Heavy lifting techniques that can save your from injuries

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Not only is the moving strenuous psychologically but physically as well. Demanding as it is, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Not enough sleep and rest is a frequent problem. However, injuries are also usual. Especially when lifting and carrying heavy objects. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact a professional moving company. Otherwise, acquiring certain heavy lifting techniques could be a great decision. You can facilitate yourself. Generally, it’s quite good to know how to behave in certain situations. These techniques can help you with the move. Still, you can use them in many other situations. Nevertheless, consider avoiding potential problems. Sometimes it’s much better using the services of trained staff.

Learn heavy lifting techniques that could be of great help

Deciding to do most of the job on your own during relocation is quite brave. Thus, you’ll have to deal with all the paperwork. Moreover, all the packing, loading, and unloading will be your responsibility. Be aware of your possibilities. Don’t expose your body to enormous strain. Your health comes first. Hence, learn the efficient ways to handle bulky items. Or else, packing services Memphis can save you the trouble. The thought of stepping aside while someone is doing everything seems appealing.

First, make a plan

Whatever you do, don’t start without a plan. You can decide to use Memphis moving services. On the other hand, do it yourself. Be that as it may, plan thoroughly each step. What does your plan include?

  • Where the item will go.
  • What path you will take to get to the location.
  • Make sure the path is clear and dry.
  • Determine the weight of the item.

Warm-up is necessary

Get your body warmed up. As with exercising your muscles are under pressure.

Keep the weight close to your body

Remember to stabilize the item. Preventing back injury is crucial.

a man sitting on a bed in pains
Be careful. Back injuries can be dangerous. Pay attention to heavy lifting techniques. Prevent injuries.

Keep your feet and shoulder wide apart

Furthermore, it’s essential to create a strong base of support. Make sure to take small steps to be stable. Actually, everything you do, do it slowly.

Bend at the knees

This is one of the essential manners of raising massive things. Therefore, pay special attention when objects are on a floor or on a low shelf. Under those circumstances, Tennessee long distance moving companies can protect you from injuries. On the contrary, follow our advice. Firstly, bend. The worst you can do is lifting without bending. It’s a straightforward way to back injury. Secondly, squat before lifting the object. Don’t forget to keep your back straight as you lift something. Additionally, rest the item on one knee before preparing to stand.

Lift with your legs

Rely on your legs. Use their strength. Leg muscles are stronger than back muscles.

Stomach muscles play an important role

Equally important, tighten abdominal muscles. This is relevant with extra weight. With this in mind, think of your back.

Twisting your body could be a huge mistake

You need to face your body in the direction you need to go. When changing your direction first move your feet.

a man and woman carrying boxes on the way out of their house
Plan your route. Watch where you go. Stay stable. Don’t twist your body.

Don’t carry a load on one side

A load must be balanced. Where can you make mistakes? You can lift or carry an object on one shoulder or in one hand. This way you lose balance. Your object can fall. Truly, you can hurt yourself.

Using back belts is not 100% safe protection

Nowadays, workers mostly wear back belts. They think they are safe this way. However, no scientific evidence proves these belts to be effective. Of course, you can wear them. Still, use heavy lifting techniques to be sure.

Protect hands and feet

Indeed, there are certain protective gloves and shoes. If you can, wear them. They are of great help.

Some things mustn’t be done

Among many things we’ve mentioned earlier, we will enlist some things you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t hold your breath.
  • Using partial grip is a mistake. Hold the item firmly.
  • Nothing should obstruct your vision when carrying things.
  • Never lift objects quickly. Make slow movements. Also, slow steps are the best option.

Moving straps are a good option

They’re excellent when lifting or carrying furniture. Adjust them as you wish. With their help, your back will feel less weight. Thus, it eases up managing heavy items.

Finally, lowering down the objects demands your attention

First, bend at your knees, not the hips. Straighten your head and your body. Tighten abdominal muscles. Keep the load close to your body. Put down the object slowly. If it requires a specific position, glide it into that position. Important to realize, before knowing the techniques you can help yourself a lot. Try storing items at reasonable heights. Heavy items should be on shelves or tables where access is easy. A much safer option is to push your load. Of course, if it’s possible.

Avoiding physical lifting is the best alternative

By all means, knowing how to lift a box correctly is vital. Still, mechanical help is very important. When possible use lifting tables, powered pallet jacks, forklifts, hand trucks, or pushcarts. What matters is to protect yourself from injuries.

a man sitting in a forklift
If possible use mechanical equipment. Save your body. Avoid physical lifting.

Don’t finish your move with injuries

After all, you are about to start a new life. Injuries are not on your list. Accidents happen. Still, do your best to avoid them. Manage certain techniques when picking up a heavy load. These things can help you in many situations in life. Relocation is just one of them. If you really must do the biggest part yourself, acquire these techniques. However, know your limits. ask for help. Even better, hire professionals to do the job instead of you. Saving money can sometimes bring additional problems. Be safe. Your well-being should be number one on any list you make.