How to enjoy living in Germantown TN

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If you are considering moving and living in Germantown TN, you are in the right place. The purpose of this article is to help you find out all the details you could possibly need before moving to Germantown, Tennessee. We will cover exactly what kind of a town it is! So join us in this concise yet informative article on exactly why you will enjoy living in Germantown, TN.

Reasons for living in Germantown TN

When movers in Memphis TN area relocate you Germantown, you will soon realize that It is a town only in name. In reality, it is a city in Shelby County, comprising of around 40 000 people, according to the latest census. You are not too far of if you are moving from Memphis, since Germantown is its suburb.

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What to expect in Germantown, TN?
  • Education – If you are moving with kids, you might want to pay attention to this aspect
  • Recreation – When we talk about living in Germantown TN, recreation is an inescapable topic.
  • History – We will talk a little bit about the history of Germantown

Education in Germantown

Tennessee local movers will be relocating you to a city that is served by two school districts. Those are Shelby County Schools and Germantown Municipal School District.

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What to expect from schools in Germantown?

You will find five elementary schools and three middle schools. Houston High School is one of America’s most challenging high schools, and it is found here. Germantown prides itself with few more high schools, all of them being ranked the best in Tennesse and some of the best in the country.


The moving company Germantown will be relocating you to the city that has an amazing 27 parks! That means that there are 700 acres of parkland, not to mention 11 miles of greenway.

If you are into the arts, you will find the performing arts center with an 800 seat theater. For those who find pleasure in fitness activities, Germantown Athletic Club will offer everything that you might need.


Germantown, TN might be a suburb, but that does not make it new or without a history in its own right The first settlers to appear established the city all the way back in 1825. It is also a spot where Nashoba Plantation was formed, intended to educate the emancipated slaves.

The civil war and yellow fever epidemics almost wiped out the town, but it slowly rebounded in the 20th century, turning into the sprawl of churches, garden clubs, and civic organizations it is today. It is a city made by the people and through their action!

In summary

Hopefully, our guide for living in Germantown TN has helped you make a decision and figure out exactly what you can enjoy in Germantown, TN. Be sure to explore the town by yourself as well. If you are to relocate, also be sure to find good movers, to start planning at least 8 weeks in advance, and to stay organized during the whole process with the help of checklists to follow. Best of luck!