How to get used to Oxford after relocating

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Every move means a big change, personally and most likely professionally as well. Especially if you are moving between different cities or even states. The moving process alone can be super stressful and that is followed by adjusting to a new environment. This is why is really important to make sure you learn as much as possible about your new home town. Before calling for reliable Spyder Moving and Storage services to help you with the move, make sure you know more about Oxford. Hopefully, our article will help you figure out how to get used to Oxford after relocating.

More about Oxford

Due to its long history, small-town charm, and artistic scene, people often call this hidden gem the “Cultural Mecca of the South”. Oxford is located in beautiful North Mississippi, and it is a college town with almost 26,000 residents. Because many students are moving to the city every year, moving companies in Oxford MS have a lot of work. The town was founded in 1837, and its name comes from the British city of Oxford. It is well-known by The University of Mississippi. This university has strong academic and athletic programs for students, and it also has arts and entertainment venues for the community. This university is also known as “Ole Miss.” For such a small city, Oxford has a business ecosystem that is very diverse and connected. Education, health care, manufacturing, retail, technology, and tourism are all strong parts of the economy.

Students graduating
If you are moving to Oxford for “Ole Miss”, it will be easy to get used to Oxford after relocating.

Embrace the change

Moving is never easy for anyone involved. You’ve already decided to move, so give it your all. If you are moving with the family, it is great for everyone to learn and grow. If you are moving alone or as a student, embrace your new freedom and independence. Accept what is happening and take the best of it. The mood will be set by having a positive mind that makes you want to try new things and meet new people. Yes, it will be hard, but when you overcome hard things, you will feel pretty great. You will fast see that moving to Oxford MS was a great idea!

Explore the city

After you have been moved with the help of the best Mississippi moving company, it’s time to get familiar with the city! The best way to get used to Oxford after relocating is to learn about the city before the move and explore, explore, explore when you arrive. Luckily for you, Oxford is really a great place to be. As per, Oxford is the number 4 best place to live in Mississippi! This area is known for its red clay hills with a lot of trees and nature. If you love to ride a bicycle you will be thrilled to know that The League of American Bicyclists has named Oxford the first city in Mississippi to be a “Bicycle Friendly Community.” So put on your helmet, get on your bike, and explore!

Family on bikes going to get used to Oxford after moving
If you love to ride a bike, you will enjoy the trails in Oxford.

Enjoy Oxford culture

After you have settled down with help of movers packing and unpacking services, and explored the town a little bit, continue with familiarization. As we already mention, Oxford is called the “Cultural Mecca of the South” and for a reason. The Lyric Oxford, which can hold up to 1,200 people, is the city’s largest live music venue. William Faulkner, who won the Nobel Prize for literature, used to live in Rowan Oak. This charming 29-acre oak forest is one of Oxford’s most intriguing places to visit. Every year in late April, Oxford puts on the Double Decker Arts Festival to show off the city’s talented artists. There are also a number of museums and art galleries in the historic area of Oxford Square.

Double decker
Double Decker Arts Festival is an event you must experience.

If you love to read, Square Books and its sister store Off Square Books will become your new favorite place. They sell used and leftover books and are the site of Thacker Mountain Radio. A radio show hosted by Jim Dees is heard all over Mississippi on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. A third store, Square Books Jr., only sells books and educational toys for children.

Make friends

Meeting new people is hard no matter where you live, but it can be especially scary when you move to a new place. Still, it’s an important part of getting used to a new place. Meet your neighbors, look for clubs and get-togethers, and start conversations with friendly people in places like parks and coffee shops. If you have a dog, you know how easy can be to start a conversation with another owner. Also, if you have a toddler, during plays in the park you can start a conversation with other parents. They will for sure give the best advice on pediatric care. Your older children can meet friends during visiting The Mississippi University museum, which you also must visit. If it’s easier, you can start by joining some online communities and then suggest that people meet up in person.

Get used to Oxford after relocating with these pieces of advice

Relocating to a new place is not always an easy transition, but it can present incredible opportunities. Use your time in the new location as an opportunity to learn, grow, and broaden your perspective by becoming exposed to new ways of life. If you find yourself feeling down, remind yourself of the reasons that led to this change. Maybe the beginning will be harder, but don’t forget that you can always ask for help in overcoming these feelings. Our relationships keep us grounded, and it’s important to have people you can count on, no matter where they live. Make an effort to stay in touch with the friends and family you left behind. Feeling homesick is perfectly normal until you get used to Oxford after relocating. Luckily we live in times where technology can help too, so use that advantage!