How to calculate moving expenses and prepare for them

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Another relocation is just around the corner. Probably the hardest part of the whole process is organizing everything and adequately calculating moving expenses. You must do it right because a single mistake can hurt your moving budget significantly. Therefore, check our guide and follow these steps when the time comes. Let us calculate your moving costs together.

Get ready for the steps ahead

The best way to organize and to have a better insight into the complexity of your move is to create a moving checklist. It is a simple list of all tasks you must complete. Also, an inventory list attached to it will help a lot. List down all those moving stages that will spend your precious time and money. Then, you must add all the moving services you consider purchasing. And all personal preferences, wishes, and requests. Once you have your checklist in place, start looking for a moving company to obtain their evaluation as well. Check out moving companies Memphis TN for the highest quality moving service.

Movers will provide onsite estimates and cross-reference your list with the current situation. Movers know best if a certain stage can be completed more time and cost-efficiently. Just reach out to your moving representative and enlist a moving crew with the moving expertise and enough experience. Once you have your movers insight, you’ll calculate moving expenses much easier.

Inspect your belongings to better calculate moving expenses

No matter which company you chose, all residential movers will ask for an exact number of moving boxes. Also, they want to know if you have any robust and hard to handle furniture. The more boxes and furniture you have, the bigger the moving cost. Therefore, inspect all your belongings and make sure to declutter and downsize. This is a great moment to get rid of your old and unused items and start fresh. This greatly affects your moving cost and you can organize better in advance.

a woman who knows hwo to calculate moving expenses carrying some boxes
Declutter your space and save money in the process.

If a certain piece of furniture is bumping your moving price significantly, find other ways to transport it. Maybe you can disassemble or move it yourself. The same goes for moving boxes. The number and the weight matter and you should check out what is the threshold for both. And with decluttering and organized packing, you should be able to lower the price and make your cargo easier to move. Therefore, inspect everything and make an inventory list. Evaluate all stuff you have and decide what to move and what to donate, gift, recycle, or throw away. Make sure your cargo size matches the moving truck.

Packing process and moving supplies required

Now, the packing process must be organized and carefully executed to avoid unnecessary spending. Packing your belongings properly, with tried-and-tested methods will help you move worry-free to any part of Tennessee. If you do it wrong and in a hurry, you can damage your belongings and spend more time and money in the process. Not to mention all the stress and headaches such an event brings. Hence, begin with packing supplies. You will need the following:

  • Moving boxes – Cardboard and plastic ones are used mostly. You can as well use any sort of container you have at home.
  • Blister packs – Use it to make a nest inside your box. Cradle your items and fill the gaps to avoid bumps and scratching.
  • Packing tapeUse a stronger tape to seal your boxes properly. Apply several layers to make sure your box will survive the voyage.
  • Labels – Make a labeling system of your choice. Use colors, numbers, or simply write what is in the box. It will make unpacking much easier.
A black dog sticking out of the moving box
You can use any materials you like. But be sure to have enough boxes for your moving project

But if the packing process is confusing and boring for you, consider packing and unpacking services. In a matter of hours, you’ll be packed and unpacked with the highest safety levels in place. Think about it, it is affordable, and the time you’ll save is incalculable.

Calculate the time invested as well as travel time

This is a tricky one and it depends on the date of your move. If you are moving over the weekend, then you probably have a day off from work. But in case you are moving during a week, you must take days off which will cost you at the end of a month. It is a loss of earning that you should calculate into a moving budget. Also, the distance between your old and your new home. You’ll probably want to drive there in your car. That is also a spender, especially if you are moving cross country or abroad. Calculate the time invested, costs of travel, and highway toll.

Calculate moving expenses but do not forget additional costs and services

There are many different services you can utilize to make your life easier while relocating. Some are moving related, while others a pure convenience. For example, if you are moving with kids, you might want to hire a professional that will keep your kids safe and entertained. In this case, the babysitter is the way to go. If you are moving with elderly parents, on the other hand, you’ll need certified medical assistance. And of course, Spyder moving services for anything moving related. In case you need packing, unpacking, long-distance, or local moving, this is the way to go. All affordable and safe. Once you realize how much time you’ll save with one of these services, you’ll be amazed. Calculate moving expenses but do not neglect all the time you are investing.

Two girls hugging each other
If you are moving with kids, you must know that there will be additional costs included.

All other costs

You’ll probably have to adapt to this hectic environment. The last week before the moving day is usually confusing and tiring. You barely have time to cover all your moving topics. This means you won’t have much time for cleaning, cooking, and other everyday activities. People usually choose more convenient ways to get through these times. Fast foods, deliveries, and cleaning services are just a few. Therefore, you must add these costs to your moving equation. And do not forget the beverages, snacks, and sandwiches for your movers. You ought to reward your helpers and be a great host on a moving day.

One cost people usually forget about is the moving deposit. Some companies require a portion of the overall moving bill paid in advance. It is a common thing that will guarantee that your moving date and a company is booked. But make sure that whatever you agreed on, is on the moving contract. The best way to avoid moving scams is to have a moving contract containing all details of the move and the overall moving price. This way both parties are secured, but most importantly, you are.

These were a few ways to calculate moving expenses and prepare for your moving bill. Remember to communicate everything with your movers and keep it all transparent. This way you’ll eliminate hidden costs and prepare your moving budget better.