How to earn money while moving

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People are moving all the time and the biggest problem in almost all relocations is the budget. Of course and the safety of your belongings. But customers are usually unable to calculate their moving budget precisely while some do not have enough to cover everything. Would you believe that you can cover moving to Tennessee on budget and even earn money while moving? Yes, you can do it. Let us explain how to do it right.

Start with a moving plan

Everything begins with a moving plan. If you want to keep your budget intact or even earn money while moving, you should create a moving checklist and organize it like a pro. Firstly, you must inspect your entire home and realize if there are any obstacles that might endanger your relocation process. Then, shuffle through all your belongings and furniture to realize how many things you must relocate. Also, set aside all items you do not need anymore, and do not forget to check your attic, basement, and garage. And backyard of course. You’ll surely find enough items you must get rid of. It is far better than moving junk with you. Some of it can be sold eventually and you will earn a buck or two in the process. When you have all the basic info on paper, contact your Cordova movers and together create a flawless moving plan. The goal is to have a safe, cheap, and time-efficient moving endeavor.

A guy writing on a paper
Create a detailed relocation plan upfront to guide yourself easier through all the moving costs.

Pick the best moving date to earn money while moving

Simply by not spending too much, you are already earning money. Or should we say, you are keeping your savings intact? Hence, you must start thinking about the previously mentioned moving plan on time and choose the right moving date. Know that autumn and winter are cheaper periods in general. There are fewer moves across the board and movers will do anything to keep the business rolling and their customers happy. Therefore, if you are moving over colder months between September and April, you can call movers in Tennessee and check if they are providing discounts or special offers. Some moving companies will give you up to a 30% cheaper service simply to keep their schedule booked. Especially if they are a fairly new company on the market. Hence, seize this opportunity and pick the date you want.

On the other hand, if you must move in the peak season, aim for the middle of the month and middle of the week. Those days are a bit slower and you can find a slot in the schedule even with the prestigious moving companies.

Declutter and downsize to earn money while moving

We briefly mentioned setting aside all your items you do not need. Yes, you’ll need them now. Once you locate all the broken furniture, outgrown clothing, old IT equipment, and similar items, pile them all up. There is a way to earn money while moving with the following steps:

  • Organize garage sale
  • Organize yard sale
  • Donate to charities
  • Sell online
  • Recycle
Sell your old items to earn money while moving
Declutter as much as possible and sell everything you do not need.

If you declutter before moving you will save a lot. Your relocation will be easier, you’ll have fewer items to pack, and fewer hours to invest. You do know that movers charge by the hour and if you do not have too many boxes your movers can send one mover less. Automatically you saved up to 20% of the overall price. Additionally, if you sell your items you’ll earn a few bucks there as well.

Hire reputable movers or rent a moving truck

Now, here you have two options. Either to search for one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies or to rent a moving truck and do everything yourself. Yes, the second option is far worse but you will save a lot of money in change for your time and energy. On the other hand, no one will relocate you better than a professional moving company. So, here you must decide for yourself. If you have a license and know how to operate such a vehicle, you can rent a moving truck. But calling movers and letting them cover everything is much much easier. Crunch your numbers and compare them with the time and energy you’ll save and make a final decision.

Find free packing materials

If you go online and check for free moving boxes you’ll find hundreds of viable choices and the easiest source is Craig’s list. People are giving already used packing materials for free or selling them for a stupid price like 10 cents per box. Also, you’ll have legit companies that will sell you used boxes for 50 cents a pop. Both choices are good because you’ll obtain cheap moving materials easily and quickly. And after you are done with your relocation, you can do the same and get the money back. If you bump the price just a bit, you can even earn a bit. Or you can be a good guy and give all your spare materials to those in need.

A woman holding a carton box
Chase down all the free packing materials. Find them on social media groups.

Carefully calculate your moving budget

Ook, we will wrap this up with a bit of math. If you want to cut spending and move on a budget or even earn a bit, you must calculate your budget correctly. Yes, as we said earlier you will inspect everything and note down all your moving responsibilities. But you won’t be able to obtain precise numbers without professional assistance. Therefore, ask your movers for free onsite estimates and let them evaluate the situation. After they weigh your cargo and inspect the environment, they will advise you on the best moving plan and provide all the costs. You will continue from there and apply those costs to your moving budget.

Now you know a few tips and tricks on how to earn money while moving. As you can see, it is all about the organization. Even if you are not earning much, by preventing unnecessary costs you are actually gaming a lot. Be mindful when creating your moving plan and find a trustworthy moving team to assist you. Good luck and stay safe.