Hiring local movers vs hiring national movers

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When you are moving, it goes without saying that you want the best moving services. But, who can provide them better? Are you moving within a state or cross country? And also, what additional services do you expect from movers in Mississippi? Answering such questions will help you to decide between hiring local movers vs hiring national movers. So, before you make the final decision, be sure about the services which you expect. Also, make a comparison between local and national movers.  Nationwide movers can provide long-distance and local moves. However, a lot of reliable local movers are offering the same services. So, you should check and understand the differences, advantages, and limitations of each of them. Only then you will be able to bring the right decision. 

Are you moving locally or do you need long-distance moving services?

What type of services that you need? That is one of the first things that you should consider. Are you moving locally? Or you are planning a long-distance move within the same state. Maybe you need to move just across the state line. In such cases, hiring a reliable local moving company could be a good solution. The reasons for that are:

  • They know the area well. So, they will use the best routes for moving. Those routes might be unknown to national movers.
  • So, using shorter routers will result in lower relocation costs. 
  • The national movers have 2 weeks delivery window. Conversely, local companies can deliver your belongings within hours.
  • National Companies typically take multiple customers in one shipment. This means, there will be other clients’ belongings in the same moving truck, besides yours.
  • Only if your belongings take up the whole cargo space in the moving truck, the national companies will bring them directly to your new location. Or, you will have to pay the additional fee for the straight delivery.
  • The national companies will refuse you in case of moving only a few things.   
  • The local movers like Tunica MS movers will accept any job. They will accept moving the whole household or just several items. 

    Man carrying boxes - Hiring local movers vs hiring national movers.
    Several factors will help you to decide between hiring local movers vs hiring national movers.

Hiring national movers can have certain advantages

For some types of moving, the national movers could be a better choice. So, here are several reasons to hire a national moving crew to handle your move.

National movers can offer broader services

In many cases, the local movers have a smaller fleet of moving trucks. Also, they are usually having more modest equipment than bigger companies. And, they have fewer employees. Additionally, national movers can easily handle big-size relocations. Also, it is better to have their assistance when you need to cross several state borders. And, being a part of the nationwide moving net, they can get help at any place, if required. 

National movers can offer more services and resources

For example, the national movers can offer storage in transit, packing & unpacking services, etc. Additionally, all national movers must possess the DOT number. Simply said, they must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA controls registration, operation, and claim resolution for moving companies and customers. So, you will be covered by moving insurance And, you will also have the national body supervising your mover.   

National movers apply modern technology and techniques in their work

This should be an additional guarantee. Your possessions will be well treated during loading/unloading and moving times. However, moving companies Southaven are also having skilled and reliable movers. So, they can guarantee the safety of your belonging too.  

White Volvo Semi-truck on Side of Road.
National movers have better logistics which is helpful in the case of cross-country moving.

Convenient services on both sides are an advantage when you move across the country

Being connected with movers in all parts of the USA, the national companies can guarantee you the convenient services on both sides. Since the national moving companies are covering many locations, they can easily contact their offices. So, they can easily provide you with storage, or any service at your final destination. 

Depending on the type of service that you need, you will decide on hiring local movers vs hiring national movers

As we can see from the above pros and cons, both national and local movers have their qualities. The main difference appears in regard to the service which you need. In case you are planning to move across several borders, or even from coast to coast, hiring national moves can be a better solution. They have more experience in such kinds of moves. And, more importantly, they can count on logistical support throughout the relocation. 

However, during such a long move, it is good to take full insurance. It is more costly, but you will have peace of mind. Usually, the moving companies are having basic coverage. This means, in case your belonging is damaged, you will receive 60 cents per pond. That will not be enough to cover the item value. Although the movers are careful and will handle your belongings with care, accidents can happen. And with such long relocations, the chances of accidental damage are much higher. 

The advantages of hiring the local movers

We could already see that hiring the local movers is more convenient for local moves. You can be sure that Hernando MS movers will complete your relocation fast, and easily. Also, hiring the local moving company will, in most cases, cost you less. They are well informed about the area. So, they will know about roads under construction. Or the roads that are under maintenance, thus closed for traffic. So, they will avoid spending time driving until the closed section and back. 

Man in red jacket loading the moving boxes.
Moving with local companies is safe as they are known in the community.

Thus, they will save your time. And moving locally, time means money, as movers are paid per hour. So, they will indirectly save you from unnecessary spending from your relocation budget. Also, they will know all the alternative routes that can bring you to your new location. Exactly this is what is making a difference in hiring the local vs national movers for local moving.  

Deciding between local and national movers is just a start

So, making up your mind in regard to hiring local or national movers, is just the first step. You will also have to decide about the moving date, moving budget, etc. Also, you will need to make sure that you are hiring reliable movers. Besides, the chosen company should have all the moving services that you need. So, those are the factors to help you in deciding if hiring local movers vs hiring national movers is a better option for you. 

There is also a difference related to safety. When you are hiring a local company, it is much easier to check it. Usually, you will know someone who can recommend you the reliable local movers. However, checking the national movers, you will have to study them more carefully. The last thing you need is to become a victim of a fraudulent company.