Guidelines for moving to the suburbs

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You decided to make a big change and relocate out of the big city. Moving to the suburbs can be a brand new world for you if you come unprepared. Also, you must prepare for the relocation, pack accordingly, find an adequate Mississippi moving company, and set aside a moving budget. So, let us list all the important guidelines you should follow to cover this relocation and make it a successful one.

The first step is to research the neighborhoods

You must research the neighborhoods before you decide on moving to the suburbs. Living in a big city is an entirely different thing. As you already know, things are much slower in smaller towns and suburbs. Shopping is different as well as public transportation. We can say it is similar but on a smaller scale. But some things work differently. For example, there is a stronger sense of community, there are more events and gatherings. So, to get to know the place, you must do your research. And while you are at it, you should research real estate in general. Therefore, start browsing all related real estate websites in order to find a property. Do it daily until something pops up.

a dog on the road in suburban area
Browse the market until you find an ideal place to relocate to.

You can use a realtor’s help or assign a real estate agent to do this job instead of you. Or you can simply bookmark all relevant content and check daily. You’ll need only around 15 minutes in the morning while sipping your coffee to browse through the real estate market to check if there is something new. While you are at it, check all the news about your new neighborhood and learn something new. Keep up with the trends so you can blend in easily once you relocate.

Moving to the suburbs – are you able to fit into the community?

The next thing you need to think about is the community as a whole. Are you going to fit into it in the first place? You must research a bit about the history, demographics, political affiliation, religions, schooling systems, and more. You do not want to move to the wrong neighborhood where you would stick out like a sore thumb. Hence, read as much as possible from books and articles on the internet and once you get some free time, go there for the weekend. You can make an adventure out of it and visit the place with the entire family.

Go to the nearest park and make a picnic or a barbeque. Meet locals, visit shopping places, check out local restaurants, catch a good movie, or a live gig if you are lucky to stumble upon one. Try to feel the vibe of the community and you will know right from the start if this is the place for you.

Create a moving plan and prepare for moving to the suburbs

Ok, now it is time to prepare for the relocation. Start by creating a moving checklist. You will begin by inspecting your entire home along with the loft, garage, basement, and backyard. Note down all furniture and other belongings you possess so you can find out the number of packing supplies required. Then, make an inventory list out of it and attach it to your checklist. Also, inspect the environment and take the necessary measurements to ensure it is safe to work in. Furthermore, the checklist should look like this:

  • Info about movers.
  • Moving insurance and services.
  • Legalities and budget.
  • Moving-related responsibilities.
  • Packing and moving plan.
Sit down, focus, and assemble a perfect moving plan. Follow it until the end.

As soon as you have it all on paper and you figure out your moving date, start searching for moving companies Gulfport MS. Now when you have all the info, your movers will have a much easier time assembling a proper moving plan.

Find moving professionals to assist you

It is almost time for moving to the suburbs but let us first find the right moving help Oxford MS to help you out with it. As you know, you will find your movers on the internet but as soon as you start browsing, you will start drowning in moving companies. There are thousands of offers all over the place. Narrow your search down by filtering them out guided by your search criteria. Never choose the first one you find and you must compare prices, services, and read reviews. Check out social media comments as well because there you may find something interesting. Previous users’ experience is always valuable.

After narrowing down your choices, start calling moving companies one by one and confirm if they are licensed and if they have all the tools necessary for the job. Communicate about the price and terms of service. If you are not satisfied with the offer, move along. There are plenty of moving companies out there, you just need to be patient and find the right one. More importantly, a legit and reliable one.

Pack for the journey

Probably the most annoying part for most of us is the packing process. No one likes to pack and we all must do it. So, let’s not talk about it much and just get it done. Start by obtaining all the required packing materials. You’ll need cardboard boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. You can find all of it at the closest hardware store or you can purchase it online. Also, you can purchase everything from your movers or even utilize their packing and unpacking services if you at some point decide to skip packing.

use cardboard boxes to pack when moving to the suburbs
You will need around 30 cardboard boxes. Make sure you purchase higher-quality ones.

But if you are still doing this one yourself, as soon as your supplies are with you, start packing gradually covering room by room. Start with the kitchen because it is the most complicated one. Then move on to the living room, bathroom, and so on. Try to be packed and ready before your movers arrive because if they must assist you in packing or you delay the scheduled start, they might charge you extra.

A few moving tricks before you hit the road

It is not so much as a moving trick as it is moving advice. Cover your legalities at least a month in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. This includes your personal documents such as personal ID, medical records, driver’s license, credit cards, etc. Moreover, you should transfer your services like Wi-Fi, postal services, and cellphone services to your new address. And you must change and update your new contact info and address as well.

Finally, if you have time, you should downsize before moving if possible. Throw away or donate old stuff that you do not need anymore and make more space in your new home. Besides, you won’t have to drag it all the way to your new apartment which will make your relocation cheaper and much easier. It is a win-win situation.

Now you are ready for moving to the suburbs. If you create your moving checklist on time and find a professional moving team, you won’t have to worry for a second. Good luck and we hope you find a good neighborhood very soon.