How to avoid rogue movers in Mississippi

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Searching for movers is generally a hard task to complete. Simply because there are thousands of moving companies in the state you live in. Most of them boast years of experience and exceptional services. But at least half of them represent themselves in a different light. Some moving companies are fraudulent, scamming, or worse. So, to avoid rogue movers in Mississippi you must get to know the moving industry and research a lot. Luckily, we know how to search for movers in Mississippi and we will share this knowledge with you. Let’s take a look.

Confirm they have the license and avoid rogue movers in Mississippi

The most important thing right from the start is to confirm if your movers have all the necessary permits to operate. Especially if you are moving a business and using commercial movers to assist you. But for any other relocation as well, no matter how big or small. You must be sure that your movers are ready to undertake the task ahead. So, confirm they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Safety standards.
  • Moving insurance and services.
  • Experience.
Confirm their legitimacy and avoid rogue movers in Mississippi
Confirm your movers have all the tools and permits to operate before you hire them.

Avoid rogue movers in Mississippi simply by asking a lot of questions. And all those questions are important but scamming movers do not like to answer them. Hence, if your movers can’t answer any of your questions or you realize there is a gray area, skip this company and move to the next one.

Obtain referrals and do your research

When searching for movers Biloxi MS, you must do proper research. If you skip this part you will waste a lot of time even if you spot rogue movers and avoid the damage. The damage is already done because you lost a lot of time on the conversation with them and if they visited your home to perform onsite estimates, you lost a whole day already. And you know well how valuable time is when relocating. So, to avoid meddling with any scamming companies, do your research on the internet. Compare moving companies and focus on feedbacks and reviews. Join social media groups and you’ll find all the answers there. But the best way to avoid rogue movers in Mississippi is to obtain referrals. If you know someone that can recommend a good moving company, you are all set. A word of mouth is the best solution here.

Avoid rogue movers in Mississippi with a more detailed inspection

You can always take your research to the next level and inspect your movers even further. All legit local moving companies Memphis should be registered online. Also, they must have a physical address, contact info, and an official website. Moreover, you can always check FMCSA, the US Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau. Check if your movers are transparent and this way you’ll realize that they have nothing to hide. Legit moving companies are transparent and they will always answer all your questions. Hence, if you have an hour to spare, browse a bit and confirm it all.

a woman browsing the internet
Browse online and confirm your mover’s legitimacy. Do not stop until you are 100% sure you are dealing with the right moving company.

Be careful when purchasing services

All moving companies want to sell their services. It is understandable and in rare cases, they will tell you that you do not need any of it. But legit moving companies will offer only the moving service that you’ll benefit from. Even if those services are just a quality of life and a commodity. If a customer wants to lay back and let movers do everything instead, they can. You will have to pay for it of course, but if you must pay for services you do not need, that is not ok.

So, be careful when purchasing any services. If your movers offer more than a couple, it can be a fishy situation. And a smart thing to do is to compare the services they offer with other moving companies. This way you can realize if the price is inflated and how the service works in the first place. All in all, do not buy any service you do not need. We are sure you will spot this kind of scam in an instant.

You surely do not need all the services they offer

Even if your movers manage somehow to sway you into purchasing additional services, you must think twice about it. Do you really need all those services? Be realistic and evaluate your entire situation again if needed. Some services are important, some are a necessity, and some are simply to make your move easier and more convenient. Hence, compare the price with your moving budget and decide on what you really need. And movers will surely push you toward purchasing all of it. Especially if they realize they can manipulate you easily.

a man holding a 5 dollar bill
You do not need all the services they offer. Think carefully and keep your budget healthy.

On the other hand, some moving services like moving insurance are extremely valuable and you should seek them out. Fraudulent movers won’t offer this one simply because they must pay for the damages. It is yet another red flag when dealing with fraudulent movers. If your moving company does not mention moving insurance at all, maybe you should think twice before hiring them.

Consider the payment method they use

One of the easiest ways to spot a scam is the payment method they use. If a moving company offers to receive payment in cash that might be a scam as well. Especially, if they are willing to take it on hand while on site. Simply because all the moving quotes and prices are established and listed in a moving contract beforehand. And in 100% of the cases, you are either paying with a credit card, or with cash on hand at their business location. If you are paying with cash, be sure you are handing it over to the moving representative that is licensed and working for the company. But we must recommend you to use a credit card. With credit card payments you can track the transaction and even block it or withdraw in case of a scam.

And now you know how to avoid rogue movers in Mississippi. The most important thing here is to research your movers enough so you can be sure you are hiring a legit company. As long as they are licensed and registered online, you will be ok. Hopefully, you won’t have any unpleasant situations while moving. Good luck.