Guidelines for relocating sculptures from Memphis

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Relocating home is hard by default. You must organize everything, pack safely, and find movers in Mississippi to help you out. But what if you have precious artwork and sculptures with you? For such a project you’ll need a few additional steps and a bit more knowledge on the subject. Therefore, today we bring you the guidelines for relocating sculptures. Let us secure your cargo and ensure it reaches the other side in one piece. Let us begin.

Guidelines for relocating sculptures and a much-needed inventory list

Everything begins with a list of content you intend on moving. The more sculptures and other valuables pieces you possess the harder will be. But no matter, we will provide general guidelines for relocating sculptures and you apply them for as many items you have. So, you shall begin with the inventory list. Inspect your cargo first and ensure everything is in order. This means that each piece should be in a good shape because you do not want to blame your movers for damages that occurred before they even touched any of it. Also, if something is missing upon the delivery, you must have a detailed description of the items along with the photos so you can make claims and locate the item eventually. Once you have your cargo in order, then you can contact your local movers MS and inform them about it.

Finding reliable movers is one of the guidelines for relocating sculptures
Finding a reliable moving company is probably the most important step in your situation. Take care of it.

Your movers will use the info you provided and advice you what is the best course of action. They will assemble a moving plan and provide a moving quote. From there you can start working on your moving budget and moving services. Ask your movers what they have in store and what would be the safest way to relocate your sculptures. But they will probably offer their special artwork moving services before you even ask. Hence, evaluate the offer, work on your budget, and make a deal. If this company does not suit you, move along and find another.

The list of packing materials you’ll need to pack everything safely

Ok, let us explain what is out there when it comes to the packing materials. Most of it is used for regular home relocations but because you are relocating sculptures, you’ll need a few special ones. So, let us check out the list first. Consider the following materials:

  • Cardboard boxes and plastic bins
  • Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam
  • Customized boxes and corner pads
  • Packing tape and labels

You can use all of it but it is unnecessary. Some materials are more expensive than the others of course. So, you can use a regular cardboard box, some sort of cushion, something to wrap your statue in, packing tape, and a label. It will be your choice entirely or you can consult with your movers or a local art dealer. Now let us move forward and explain how to pack your precious items. But again, if you want to skip the entire packing process, request packing services Memphis TN from your movers and let them handle it. They will send the specialized moving team with all the supplies needed and cover it safely. It is the most affordable and the safest way to do it. Keep it in mind.

Pay special attention to the moving box

Ok, moving boxes come in many sizes and they vary in quality. You should always purchase multi-layered ones for your sculptures because they have more endurance, to begin with. And you should always aim for medium-sized or smaller ones. But if you have a bigger sculpture on your hands, then you must use a customized box in the shape of the sculpture in question. You can order those online.

statue of an angel
For smaller statues use smaller boxes. Always use sturdier and multi-layered boxes.

As for plastic bins, they are a bit more expensive but a long-term investment for sure because you can reuse them for all sorts of things afterward. But if you use them, be sure to make a nice cushion inside and wrap each statue nicely. Plastic bins are amazing for smaller statues. All in all, do not be cheap when it comes to your boxes. Purchase the highest-quality ones on the market and ensure your sculptures are safe. This is one of the most important guidelines for relocating sculptures we can offer.

How to use your materials?

Now, you can purchase all your materials at the nearest home depot, hardware store, online, or from your movers. You will decide what is most convenient for you. And once they arrive, you will begin the packing process. As you probably already cleaned all your sculptures, you can start picking one by one and packing them in your boxes. Choose one and then take an appropriately sized moving box. Place a cushion inside a box first. Bubble wrap or blankets or whatever you decided to be. Then, wrap it in more bubble wrap to avoid damages during transport and fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts.

many cardboard boxes on the floor
There are many shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes available. Choose the right ones.

Once your box is filled, use the adhesive tape to wrap it all around the box to give it more strength to endure the journey ahead. Finally, apply labels with the content inside. Remember, a huge “FRAGILE” sign is the most useful label out there. And that is it, repeat this process for each box and if you need more info, consult with your movers.

Guidelines for relocating sculptures and a search for a moving company

We mentioned moving companies a couple of times but we never mentioned how to find moving labor in Memphis. So, let us quickly cover this part of your moving process as well. Go online and browse a bit until you find a few interesting choices. Compare prices and services and realize what applies to your situation. Then, narrow your search down by reading reviews and social media groups. Try to find referrals as well because it matters greatly who will transport your sculptures. And finally, when you are ready, give them a call to confirm they are licensed and with all the tools to operate. If you are pleased with the outcome, schedule a meet and create a moving plan together.

Moving insurance

The last piece of advice we can provide is to seek moving insurance. Ask your movers first but we doubt they have full coverage. Especially for expensive pieces like artwork and sculptures. If they do not, you should seek one with a real insurance company. It is better to stay on the safe side than to lose one of your favorite pieces and no adequate compensation for it. This way you’ll at least get back the monetary value of it.

There we go, a few valuable guidelines for relocating sculptures. Hopefully, now you are more prepared for the journey ahead. As long as you focus on your moving team and who handles your cargo, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Find a team specialized in moving sculptures and let them work their magic. It can be far safer than to meddle with packing and breaking something in the process. But if you decide to do it yourself, at least now you know how to do it right. Good luck.