How to childproof your new home after moving to Hattiesburg?

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If you’re moving to a new home with your baby, there’s something you must do right after you settle in. It’s called the baby-proofing. The process of ensuring your baby’s safety, and your peace of mind, should be done as soon as your movers Hattiesburg MS relocate you to your new home. But it requires some careful planning and proper execution. So how can you childproof your new home after moving to Hattiesburg? It boils down to identifying the potential household hazards for your precious one. Only then can you effectively eliminate them by employing the necessary safety measures. So read on for our effective tips and tricks!

Lap top and blinds
The strings of traditional blinds pose a strangulation hazard, so make sure you keep them out of your baby’s reach.

Room By Room Checklist

How to childproof your new nursery after moving to Hattiesburg?

The nursery is the room where babies spend most of their time in the beginning. Therefore it is your top priority to childproof your new home after moving with Spyder moving company. Make it as safe as it can be with our tips below.

The leading causes of accidental death for infants under 1 year are suffocation and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • In order to minimize the risk of suffocation, you must empty the crib of any toys. Especially stuffed animals, bumpers, blankets, comforters or pillows.
  • Leave only the fitted mattress sheet and your happy baby.
  • Always remember to lay your little one on his/her back because it is one of the SIDS prevention strategies.
  • Protect your curious baby from electric shock by installing electrical outlets protectors in the nursery.
  • Place a thick piece of carpet around the crib. It will break the fall if your baby manages to escape the safety of its own bed.

How to childproof your new home after moving to Hattiesburg – bathroom edition.

  • Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bathroom. Not even for a second!
  • The bathtub can be the most dangerous place in the entire house.
  • Babies can drown in as little as an inch of water. If you absolutely must leave the bathroom, always take your baby with you.
  • Use a slip-resistant infant bathtub with body contours for improved safety.
  • Your hands should be dry and you should have a solid grip on your baby when taking him/her out of the tub.
  • Set your hot-water heater at 120 °F (49 °C) or lower to prevent scalding your baby.
  • Keep the baby as far away from the water source as possible.
  • Buy a toilet lock and keep medicines, cosmetic products, and razor blades well out of your baby’s reach.
Girl in front of a window thinking How to childproof your new home after moving to Hattiesburg
Mount window guards to completely eliminate any risk of accidental falls out the window.

How to childproof your new home and kitchen after moving to Hattiesburg?

  • The kitchen is the room where parents are often distracted while preparing a delicious meal. Infants can get into trouble in a split second so it’s very important to baby-proof this if you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn.
  • Latch the cabinet doors under the sink so your baby can’t reach the chemical supplies you have there.
  • When you’re not cooking, you can easily install removable stove knob covers to prevent your baby from accidentally turning the knobs. You can also use the back burners of the cooking stove more often to prevent your infant from reaching the scalding food.