Helping your moving crew – should you do it?

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Is your move getting closer, and you’re wondering whether you should be helping your moving crew? Many moving companies in Mississippi prefer help. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should do more than you can, or risk getting hurt. There are simple tasks that you can do to help the move get done faster. It’s usually not wise to assist the movers while they’re carrying the moving boxes and heavy items. They have their dynamics and methods, tools, and equipment that they use. Interfering with the process will only make it slower and you risk getting hurt. If you want to be helping your moving crew, do all of the things you can, but make sure that they don’t interfere with movers’ tasks. To find out more about how you can help your moving crew, keep on reading!

Start small when helping your moving crew

The first step to helping your moving crew is checking your appliances. First and foremost, disconnect all of the appliances. Clean the kitchen appliances inside and out, and have them packed if possible. The more time you spend doing the work yourself, the shorter your move will last. Remember – do only the things that you know how to do, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to get in contact with reliable, trustworthy moving companies. Ask them whether you should take care of it – and if they say that you should, ask professionals.

mover carrying boxes
When the movers are carrying boxes, don’t intercept them. If you want to help – inform them.

Prepare beverage or additional materials

Whether you’re moving from Mississippi to Tennessee, or locally, you should take into consideration the conditions that you’ll be moving in:

  • If it’s cold, helping your moving crew also means preparing hot beverages. This will help both you and movers get through the move as fast as possible. Make sure that you have at least one room where it’s warm so people can gather inside and have a nice cup of hot beverage. Prepare them in disposable cups so you don’t have to lose time in packing them afterward.
  • If it’s rainy or snowy, place the cardboard sheets on the floor. The cardboard sheets that are on the floor will help absorb moisture. The floor won’t be as slippery and they will keep your floor safe and scratch-free.
  • When it’s rainy or snowy, prepare the material to cover the furniture. Have the additional covers, tarps, and plastic bags ready if it’s raining. Get them the day before the move. They will help your cardboard boxes stay dry – many people use garbage bags in this kind of situation. The tarps and blankets are useful if you need to cover big furniture pieces.

    Helping your moving crew
    Helping your moving crew is possible by preparing additional materials like tarps for furniture!

Take things off the walls

If there are items that you can take of the walls, do it yourself. Tennessee Long Distance moving companies always appreciate having the breakable items removed from walls. If you’re moving a piano or big, bulky items, it’s always better to remove items from walls to avoid damage. If the items are heavy or tricky to carry and pack, leave artwork on the ground next to the wall. Remember, when it comes to the relocation process, there is no small task. All of them take time, and the more you do right now, the less you’ll have to do later.

Disassemble what you can yourself

There are various furniture pieces that you might be able to find the manual online. If you think you can disassemble furniture pieces, do it – but invite people to help you. Many furniture pieces are heavy and bulky, and even if they are not – it’s a good idea to have someone who can lend you a helping hand. When you disassemble the furniture yourself, you’re leaving only the very demanding pieces for the movers.

What not to do when helping your moving crew

  • If you want to help the moving crew, ask your friends to help you. But don’t forget to ask only people that will make the moving process easier for you – not harder. If you can’t communicate well with someone, it might result in injury.
  • When movers arrive, don’t try to help them if they don’t ask.
  • If you really want to help, tell that to the moving crew when they arrive, so that they can delegate some of their tasks to you.
  • Don’t intercept the movers when they’re carrying the boxes, even if you have good intentions. Stay out of their way to make the process as safe as possible.

Label the boxes when helping your moving crew

There is another thing that you can do – label your boxes. Label the boxes that you’ll use in the first couple of days. Also, label the ones that contain fragile items. Make sure to mark the box on each side, and not on the top or bottom. When the boxes get stacked onto one another, movers simply won’t see the label and the result might be devastating. That’s why you should write the label on each side of the box too. Arrange the boxes in piles, so that the one that’s closest to the doors goes at the end of a truck. Those will be the boxes that you need the least and that you want to be unpacked last. When movers take out the items from the truck, you can ask them to place your furniture somewhere in the house. It would help both you, and them, a lot if you prepare a few furniture arrangement plans, just in case the first one doesn’t work.

labeling the boxes
Label your moving boxes on every side of the box!

Hire professional movers

Helping your moving crew isn’t obligatory. Help the crew if you want, and have the time to do it. If you are going to pay for the professional service, don’t help more than you can. There will be a time when you move when you’ll have to give it your all. For example, you’ll have to unpack in a short amount of time. There are many things that each of us goes through, and if you don’t feel like doing the additional job – don’t. Your mind will be elsewhere and you risk getting hurt. That’s the last thing that needs to happen in the days prior to the moving date. Book professionals and let them handle your relocation without inconveniences!