How to determine the size of storage you need

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Storage is the ideal solution for many people. No matter what is the reason for using it, it will serve the purpose well. However, don’t forget to determine the size of storage you need. Check the available storage size that movers in Tennessee offer. Go through all your belongings. Do the measuring. Then, estimate the size you need. Thus, save money and time. It’s not easy to realize that you chose the wrong size. Too big or, even worse, too small. Therefore, be precise. Use each method to determine the correct size you need. Only then will you be satisfied.

A woman and man writing something in a notebook located on a box.
Take a pen and paper. Start writing down. Make a list. Plan ahead.

Check your home storage

Before any decision, check the space in your house. Maybe you have available storage space. For instance, a garage, attic, or empty closets can serve the purpose. On the other hand, you can store certain things in your home while the others can be in a storage unit. Thus, in this case, you could choose small storage and save money. Indeed, it’s worth taking some time to check all this. The difference between small and medium storage is approximately $840 per year.

Make a list of things prepared for storage

When opting for storage only follow certain steps. First of all, you need to know for sure the items you plan to store. Hence, make an inventory list. Thus, you’ll be able to make an estimate of packing supplies. You should know the correct number of boxes. Also, you can identify large items such as couches, tables, bookshelves.

Secondly, organize things into categories. In other words, put aside items you plan to access on a regular basis. On the contrary, mark the items that need to be sealed away. As a result, your approach to packing and storing will differ.

Measure your belongings

Firstly, take a tape measure, yardstick, ruler. Whatever you can to estimate the size of storage units you require. Ask residential movers Memphis for advice. Still, it’s crucial to know how to measure.

  • square feet – Multiply the length and width of your items.
  • cubic feet – Multiply the length, width, and height of your belongings.

Furthermore, it’s good to know the average square footage. For instance, the 3- bedroom house is approximately 1,200-1,400 square feet. Now, you can start measuring. Still, there’s no right way. For instance, you can order everything in a pile. Then, measure the staff. Additionally, you can measure each thing. Nevertheless, this is time-consuming. Try to save time. Moreover, identify the largest items. Make a quick estimate if you have no time to measure everything.

a pile of boxes to measure in order to determine the size of storage you need
Its easier to determine the size of storage you need when you have the measures of your staff. Thus, try to put everything together. Then, start measuring.

Determine the size of storage you need

In general, storage units can be small, medium, and large. According to the measurements you’ve taken, it should be easy now. When considering your belongings take all three dimensions into account. Height, width, and length are all relevant. Square feet of items are crucial detail in choosing the right storage. On the other hand, height is an important factor too. The average height of storage is about 8 feet.

Small unit

Make sure to realize that up to 50 square feet of things can be in storage units. Approximately, it’s up to one room. Actually, this is the best way to decide what is the capacity of storage you need. Also, the average cost of small storage is almost $160 per month.

Medium size

Up to 150 square feet can be found in medium storage. This is proportional to approximately three rooms.

Large storage units

If you choose the large one you won’t make a mistake. The  300 square feet of things can stay in these facilities. That is about 5 rooms. The average cost is roughly $290 per month.

Choose what’s best for you

As a result, you have the measures and a list of items. Now, it’s time to find the appropriate storage unit. Avoid mistakes when renting storage. Hence, search the websites. Call several companies and ask for details. Compare the costs. Additionally, ask for specific sizes. Some companies have more available sizes than those published on their website. By all means, visit the storage if you can.

a tape measure
Estimate the size of storage by measuring your stuff. Though it takes a while, it will bring good results. You’ll be satisfied to rent the correct size of the warehouse.

Check out the unit in person

Of course, you can see a lot of things of interest in a website. Also, you can ask for any information. However, the best thing is to check facilities for yourself. Commercial movers Memphis are there for you.  Seeing facilities in person can help in picking the right size. Their staff will be at your disposal for any kind of help.

How long you plan to use the storage?

Picking the right size is a crucial factor in saving both time and money. Therefore, a short period of time relates to the move or seasonal storage. With this in mind, make sure to get close to the exact amount of space you need. It’s no good having too much leftover space. Hence, organize a storage unit like a pro. On the other hand, a longer period of time demands bigger size units. You need space when accessing the storage and checking your belongings.

Plan ahead and save money and time

Generally speaking, a good plan in advance is necessary to perform any task. Determine the right size of storage. Don’t underestimate the importance of it. Of course, it is demanding. It takes some time. Nevertheless, you’ll have the correct measurements. Or at least make a rough estimate. Now, you’ll be ready to select. Besides, you can count on the help of the company’s staff. Above all, you’ll save money and time. Moreover, you’ll be quite satisfied each time you check on your belongings in a storage unit.