How to avoid damaging door frames when moving?

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Moving involves a lot of heavy lifting and with that, certain risks of damaging your property. These, and many accidental injuries, lurking to come about and further complicate your moving project are in fact easy to prevent. All you need to do is enlist the expert assistance of Spyder Moving Services Mississippi and keep any mishaps, big or small, at bay. However, if you’re moving, you need to be aware of the most common types of damages that may occur. This will help you give them a miss, along with the repair bills accompanying them. In continuation, you’ll find some useful tips to avoid damaging door frames when moving, in particular.

Tips to avoid damaging door frames when moving

No matter if you’re moving out from a rental or your own home, you’d surely want to avoid property damages. Moving is complex enough already, without the added stress of inventory impairments. Besides the floors and walls, doors and door frames are especially vulnerable to sustain damages. To save you from headaches, moving companies Olive Branch MS are at your disposal for expert assistance. Here are some practical tips to help you avoid damaging door frames when relocating:

  • Cover the door frames
  • Remove the doors
  • Extra steps for protection
A mover carrying a couch
Your best bet to avoid damaging door frames when moving is to rely on pro assistance and sort out the heavy lifting part effectively

Physical protection of your door frames

The first line of defense to prevent damaging door frames during your move is to ensure their physical protection. In other words, consider covering and padding the doorways with protective materials. Pro Senatobia MS movers have the adequate equipment necessary for optimal protection of your entire property. Moreover, the expert team has the skills and knowledge to move bulky and oversized items in a safe and quick way. If you rely on their assistance, you’ll ensure peace of mind and a smooth transfer of your items. However, if you intend to handle this arduous task with the help of friends, take note of what you’ll need.

  • Furniture blankets, or thick ordinary blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard cuttings
  • Masking tape (don’t use standard packing tape, as this will damage the finish of the doorframe)

Once you have the above at hand, use it to pad your doorframes adequately. If you’re moving extra-large pieces of furniture, use more than one layer of protection. Also, you’ll need to pad all the doorframes along the exit path to the moving vehicle. If you invest yourself with time and dedication to this task, you’ll successfully avoid damaging door frames when relocating.

Remove the doors to clear the way

One thing that makes moving an exceptionally elaborate task, is the packing and unpacking it involves. While you’re moving boxes and furniture in and out of doorways, consider taking the doors off the hinges, if possible. This will enable you to protect them and the doorframes optimally. Besides, you’ll clear the way of obstacles, and be able to move more freely, carrying your things.

Two movers with a couch
Remove the doors from the hinges to clear the way for moving bulky items

Additional steps to avoid damaging door frames when moving

The best way to ensure your move is a safe and smooth experience is to take the pro help from a mover. Yet, if you decide to do the heavy lifting yourself, make sure you take the right steps for keeping yourself, and your property safe from injuries and damages. When it comes to protecting your doorframes when moving, consider the following precautionary measures:

  • Disassemble large furniture pieces to get them through doorways easier
  • In addition to the door frames, pad bulky items, such as household appliances as well, to ensure proper shock absorption and avoid damaging door frames while moving
  • Get a moving dolly or a hand truck to smoothly wheel your items in and out

To sum up, these are the best tips and tricks to ensure you avoid damaging door frames when moving. To ensure the best protection of the entire inventory, take pro assistance, and enjoy the benefits of a smooth, hassle-free moving project. Either way, we hope you find this text useful and have a safe move. Good luck.