How to calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver

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Denver is an area that attracts the best talent and businesses. Its open community feel is appealing to the employees who are already working there and we can see why you want to relocate your business there. In addition to the costs, moving an office can also take a lot of time and planning. Before you look for commercial movers Denver and start the process of transitioning your office, it will be essential to calculate the costs. Commercial move costs will depend on various factors. These can include supplies, location, quantity, disassembly, labor fees, etc. If you are planning to move in the future, or you need to move as soon as possible, calculating commercial move costs is essential for a smooth business transition. Here are some tips on how to calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver.

Take an inventory

This is going to help you get a better picture of what needs to be packed and moved. Also, movers and packers Denver will have an easier job giving you an estimate of the final costs of your move.  Additionally, having an inventory can help you keep track of lost items and discourage any theft attempts.

Man taking an inventory for a commercial move in Denver
It’s important to take an inventory of your office to calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver.

What affects the office moving costs?

If your current office is too small or you just want a change, it’s crucial to plan in advance and make sure you know all the options before relocating your office. Depending on what you have in your office, the average cost to move a 1500 – 3000 square feet office can be anywhere between a few hundred and thousands of dollars. Setting a specific budget in advance might help you decide what office location and size are best for your business.

When deciding when to move your office, it’s crucial to consider the off-season. Even though you might not be able to stop operations for an entire week, there might be a time of the year when your business is slow. This is the best time to plan your office relocation because you won’t affect sales volume. However, if your company is working throughout the year nonstop, try to estimate a revenue loss when making a budget. Of course, once you hire Spyder Moving and Storage to handle your move, our experts can help you with all the questions you might have.

You’ll need to hire technicians and service providers

You will also need to consider technicians and service providers when calculating the costs of a commercial move in Denver. Contact service providers and talk about negotiation contracts. Try to figure out any fees, deposits, or upfront costs. You must consider services, including cable, internet, electricity, gas, phones, and cleaning. Also, you need to talk to the technician who will set up your electronics and computers. The phone company for that region will probably install your phones but might charge an installation fee, so see that you are informed promptly.

technician fixing cables
Don’t forget about service providers and technicians while you calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver.

Think about moving expenses

Business moving costs can add up in no time. The number of items you want to move and the size can affect the final price of the move. As we mentioned, take an inventory of everything you want to bring to your new office. This will help you calculate storage costs. Costs such as utility transfer and office clean-up will also impact the final price of the move. Talk to your landlord and see what your lease includes upon your move. This is an excellent time to look at your contract to ensure you’re not breaking the lease agreement because this may result in extra fees.

Make sure to get moving insurance. Even though it seems like an extra cost, it will pay off down the line. Insurance will come in handy if your items get damaged, lost, or stolen during the relocation. Some of the things you should include in your budget are moving supplies, moving company rate, insurance, damage repair, revenue loss, new furnishing if needed, move-in costs for the new office, and the new rate for renter’s insurance.

Research moving companies before you calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver

Before you decide on moving companies Denver, explore your options. Research movers in Denver to get a couple of estimates. Making a price comparison can help you decide what’s the best value. You can also receive quotes on insurance to help you determine the best price available to protect your valuable items. Rates can depend on the factors such as labor, packing materials, insurance, distance, special items, and add-on services.

Man sitting next to moving boxes
Make sure to research moving companies and compare the estimates when calculating the costs of a commercial move in Denver.

The move itself

This will most likely be the most significant cost of relocating your business. It includes lots of things that you can’t avoid. A proper office move can only be done with the help of professional movers. If you are changing states, long distance moving companies Denver are a must. Packing and moving expenses, setting up electronics and computers, installing technology systems, and hiring a good moving company are all critical parts of the final price when moving your office.  However, you can’t predict the loss in revenue you’ll experience during the relocation. That is why it’s a good idea to include any profit loss from potential sales that might’ve occurred during the relocation to get a clear picture.

Final words

It might be difficult to calculate the costs of a commercial move in Denver because different variables can impact the final price. However, if you plan in advance and have complete checklists of every single cost, you will know what to expect on a moving day.