House decluttering tactics to use before the move

A cluttered home is the one thing to worry about if you are planning to move.  It can cause only stress and unnecessary costs, so it would be wise to deal with this problem well before your moving day. You will need time to sort everything out and to decide what goes and what is to keep. If you have many useful items to dispose of, maybe you would like to throw a yard sale. It takes time, but that is a good way to lower your moving expenses. You will be downsizing your moving inventory, which means, lower moving costs. In addition, you will earn extra cash by selling your unused items. Therefore, before you call your residential movers to try these house decluttering tactics for an easy and quick way out of the mess.

Planning house decluttering tactics
Plan your house decluttering tactics

Start with your house decluttering by making a plan

As before you do anything so complicated, like the house decluttering is, you need to make a plan. A good plan is always very important. It will help you not to steer away from your original goal, and it will help you be more organized. So, before you start with anything make a good plan, and try to stick to it during the whole operation. If your plan is to do it all at once, or as fast as you can there are some great house decluttering tactics for that. Alternatively, if you think that you will have a hard time deciding what to get rid of, you could do it gradually, during a few month periods. So, make a plan according to your wishes and capabilities.

Prepare for your house decluttering process

Depending on the amount of stuff you will need to get out of your home, you will need to prepare some items. You will probably need lots of big trash bags and several cardboard boxes. If you have some old and bulky furniture to get rid of, it would be wise to have a set of tools prepared do dismantling.

Here is a small list of items to prepare before your decluttering

  • Prepare some trash bags, before you start utilizing any of the house decluttering tactics
  • Middle-sized cardboard moving boxes
  • Moving blankets
  • Set of tools
Trash after house decluttering
First, remove the trash

First, get rid of the trash

Primarily, when you start decluttering your home, you need to get rid of the trash. That is usually a small hassle. You just need to locate the trash and put it in the trash bag. That is the number one thing to do no matter what house decluttering tactic you choose at the end. It will help you to locate real clutter and to have a better picture of the job that awaits you. Once you remove the junk you can start dealing with your real problem.

The three-box house decluttering tactic

If you want your home to be prepared for packing when your Oxford moving company arrives, you need to get rid of your excess items. The easiest and most successful tactic is the three-box tactic. It doesn’t really have to be three boxes, as you can put as many boxes you think you need. But essentially you will prepare one box for the items that could be sold or donated. One for the things you will keep and the last one for the items that are not suitable to be sold or kept.  This is one of the most popular and quickest decluttering tactics that helped many people to quickly get out of clutter before the move.

The one-month box house decluttering tactic

Another great house decluttering tactic is the one-month box test. Of course, as you can see from its name, this tactic requires a certain time. But if you are a person who has trouble deciding what you really need and use this is a perfect tactic for you. Essentially, you should put all your kitchenware, for example, in one box. You will take the items from the box when you need to use them, but you won’t return them to the box. You will put them to their original place. After a month, look inside the box. The items that are inside are the ones that you did not use during the past month. If you think that a month period is too short to make a proper decision, you can prolong this test for as long as you like. Just make sure you are finished before your moving day.

Reverse clothes hanger house decluttering tactic

A great tactic to get rid of the clothes you don’t use is the reverse clothes hanger tactic. His tactic is also used over a longer period of time, but it can be very useful. It will help you identify the clothes you do not wear but that is taking your precious space. Put your clothes on clothing hangers and make sure they are all facing the same direction. After you wear a piece, put it back but facing the other direction. After a few months period, you will have a clear picture of clothing items you don’t really use, and that you need to get rid of.

Old items in a home
Get rid of your memory clutter

Remove the things you keep for sentimental reasons

Never mind what house decluttering tactics you decide to use, keep this in mind. Anything that you didn’t use in the past year needs to get out. Another thing that can be very tricky to remove from your home is the so-called, memory clutter. If you are an emotional person, surely you have some items that you don’t really ever use, but you keep that for some sentimental reason. Of course, that can be understandable, but if you are in a critical situation, find a way to get rid of it. Or, at least try to remove a good chunk of your memory clutter.

One-in-one-out house decluttering tactic

The good tactic to implement in your everyday life is the one-in-one-out tactic. It essentially means that when you buy an item, you need to throw one old item from your home. If you stick to this rule it will help you to have a clean and neat home and never to get to this cluttered home situation. So when your local movers MS arrive to pack your belongings you will be well prepared.

Remove your clutter to lower your moving expenses

Moving to another location is very expensive, so before hiring your local movers Oxford MS, try to downsize your moving inventory as much as you can. Size of your moving inventory is the number one thing, which is determining your moving cost. So make sure you downsize it as much as you can.


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