How to avoid unwanted moving expenses

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Everyone knows how moving can be expensive. However, not everyone knows that there are many ways that you can lower the cost of your move. Of course, the cheapest way to move is to do it all on your own. But did you know that you can afford to hire local movers Memphis TN to help you move with almost the same amount of money left in your pocket? If you have little experience in moving, you probably do not know how to avoid unwanted moving expenses. By removing those from the equation, you will get the professional help that you need and save money.

First, set your moving budget

The first thing, of course, is to set your budget. You will spend money much quicker if you do not have a prepared moving budget. Of course, the main thing when setting the moving budget is to think about other expenses that you will have around the move. Decorating a new home, buying furniture, or paying bills for example. Make sure that everything is accounted for before you set your moving budget.

Calculator and pen
When preparing your moving budget, think about other expenses as well

The best way to avoid unwanted moving expenses is to make a detailed moving plan

People that move without a proper plan always end up spending more. If you want to be sure that you will avoid unwanted moving expenses, you need to be prepared for everything.  Therefore, your second task is to prepare a thorough moving plan. If you are moving for the first time, surf the internet for information on how your type of move will be conducted. Think about your moving date, removing excess items, searching for cheap movers, whether to hire packing and unpacking services or pack on your own, gathering packing materials and so on. When you have a moving plan prepared, you will have a much easier job to avoid unnecessary moving costs.

If you want to go cheaper, avoid moving during peak season

When preparing your moving plan, one of the first things to think about is your moving date. If you are lucky enough and you have an option choose your moving date to avoid moving during peak moving season. If you are moving to Hattiesburg, the peak moving season in Mississippi is from April until late September. Not only that the prices are higher during those months, but you will have a harder time finding any available movers at all. If you can move off-season, you will certainly go much cheaper.

Avoid moving unnecessary items and significantly lower your moving cost

If you decided to hire movers, the price will mostly depend on the weight of your inventory.  If you want to avoid paying unwanted moving expenses, get rid of as many things as you can. Of course, the best thing is to remove the heaviest items. For example, furniture. Maybe you are moving to a smaller home, or you have a wish to replace some pieces because they are out of fashion, get rid of them first. Of course, smaller items can also have a huge impact on your moving cost. Especially if you have them a lot. in that case, organize a yard sale a few weeks before you move, and some money along the road.

Old white closet
Get rid of heavy items before the move

Prepare a list of items that you planning to pack and move

When you finish with removing your items, before scheduling movers, it is important to make a list of items that you are going to move to your new home. Of course, it is important that your list is accurate and detailed. The good thing is to write all the details about every item that you plan to transport. Write down their name, weight, state, serial numbers, etc.  This list will help you to get accurate estimates from your movers, precisely determine the required amount of packing materials, and for the final inspection after the move.

Of course, it is not an easy task to make a list of every item in your home. However, if you want to save money you will need to do it. The good thing is that you can use a moving app instead of a pen and paper. Very helpful, as you can insert photos, and estimate the weight of your items easier.

Make sure that you find the best movers and avoid unwanted moving expenses

Armed with your moving inventory list in hand, you can start searching for movers. Besides the price you also need to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company. If you are lucky enough, you manage to book movers Laurel MS as they are among the most reliable movers with probably best quotes. Of course, to make sure that you find the best offer, get moving estimates from several moving companies and compare.

Be especially careful when you receive offers. As your goal here is to save money you might be tempted to accept the lowest offer. But if the estimate is much lower than from other moving companies you might end up paying more. Either they will inflate the price at the end, or you will end up with broken items. Therefore, make sure that you check your movers thoroughly before accepting their offer.

Computer and a calculator
To avoid unwanted moving expenses make sure that you hire best movers

Make sure that you know what you are paying for

When hiring movers it is important to understand what goes in their moving price. Even though they gave you a price for the estimated weight of your inventory and the hours for the moving crew, there are still situations that can inflate your cost. Maybe you think that you paid for the packing service. Some movers will charge you extra if they can’t park their trucks close to your home. Or they need to carry your stuff from a ninth-floor using stairs. If you predict all those situations, you will avoid unwanted moving expenses.

To avoid unwanted moving expenses don’t buy more packing supplies than you need

If you will be packing your stuff on your own, you will need to gather packing materials. This is a situation where if you are smart you can avoid unwanted moving expenses. Packing supplies are not cheap and you do not want to buy more than you need. Use your moving inventory list, find an online moving box calculator, and accurately determine the required amount of supplies.