How to enjoy single life in Memphis

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You just moved into your new apartment in a totally unknown town? We assume that you don’t have any friends there and don’t know anything about the city you are moving to. That is definitely a very common situation. I can say for sure that all of us have been in a situation like that at least once in our lives. If you are single that can be really hard for you in a situation like this, but don’t worry, you choose the perfect place. Memphis is the right place for you, and we are going to help you to get to know the town and how to enjoy single life in Memphis.

Memphis TN is really great town and with its outstanding nightlife presents a desirable home for young and single people. We are going to recommend you some of the neighborhoods where you can enjoy single life in Memphis. But, don’t forget, if you need any help with relocating you can always contact local movers Memphis TN.

Nightlife in Memphis is great, so you will definitely enjoy single life in Memphis

Good neighborhood to live in Memphis

Memphis is a good place to live in general, but we wanted to make it easy to choose in which neighborhood you want to stay, so read the list down below:

  • Cooper-Young
  • Crosstown


Cooper-Young is one of the beautiful places in whole Memphis surely. This neighborhood has historic significance, and it’s a combination of tradition and a trendy vibe. Here you can definitely find everything you need as a young and single person. Cooper-Young is an eclectic place, so it is the home of so many festivals, art, and music. Nightlife is great, so if you explore a little bit, you can find your favorite restaurant or club and you can enjoy single life in Memphis.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, lesbian gay, or straight, here in Cooper-Young every door is open for you. Undeniably, the Cooper-Young Festival is the biggest attraction in this neighborhood. This festival is at some point mainstream, but you are going to have a great experience if you go there.


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date night
Here in Crosstown, you can even find a date if you are patient and smart enough

Well, Crosstown is one special story. This neighborhood is unquestionably a great place for young and singles. If you are young, and maybe single, you are going to enjoy single life in Memphis, especially in Crosstown. It’s a very crowded place, so if you love good music and good food this is the right place for you. In Crosstown there is a plant of bars with live music and with good food.

Let’s summarize

After all, Memphis is one of the best places to live in a whole country if you are single. You definitely need to enjoy single in Memphis, and you have plenty of choices there.