How to deal with bad movers

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Moving is a stressful time in everyone’s lives. If you ever moved, you know how tiresome it can be. That is why it is important to always have reliable Hattiesburg movers on your side. If you let the pros take care of the move, you will not stress, and everything will go smoothly. However, should you hire bad or shady movers, your stress will only increase, and it could cost you, too. Now, you are probably wondering how you can deal with bad movers. It is really much simpler than you might think. There are two main tricks to it. On one hand, you have to be careful in advance, and try your best to avoid bad movers altogether. On the other hand, however, you need to be active about confronting bad movers and helping others avoid the trouble. Here, we aim to show you these tricks.

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Moving can cause stress, so you need to make it pleasant for everyone involved

What you can do not to deal with bad movers

The best solution is obviously not hiring bad movers, to begin with. But, how do you know if a mover is bad or not? Luckily, you do not have to look far, because bad movers practically reveal themselves. All you have to do is spot the warning signs early on. Alternatively, if you already hired a mover who seems suspicious, you should be able to cancel them in the opening phases of the move and hire a different company or do the move yourself.

Spotting bad movers before on time

Obviously, the best way to avoid shady movers is to spot them on time and avoiding them. That way, you avoid a lot of wasted time and money, as well as stress you don’t really need. The best way to do this is to do your due diligence and start researching. This will help you find Oxford movers and packers, and your whole move will be a breeze. Check online reviews and see what people have to say about the moving company you’re thinking of hiring. Another great way of gathering information, as well as recommendations, is asking your friends and family about their recent moving adventures. Here are some dead giveaways that the company you are researching is not what they present themselves to be:

  • The moving company has no website or a business phone line but instead operates from a personal phone number.
  • The mover demands cash-only payment or a huge deposit in advance. Alternatively, they might offer moving rates that are ridiculously low.
  • You are given a blank or incomplete document to sign by the mover. You should never sign incomplete paperwork as it can later be filled with binding points that do not work in your favor.
  • The mover refuses to do an in-house estimate and tries to give you a loose number over the phone.
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Good preparation costs nothing, but if you deal with bad movers, it could end up badly

If you get the slightest hint that something is not right, avoid the moving company at all costs. You will have a much easier time researching for a good mover, than dealing with moving claims and legal fees.

Prepare yourself before you have to deal with bad movers

One more thing you can do is prepare to deal with bad movers in advance. The more you know about your rights as a client, the harder it is for rogue movers to take advantage of you. Even if you aren’t sure if a mover is good or bad at first sight, these tips can help you prepare. The first thing you should do is get moving estimates from a few moving companies and compare the numbers. This way, you won’t get overcharged. As we said, if a company offers a price that is far too low, something isn’t right. Avoiding moving scams is your top priority. After that, check if the movers you selected have valid licenses issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and that they have proper insurance.

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Do your research properly and try not to stress, the perfect movers are out there.

If you decide on a company, make sure you understand every part of the moving contract and ask for an explanation if you aren’t sure about something. Make sure to never sign a blank document, as we already mentioned. Before you move, make sure everything is labeled, and also take photos of all of your items. Be present while the movers are unloading your things. Should you notice any damage or bad handling, confront the movers immediately. If you have any precious items like fine art or jewelry, do not let the movers handle them, and keep them with you instead.

If you already had to deal with bad movers

Even with all of the precautions taken, you still might and up with movers who are up to no good. Even though it is too late to deal with them on the spot, there are still steps you can take to deal with them. Here’s how:

Word of mouth

In case you had to deal with bad movers who were late, rude, or unprofessional, you can let the world know about your hardships. Writing an online moving review and telling your friends about it does not seem so efficient at first. However, keep in mind that looking for recommendations is how you started as well. By leaving a negative review that explains your situation and experience, you will help others with vital knowledge. Every company relies on reputation, so this will definitely be effective. Be as honest and transparent as you can, because your experience will help others with their moving preparations.

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Keep in mind that there is always a way to confront bad movers and win

Taking legal action

If you had a rough deal with bad movers, the most direct way of handling them is taking legal action. If taking them to court seems too expensive and time-consuming, don’t worry, there are other ways. You can file a written complaint with the Better Business Bureau or the American Moving and Storage Association. You can also write a complaint to your local chamber of commerce, too. If you have solid evidence and photos to back up your claim, you shouldn’t have too many problems with these claims.