How to find good movers during peak season

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Moving has many tasks behind it. You must organize, pack and search for movers in Tennessee. And as you already know, there is a non-peak, and a peak season for the moving industry. And find good movers during peak season is proven quite difficult. Yes, you will find them 3-4 months in advance. But what for those who need to relocate in a few weeks? There is a way to squeeze in an already packed moving schedule in a few different ways. And today, we will provide a few ideas on how to do it right. Let’s go.

Let us help you find good movers during peak season

So, the peak season is between April and September, and in that period, movers are packed. Everyone is moving while the weather is favorable ignoring the 30% higher prices in general. But do not let that scare you away. There are moving companies who try to stay competitive simply by keeping regular prices in place. Or those who are not on the market for quite so long so they can dictate the market’s price. Therefore, your residential movers Memphis are the right choice. You will find the prices you can afford. Also, all services are available to you and your family. You won’t have to think for a second about the safety aspect of it all. The only problem might be the moving date. Let us explain this one below.

Peak season graph
It is hard to find movers during a peak season but it is not impossible.

You should find good movers during peak season on time

Time is of the essence when it comes to the moving peak season. Ok, if you are moving a business or a corporation you’ll enlist commercial movers Memphis and book your moving endeavor months in advance. But what about the little guy? For you to find good movers during peak season will be extremely hard but not impossible. Let us show you how to conduct your search. Firstly, you must know that the beginning and the end of the month is the busiest time. So, you’ll avoid those dates. You should aim for the middle of the week and the middle of the month when people are busy and at work. Take a few days off work and relocate. Moreover, you should also aim for a moving company that is not so expensive but long enough in the business to have some kind of credibility.

Check on your movers

Now, you must know that the peak season is more expensive by default. Simply because movers are booked tightly and they have the right to raise the moving price across the board. Of course, some moving companies offer special and free services as well as bonuses and fee deductions. But you can expect your moving price to be at least 30% higher if you are moving over the summer. This is not candy that you can flood the market and kill the price. Highly esteemed moving companies keep their prices high and people who can afford it will pay for it. So keep that in mind. But you must still check on your movers to confirm they are legit. Therefore, check BBB, FMCSA, Yellow Pages, and the US Movers Association. Your movers should be registered online if they are a legit moving business.

Two people trying to find find good movers during peak season
Sit down with a friend and read moving reviews. Confirm your movers are legit.

Obtain a moving quote

Even if you find good movers during peak season there is still a question of a moving price. So, how to obtain the precise moving quote? Yes, you can do it online via the website, over the phone call, and of course, onsite. We strongly suggest choosing the latest one. Free onsite estimates are proven as the best way to realize the real moving cost. Hence, let your moving representative stop by, evaluate the situation, inspect the environment, weigh the cargo, and calculate the services needed. Soon enough you’ll be presented with the moving bill. And from there you can change whatever you want. You can add or remove services. Basically, it leaves you enough space to invest or pull back if needed. The most important aspect of this story is that movers will create a safe working environment.

Packing is boring but it must be done

If you decided not to purchase packing and unpacking services, this is how you’ll do it. Firstly, you must obtain all the necessary packing materials. Ensure you have the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels
A key hanging out from a cardboard box
Packing is boring but it must be done!

The mandatory set of packing supplies is all you need. Of course, plastic bins, wooden crates, and other containers you have at home are always welcome. As well as all suitcases, garbage bags, blankets, etc. So, you can purchase all the mandatory packing materials online, via movers, or at the nearest home depot. And while packing, do some decluttering. You will surely find old and unused items that are ready to go. You can pile them up and organize a successful garage sale before you go. Your neighbors will appreciate the gesture.

Legalities and all the paperwork involved

People often forget this part of the relocation. Simply because there is so much to do and it can easily slip through the cracks. And it is the legal aspect of the story. Therefore, inspect your IDs, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, and all personal documents. Also, check your moving-related documents and read your moving contract the night before several times at least. One more thing, all your cellphone, internet, and postal services should be adequately rerouted on time as well. Take care of it at least a month in advance. Or at least start getting it off your plate one by one.

Now you know how to find good movers during peak season. We did not help that must, especially if you have less than a month to prepare. Movers are usually booked tight in this period and if you can’t spare at least a few weeks for your moving preparations, you might not be able to pick the company you like. Good luck.