How to handle moving under pressure

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Relocating home was never easy. It is a stressful and time-consuming endeavor. Above all, it is costly and you can’t do it alone. This means there are many tasks you must cover, engage a moving company, ask a few friends for help, pack, and prepare a budget. All those tasks bundled up together can induce a lot of pressure. Therefore, we will explain how to handle moving under pressure. Let’s go!

A man stressing out
Yes, you can still do it. Assemble a moving checklist and follow through.

Handle moving under pressure step by step

Everything begins with a carefully laid out moving plan. You must inspect your home and create a moving inventory. Inspect all your furniture and other household belongings. This way you’ll know how many packing materials you need and you will calculate your moving budget easily. Remember to check your attic, basement, backyard, and basement. Ensure that your home is a safe environment for your moving helpers. You will handle moving under pressure much easier if you know that everything is set in place and your moving checklist packed with tasks, responsibilities, errands, and a moving inventory list. Keep yourself organized and you won’t have much stress around you. Of course, this depends on your moving date and the time you have available.

Now when you have your moving checklist, start searching for the best movers in Tennessee. Bring your findings and they will use them to assemble a cheap, safe, and time-efficient relocation. And remember, your movers are there to take a huge load off your chest. They will help you with the hard labor, packing, and unpacking if necessary.

A reliable moving company is all you need

You won’t have to handle moving under pressure if you have a professional moving team to do it instead. Therefore, let us help you find one of the Memphis moving companies that can help you relocate safely. As you probably already know, you will find them on the internet. It is the best source for comparing prices and services. Remember to compare movers across the boar rather than choosing the first company you find. If you do it, you might end up with a fraudulent moving crew. Hence, do a bit of research and consider the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Moving insurance
  • Special moving services
  • Tools and equipment
  • Moving vehicle and safety standards
Movers will help you handle moving under pressure
If you find the right moving company there won’t be any stress involved.

Everything we listed above is the bare minimum. All moving companies in Bartlett TN should have a website with a company logo, physical address, and contact info. If you can’t find your movers on one of the government moving-related websites then you should choose a different moving company.

Handle moving under pressure by sharing it with your friends and family

Your friends and family can help a lot to reduce the pressure. You know you can’t do it all alone. Especially if you are budget or time-limited. Therefore, call your friends in advance and check their schedules. Realize who can assist you on your moving date and spread a few responsibilities among them. Running a few errands is enough. Maybe your best friend can help you pack. That would be amazing, right? It is less stressful when you have someone with you sharing the burden.

Pack patiently

Now, the packing process is something that can put you under a lot of pressure. All those materials and you must pack everything. Yes, it is time-consuming but not impossible. So, start with the moving supplies. Obtain everything online, at the nearest home depot, or through your moving company. Movers offer amazing packing and unpacking services so you should think about that option as well. And the packing materials you must gather are cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Once you have it all with you, you can start packing. Put bubble wrap or blankets at the bottom of each box and place nicely wrapped items inside. Fill the gaps and tape your box.

Always choose the higher-quality packing tape if you do not want to chase your items all over the place. Finally, place a label on each box. A detailed description will help movers when loading the moving truck and it will help you when unpacking. And that is it, rest simply rinse and repeat. Just a bit more focus on fragile glass and ceramics and you are good to go. Those must be filled with crumpled paper and wrapped in bubble wrap.

Declutter like a pro

Decluttering and downsizing are healthy in many ways. Yes, it can be a bit emotional because you will shuffle through all those long-forgotten items. But if you get rid of all the hoard, you will feel much better in the end. And your move will be easier and cheaper at the same time. Therefore, gather all your broken electronics, ceramics, clothing, and other random items. Donate, sell online, organize a garage sale, or simply throw it all away.

A woman shuffling through old clothing
Declutter and downsize where possible. It will do you good.

Health and safety

If you are moving under pressure and stress, your health can worsen. You want to avoid such a scenario at all costs. Especially if you are the main star in this show. Hence, at least a week before the move, you should sleep more, eat better, and drink enough fluids. Do some exercise if possible or find time to take a break and read your favorite book. Maybe you can even watch a movie or take a night out. It is not all about moving. You must take short and longer breaks if you want to keep your batteries full on a moving day. Therefore, follow your moving checklist and guide yourself through the process. But remember to slow down a bit if you feel sick or weak. Take a break once in a while.

Now you know how to handle moving under pressure. It is imperative to find enough helpers and a good moving company. They will remove the pressure and your relocation will be ten times easier. Hopefully, we helped a bit with this one. Good luck and stay safe.