Guidelines for overcoming moving depression

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We all know that moving can be hard, there is no question about that. It usually takes its toll on the budget, but often, it can impact your mental health and state of mind. Because of this, depression after the move is a very common sight. Even the most positive and uplifting people can fall victim to this beast. Sadly, a lot of people these days are very familiar with symptoms of depression, on a personal level. For those that never experienced this state of mind, psychologists describe it as “a mood disorder that causes a deep sadness in a person”. But, in most cases, it is much more complicated than just being sad. Sometimes, it will drain all the fun out of moving to New York, and everything will seem gray. With all that said, overcoming moving depression is a very, very important thing to do in your life.

Overcoming moving depression starts with knowing the symptoms

Taking in mind what we said earlier, it is important to know that not everyone feels the same. Maybe you are reading this and thinking “i do feel a bit sad after moving, but nothing too drastic”. Perhaps the experiences of others perfectly match with your own. Or maybe you are still not sure what you are feeling. Whatever the case may be, the first step to overcoming moving depression is knowing how it manifests. Even though movers Biloxi MS will do a great job, you may still feel under the weather after moving.

man sitting on a sofa being sad
Depression can always leave us feeling tired and alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way

The first warning sign can be a lower or complete lack of interest in daily things that you would otherwise enjoy. In times of stress, many turn to food for comfort, while others lose the will to eat, so weight can change a lot. Sleeping too much, or a complete lack of sleep is another sign. Another classic sign is the lack of ability to focus and concentrate. This leads to a lack of temperament, so bursts of anger can easily follow. The deeper you go, the feelings of being useless and worth nothing can increase. From this stems the lack of will to meet new people or even old friends, but instead turn to social media for entertainment. As these problems pile up, one might try to take the edge off with the use of drugs and alcohol, which can further spiral down into substance abuse.

What you can do to combat depression

Overcoming moving depression is a tough journey, depending on how deep the feelings are, so let’s talk about that. You may be able to fight through it alone, but the healing is always better when you have someone by your side. If you’re experiencing more than 4 of the symptoms listed above, we recommend that you do reach out to someone. Counseling and medication can often do wonders, but if you are not willing to go for that, talking to a reliable friend can be just as good. Sometimes, making moving fun can help you from sinking into sadness after everything is done. For the sake of the conversation, let’s say you are somewhere in the middle. You don’t need professional help, but you definitely have more than just the blues. In that case, we have a few hints for you for overcoming moving depression.

Get your dose of daily exercise, and watch what you consume

Many studies have confirmed that exercise is very good for combating depression, sometimes even more effective than medication. We do realize that, when you are feeling down, the last thing you want to do is go out and run. So start with baby steps, maybe a few 5-minute walks through the day. When you start to move more, you will definitely feel better, and that will make it easier to work out. Together with this, watch what you eat. There is truth in the saying that you are what you eat. What you put into your body has a big impact on the brain. There are many good diets for overcoming depression that are very effective. To sum it up, it is basically healthy fats, veggies, fruit, and grain.

two women working out together
Exercise helps make your body strong, as well as your mind

Speaking of cutting back on food, you should also consider cutting back on cigarettes and alcohol. Even though you are a fan of a good espresso and a smoke, these are anything but helpful for curbing your relocation sadness. Alcohol is a known depressant, so that isn’t really a helpful thing in your situation. Caffeine and sugar, on the other hand, are strong stimulants, and what goes up must come down. Getting a strong sugar rush or a caffeine kick can lead to a nasty crash.

Experiencing new things in life helps with overcoming moving depression

Feeling depressed can leave your life feeling dull and pointless. Overcoming moving depression can be as easy as leaving your comfort zone and exposing yourself to new experiences. Exploring new restaurants, hiking, museums, and live concerts, can awaken positive emotions that will lift your spirits and drown that berating voice in your head like nothing else. As we said before, it is perfectly understandable to not be in the mood for any of this, so start out slow. Experience something new every few days, and soon enough these sparks of joy will snowball into a life-changing experience.

man in red shirt overcoming moving depression
Surround yourself with people who care about you and things will work out just fine

Stay connected with the people in your life

Being in a poor state of mind may leave you feeling isolated, which can make you think that you actually are alone. However, this cannot be further from the truth since you are never truly alone. Depression after moving to a new city is often caused by the lack of friends in a new town. A good way to counter this is to go out and meet new people in your life or befriend your new neighbors. The faster you can build a new network of friends, the faster you will get back on your feet. In addition, never be afraid to call your family or friends. They love you, so if you are having a hard time, reach out and they will be there for you. Overcoming moving depression is so much easier when you know you are not alone in your fight.