Helpful steps for storing furniture long-term

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Sometimes when you are moving, you can’t take all your furniture at once. While residential movers Memphis are packing the rest of your household, you need to find a solution for the furniture that won’t be coming with you. The reasons for leaving your furniture behind are countless, but solutions for them are just a few. You can leave your furniture at your old home or leave them at your parents’ home or new garage. However, when these solutions are not possible, you can always store your furniture in storage units. If you want to preserve your furniture, you will need a few helpful tips for storing furniture long-term. Therefore, here are a few storing tips just for you. 

What hacks you need to know for storing furniture long-term? 

The first step for storing your furniture long-term is to find an appropriate storing place. You need to find a place that will be protected from elements. Also, having a climate-controlled environment is very important as furniture needs to stay safe from moisture and temperature changes. For this reason, renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option. However, the cost of renting this kind of storage unit is not small and it might be too much for your budget. For this reason, when you are moving with movers in Tennessee, you should find a cheaper storage place if your budget is limited. 

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Clean your furniture before storing it

If you can’t rent a climate-controlled storage unit for your office furniture that commercial movers Memphis didn’t pack, you can find another option. These options might not have the best conditions but you can protect your furniture by doing the following.

  • Cleaning 
  • Drying 
  • Wrapping 
  • Arrange properly 

Why is cleaning your furniture before storage very important? 

If you are going to put dirty furniture in long-term storage, you should anticipate possible damages. Any dirt or dust left on the furniture surface will potentially leave permanent stains or cause damages and mold. For this reason, you should clean your furniture as a step of prevention. However, as furniture is made from different types of materials, you can’t use the same type of cleaning products. You must get the best furniture and upholstery cleaning supplies for different types of surfaces and materials. 

Cleaning is not the only important factor for long-term storage. You will need enough storage space so that your furniture won’t be cramped up in a small space. For this reason, you will need to determine the right size of storage that you need 

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Find a good storage unit for your furniture

How to arrange your furniture in long-term storage? 

When you are storing furniture long-term, you must pay attention to how you are going to arrange them at storing place. If you are going to store your furniture at places like garages or attics, you shouldn’t put them directly on the floor. You should put pallets or cinder blocks as an extra layer of protection against the unfavorable conditions of the floor. Also, don’t cram too much furniture inside as it might get damaged or break under the pressure.