Handling paperwork after a move: what you need to know

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Dealing with paperwork is not something that people love doing. It is boring and time-consuming. After moving, you will have so many other things to do, so much so that this will seem like a waste of time. Paperwork is not crucial for any move, but it is a necessary step when you want everything to be done correctly and legally. This is the way that Spyder Moving and Storage TX deals with every move. If you would take advice from professionals, it would be that you should postpone dealing with handling paperwork for a move. Let’s see why it is so important, and what you should keep in mind.

How to approach handling paperwork for a move?

Handling paperwork for a move is technically taking care of a bunch of papers that need to be dealt with after you get to your new home. The deadline for doing this is usually 30 days. You could end up paying penalties and fees if you don’t do this on time, so this should be on your to-do list for the first week. Now that some cross country movers Texas have dropped you off, separate your essential document binder and get it ready for:

  • Changing your address
  • Transferring your utilities
  • Medical and school record transfer
Picture of a person signing a document
The deadline is usually 30 days

Prioritize changing your address

Your service providers and any subscriptions you might have need to be notified of your new address. You are also legally required to change your address. You could be fined up to $100 for not doing this within the first 6 days of your move. Luckily, you have your trusted Texas long distance movers to warn you in advance and help you plan your moving timeline. Once you’ve legally changed your address, it will be updated on your ID cards, making any future exchanges much easier. Your mail also won’t get lost, which makes paying the bills much faster and smoother.

Utility transfer

We are so used to dealing with utilities, that we don’t think about dealing with them in advance. However, you should handle your electricity, water, and gas bills even a few weeks before moving. You can do this after moving as well. However, it will be much more pleasant for both you and your movers to work in a well-lit, warm home. And that isn’t always a given. You should deal with these basics before, while things like the internet can be dealt with later.

Also, keep in mind that there are early termination fees, and you might even have to change the provides altogether if you’re planning on a bigger relocation, such as moving from Texas to Tennessee. It will also take time for the new providers to set you up. Keep in mind that you might have to live without the basics for a few days if you don’t think of this on time.

Medical and school records are also important

Transfering your medical and school records is especially important if you are moving with kids or elderly people in your family. Your current doctor should know the regulations surrounding the issue best. Make sure to ask them for information about the transfer of records for your whole family. As for school records, the process varies from school to school, but most require both parents to be present. The process itself is very straightforward, but it could take time to finish.

Picture of a girl writing in school
Handling paperwork for a move is very important, even for your kids

Handling paperwork after a move is not as difficult to handle as it seems

If you deal with handling paperwork after a move on time, you will avoid many unnecessary complications in the future. Most of them could cost you additional money and time, both of which are usually tight during a relocation anyway. Make a plan, stick to it, and you shouldn’t have any issues.