to give us a call and get learn more about our service range.

Cheap rates aren’t the best way to lower the costs of moving

The first mistake people make in order to reduce the final moving price is looking for the cheapest deals possible. There are serious downfalls to this you must consider. First and foremost, cheap deals don’t promise the quality you need. In fact, you may end up paying for additional repairs or get into unpleasant situations due to the poor job done by movers. Unless it’s a major discount, ensure that the company delivers only top-level service quality. In order to do that, research the licensed residential movers Memphis has on offer.

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Focus on quality rather than too cheap deals.

A typical company-search process may take some time. However, if you know what to look for in a company, you’ll get to your ideal mover sooner than you think:

  • A free moving estimate – If the moving company doesn’t offer a free-of-charge moving estimate, move on to the next one. Don’t settle for movers that charge for this kind of service. They’re more likely to impose additional fees and disrupt your moving budget.
  • Moving insurance options – Every top-level professional moving company will do its best to fulfill its obligations to customers. Avoid companies that refuse to provide insurance and take responsibility in case something happens on their side.
  • Reasonable service price –  Ridiculously pricey moving services are out of the question just like low-priced ones.

Reduce the costs of moving a home step by step

In order to know how to reduce your upcoming moving expenses as much as possible, you must calculate the total cost first. Online calculators are the best way to calculate the approximate amount, so you don’t have to struggle to do it yourself. Depending on your move, there are key factors that you must include when making a moving budget:

  • Duration of the move.
  • Storage type, size, and rental period.
  • Transportation.
  • Packing services.
  • Relocation supplies.

Determine the type of your move

Relocation goes higher in price the longer it lasts. If moving locally, then you’ll need fewer services compared to moving long-distance. Based on this, you’ll know what services you need. Also, consider special moving services if moving an office, for example. There are specialized commercial movers Memphis who will go the extra mile to secure and pack office archives and inventory.

Buy supplies only after decluttering

Now is the time to sort all your items and start fresh in a new home with less burden. There are probably extra items you’ve been dragging for years and never used. It will take time until you completely declutter your home, however, the result will be worth it. You will need fewer moving boxes, and save up some money. Plus, you can also earn some extra dollars by selling furniture pieces, shoes, clothes, or any item that’s still in a good condition. However, don’t forget to clean the belongings you plan to sell or donate. Take clear photos of them and announce either a garage or online sale. You will be left with fewer items to pack, which is relieving and time-saving. Furthermore, your movers will have much less to work with and thus charge less. Furthermore, the space will be less cluttered.

a man packing the box
Declutter your home and make a list of moving necessities.

After decluttering, make a shopping list of supplies you need for the move:

  • Small to large cardboard boxes
  • Plastic containers 
  • Waterproof ziplock bins
  • Special moving boxes for odd-shaped items
  • Markers
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors and scalpel

Rent a proper storage

When moving a home, renting a storage unit is a must. Indoor climate-controlled units are perfect for each type of move. However, you can opt for excellent on-site containers if your move doesn’t last for too long. Just have in mind that some items are better to wait in a climate-controlled unit in order to stay in one piece. Another important factor that determines the final storage price is the size of a storage unit. You don’t have to pay for additional space you won’t be using at all.

pink storage doors
A proper type and size of storage space will lower the costs of moving house.

You can additionally reduce the cost of moving home by packing some items yourself

Heavy furniture, electrical appliances, and similar items can be a bit difficult to pack. Therefore, cover them with protective sheets and wait until the movers arrive. In the meantime, you can take care of smaller belongings.

It’s best if you pack up one room each day. Collect the items that are easy to lose, both heavier and lightweight ones. Wrap them carefully in packing paper and put them inside a padded box. Just be careful not to pack plenty of heavy items inside a large box. The heavier the box is, the higher the service price will be. Therefore, separate heavy possessions into small or medium-sized boxes, and keep large ones for clothes, pillows, and anything lightweight you have at home.

Reducing the workload for movers will lower the final price of moving house

Another great way to lower the costs of moving house is to reduce the workload for your movers. That way, they will spend less time packing and moving your boxes. Therefore, it’s important to clear both entrance and exit routes. Also, do your best to move the boxes you already packed closer to the exit.