How long does it take for movers to deliver your belongings

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You can plan and organize the move in a perfect way. And you can be ready on time for the moving day. However, there are always some things that can’t be controlled. Such are the weather, possible vehicle malfunctions, and traffic accidents. So, how long does it take for movers to deliver your belongings?  This can also depend on certain state regulations, especially when you are moving the long-distance and crossing several borders. In Spyder Moving Services TN they are aware of this. That is why they inform the customers about the delivery window. However, you might wait a day or two longer. You also have to understand that, in the first place, movers want to ensure your belongings’ safety.

The moving delivery window tells you when to expect your belongings

All reliable Tennessee long-distance moving companies will include the moving delivery window in the Bill of landing. That can show as very important information. It will give you a range of several days in which to expect your belongings. As a rule, the delivery can take from a few days to several weeks. It can depend on:

Truck driver sleeping in the car - How long does it take for movers to deliver.
The law prescribes how many hours is a driver allowed to operate the truck in one day.

How far you are moving

Naturally, the movers will need more time to deliver your things when you are moving further. The main reason is the driving regulations. The law prescribes how many hours is a driver allowed to operate the truck in one day. So, they will need to stop and rest.

The size of your shipment can determine how long does it take for movers to deliver

In case your belongings fill the entire moving truck, they will head directly to your location. So, the delivery time will be shorter. In case your shipment is smaller, the mover will take other loads in the same truck to enhance efficiency. This further means that they will have to do several stops to load and unload other shipments. That way, they will need a longer time to reach you. So, the delivery window will be bigger.

Expect a wider delivery window during the peak season

During the peak season, you can expect a wider delivery window. In that period the moving companies are heavily booked. So, they will try to handle as many moves as possible. This further means that the delivery will take a longer time. However, movers in Memphis TN area will be able to offer a much shorter delivery window during the off-season moving.

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In case your belongings are not delivered, and the moving company has disappeared, contact FMCSA immediately.

Why it is good to know how long does it take for movers to deliver your belongings?

Knowing the delivery window, you will include in your moving budget the overnight costs. So, you will have sufficient means to wait. But, what if your things are still missing after the delivery window? In case you made your job well and check the moving companies thoroughly, no need to worry. Give a call to long-distance movers in Memphis TN. They will explain to you the reasons for the delay. In most cases, they will call you first, to explain the situation. And to give you the new ETA.

Also, in case of delay, most of the moving companies will accept your delay claim. And, they will reimburse your costs for each extra waiting day. So, just make sure to keep all the receipts.

What to do in a case of moving fraud?

Well, the moving experiences are not always so positive. How long does it take for movers to deliver your belongings must be included in your contract? And, it is good to know it. It can happen that your moving delivery window has passed. And nobody responds to your phone calls. You can’t get in contact with company managers or drivers. It seems like the moving company has disappeared. Unfortunately, it probably is, along with your belongings. In such a case contact FMCSA immediately and report fraud. It may help FMCSA to identify the fraudulent moving company. Still, the best protection is to check the moving companies well before hiring them.