How to declutter your Memphis office before moving

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Having an office already means you have a lot of work-related items. Add on top of that a lot of work, and over time a lot of items will start to accumulate. So you should always take a day for cleaning your office. Of course, you may have people cleaning it already. What we mean is you need to take time and remove the items you don’t need, don’t use, or have multiple. This is especially the case when you decide to move. So before you even think about contacting packing and unpacking services, take some time off and use it to declutter your Memphis office before moving.

Why is decluttering important?

There are multiple reasons why you should declutter your Memphis office before moving. Of course, this is something you should be doing regularly, even before and after that as well. For instance, decluttering will help you remove all of the clutter and unneeded items. Meaning you will find everything you need easier. The office will be clean, and your documents will be organized. You will spend less time reaching and more time working. This also means that the best movers Memphis TN has to offer will have an easier time packing everything.

A woman writing in her office
Having our space organized helps us a lot later on when we work.

On another hand, clutter does not only influence the space around you. It will also influence your mind. A lot of items in your office can distract you and, in some cases, even make you feel stuffed. So having more room and fewer items will help you concentrate. Of course, you also can’t forget that your office space says a lot about you and your company. Imagine if a client walked in and was treated by a mess. The space we work in says a lot about us and the way we handle our business. So keeping it clean and tidy will also look good for clients.

Only keep the things you need

So when you start decluttering, before the commercial movers come, the first thing you need to know is only to keep the things you will need. What people often do is buy items they think they need. And that way, they end up accumulating a lot of things they actually never even used. So when you start to declutter, keep in mind that it is best to get rid of everything you don’t use often. Later on, you can always buy something if you really need it. But if you haven’t used it up until now, the chances you will need it are quite low. Although this may seem a bit extreme to some people, it is actually quite helpful. We are not saying you should throw out perfectly fine items. You can simply give them to someone that needs them or sell them.

When you declutter your Memphis office before moving start with the drawers
The drawers are the perfect place you can start in order to declutter your Memphis office before moving

Base your office on practicality

When you declutter, it is best to look at the lower drawers. Usually, when we work, we tend to keep items we use daily or often at the top. So those items will frequently be found on our desks or in the top drawers. On another hand, the lower drawers tend to be messy and filled with a bunch of items you don’t need. Sometimes people become surprised after finding certain items they thought they lost when looking through drawers. So start decluttering from the bottom, where you have most of the items you don’t use. Keep only the items you use, and make sure to label everything when packing so movers from Spyder Moving and Storage TN will know what needs to go where.

Make three piles to declutter your Memphis office before moving as efficiently as possible

Even when you declutter, the organization is very important. This way, when you finish the packing services Memphis TN movers offered you, it will go a lot smoother. So there are three piles you should make during this process. First is, of course, the “keep” pile. Here you will place all of the items you use or need for your everyday tasks. As well as other important items, such as paperwork, work appliances, and so on. The second pile will be the “discard” pile. Here you should place all of the things that you don’t need or don’t use. Of course, you can also place old office appliances that are broken, broken furniture, and so on. In short, all of the items that cant be used.

A man holding a donation box filled with office items
It would be a shame to throw away items that are fine. So it’s better to donate them to people in need.

The last pile is the “donate” pile. It is only natural that there will be plenty of items we have but don’t use. And the best thing to do with them is donate them. There are plenty of organizations, for example, The Furniture Bank, that will help you give your furniture, appliances, and items to people that truly need them.

Take care of documents

In this day and age, the best long distance movers Memphis can recommend have moved a lot of offices. One of the things they noticed that could help you greatly is the digitalization of documents. Paper is one of the things that acuminates most over time. And is quite hard to organize and move. Also, if you have some important or classified documents, they are also a lot safer in digital form. It is certainly easy to move them on a PC or laptop than by hand.

Of course, if you still have them on paper, make sure to declutter your Memphis office before moving. Keep only the ones you need and, if you can, move the important ones yourself. And after the move, consider making them digital.  Of course, it is completely your choice. Some people still love the old classic paper documents. And even though they take up more space, people think they are more secure.