How to handle moving into a smaller home

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Moving into a smaller home is an exhilarating change but it can also be a little overwhelming. If you are someone who is used to living in a spacious home, you will feel weird. But downsizing has become very popular in the past few years. People are changing their mentality to owning fewer items. If you want to join in on the trend, you should learn how to handle relocating into a smaller home. People usually get the too-many-options fever. Of course, your choice will largely depend on what you can afford. And, on the other hand, the choice lies in your desired location. There are a lot of circumstances you need to be aware of if you decide to hire the right Oxford moving company for you and move to a new city. City centers often mean you are trading lofty living space for living in the epicenter of the city. Along with all of its job opportunities. However, if you’ve never moved into a smaller home, we have good news! Simply continue reading our tips for downsizing and we’ll make your move into a smaller home a breeze.

Measure the space before moving into a smaller home

Before downsizing, measure the space to make sure that you have the correct sizing for your current furniture. You need to make sure your bookshelves and/or any other larger pieces of furniture will fit after you relocate. This is crucial for everyone moving to a smaller home because it is most likely you won’t have enough room for everything that you own now. Some pieces might be simply too big to fit into a small room. There are no hard feelings, you decided to do it, so you have to let go of these items. If they are still in a good state, you can always sell them and make some money while getting rid of items you don’t need. Trust the experience of our residential movers, it’s better to work this into your plan before moving day so that you can declutter before relocating.

Picture of a measuring tape
Measure everything twice before you make definitive decisions

The most fun part of moving into a smaller home is decorating

The beauty of downsizing means that you won’t have as many empty walls to fill with furniture or cover in paint. But you can use all of the colors of the rainbow can give you a chance to play with some very innovative optical illusions. Colors are perfect as room dividers. But a smaller home doesn’t mean a smaller chance to get creative, on the contrary. You might need to think better about combining decorations because too many things in one room can make it feel cluttered. But once you get the hang of it, your rooms will look snuggled up and beautiful.

Declutter your home to invite order into your life

Having too much stuff can cause claustrophobic sensations that are rather stifling. Try not to keep holding onto old items and too many pieces of furniture because you are just creating clutter. Maybe clutter was just clutter in your old home, but in a small space, they will be obstacles. There is no need for you to keep an item that you never use just to jump over it every day. Instead, before moving into your new home, you should purge your home by keeping items that add value to your life. This way you will also minimize the price of moving. So as a moving beginner, you’ll get a chance to become somewhat of a minimalist to be able to live in small quarters. After moving into your new home, you will find that having furniture pieces with multiple functions will become extremely practical.

Make the most out of the space you have

Small space is all about being practical. You might not have space to make a separate kids’ playroom or office, so you will have to improvise. A big living room can be divided into areas so that you can use it for more purposes. But that still means that you have to declutter before moving with Spyder Moving Services. This way unnecessary clutter won’t take away your precious space.

Mother is explaining to her son how to handle moving into a smaller home
You need to think practical when moving into a smaller home

Rent a storage space

Storage units can come in handy in many situations. Moving with the help of some Oxford movers and packers is only one of the scenarios when you can use it. You can use it for a small amount of time or for a longer time, the decision is yours. Items that you don’t use that often, but if you are still not ready to give up, you can put them up for storage. This way you will have time to decide their fate, and they won’t bother you while you are moving into a smaller house.

Consider altering your habits

If you have lived for years in a big home, you cannot expect to get used to a small place as soon as you move with some local movers MS. You are maybe used to hoarding items that you don’t need for just in case, but that will have to change. The best change you can make is to implement the one-in-one-out policy. For every new item that you buy, you have to get rid of something. This will always have the same amount of items.

Don’t panic

Moving into a small home might make you feel a little claustrophobic at first. All you need is time to get used to it. Once you finish moving to Mississippi, you will realize how much easier it is to live in a small space. There is no need to feel scared, many people live with much less than you have now, and they are perfectly happy.

Picture of purple cubes on a white surface
All you need is time to get used to something

Have a successful relocation with the Spyder Moving team on your side!

Moving into a smaller home from a big one is an awesome way to rethink what you need in your life. We at Spyder Moving company believe minimizing is a sustainable and creative way to live. Contact us and we will make sure you have a smooth relocation!