Guidelines for moving from Germantown to Memphis

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It is time for another moving adventure. Like you did it before, again you must organize like a pro, cover the packing process, and find long distance movers Memphis to help you out. It is not that hard at all if you have a detailed plan in your hands. And today, we will help you create one. Let us assist you and ensure you are moving from Germantown to Memphis safely and affordably.

Moving from Germantown to Memphis with a detailed moving guide

Yes, you are currently reading a moving guide, but you must create your own. Guided by your personal preferences and needs, you will easily assemble one. So, start inspecting your home room by room. The goal is to figure out how many items you must pack and how many pieces of furniture you possess. List everything down and evaluate the situation. Some items will require additional Spyder Moving Services TN to be relocated without damages. Those can be robust furniture, hard-to-handle items, or delicate and fragile pieces. Once you observed the situation and noted everything down, you can call your movers and bring this info with you. Your movers will have a much easier time providing a precise moving quote if you come prepared. Also, they will make your relocation more efficient and safer. Therefore, inspect your home like a pro and collect the info on time.

Moving from Germantown to Memphis with a detailed moving checklist
Follow your personalized moving guide and secure your successful relocation.

Let’s find reliable movers!

You can’t start moving from Germantown to Memphis without a trustworthy and able moving company by your side. Yes, maybe you can gather a few friends to help you out. But we doubt they have all the knowledge, expertise, experience, and tools like movers do. Therefore, start searching for a good moving company and secure your relocation project. You will find your movers Germantown TN online if you browse long enough. Maybe within an hour of dedicated search, you will have at least five eligible companies. Then, you must narrow it down by comparing reviews, services, and prices.

This way you will compare movers across the board and figure out which ones provide the best moving service. After you have found a match, you should give them a call just to confirm everything. Ask them if they are free on your moving date if they have any special offers this month, and anything else you want to know.

Confirm your movers are a real deal

Ok, we explained how to find a good moving company, but are they really a good choice? How to be sure that you are not dealing with a scamming company? Well, simply by playing a detective for an hour. You must inspect your movers thoroughly to ensure your investment is secured. And the first step is to confirm their legitimacy. You should find your movers registered online on one of the related websites. Quickly check US Moving Association, Better Business Bureau, or FMCSA. Your movers should be out there if they are running a legitimate business.

A guy holding a cardboard box
Confirm you hired a legit moving crew and let them help you with the whole moving project.

Also, you should check if your movers possess all the licenses, permits, equipment, tools, manpower, vehicle, etc. You can do this simply by giving them a call and asking a bunch of questions. If your moving representative is unable to answer one of the basic questions, then that would be a red flag. All these questions are mandatory and your movers should be able to reassure you in a matter of seconds. After you are done, you will have a much better picture and you will be able to make the final decision without regretting later.

Realize costs and dedicate your moving budget

Moving from Germantown to Memphis won’t’ go easy without a proper moving budget. No one likes having hidden fees and costs that might surprise them along the way. So, you must have it all on paper to avoid hurting your budget unnecessarily. And if you inspect everything and double-check your movers, you should be able to do it right. But, consider that there is a way to reduce your moving costs as well. One is to ask your movers for a discount and negotiate a bit. Another is to declutter and downsize as much as you can.

person counting money
You can’t move stress-free if you do not have your budget in place. Realize moving costs and prepare adequately.

If you remove all the hoard, junk, and outdated items from your home, your move will be easier and cheaper. Therefore, set aside a pile of those items and decide if you are going to throw it all away, donate, sell online, or give to your friends. But if you want to keep it all, you can rent a storage unit and store all your rarely used items there. Then simply come back when you need something and pull it out. It is a good way of keeping everything while avoiding cluttering your new space. And it is environment and budget-friendly.

Packing plan for moving from Germantown to Memphis

Packing is hard and time-consuming but it should come naturally. You already know the basics, all you need now is the packing supplies. So, run to the nearest store and purchase enough cardboard boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Or you can order online if it is more convenient for you. Check with your movers as well because they provide packing services and can supply you with anything you need. Once you have it all, start packing gradually covering room by room. Start with the kitchen because it is the most complicated room to pack in each home. Simply because there are many small and fragile pieces involved.

The packing should look like this. Take a box, place a cushion inside, place your items inside the box, close it when full, and tape it down. If you are packing fragile items, you should wrap each individually to prevent damages. Finally, place a label on each box for everyone to know the content inside. Rinse and repeat. Follow these steps and you’ll be packed within two days.

Cover legalities on time

Some people forget this one and they are reminded along the way when it might be too late. Therefore, you must cover all your legalities at least a month in advance if you want to avoid a bunch of unpleasant situations. Cover your personal documents, IDs, credit cards, school documents, medical records, etc. Ensure all parties are informed about the change of address and update your contact info. Moreover, you should transfer all your cellphone and internet services, as well as reroute your mail by setting up a PO box. Yes, it is a boring but incredibly important process. Cover it on time and be sure you can use it all from day one.

That was it, now you are ready for moving from Germantown to Memphis. If you follow our guide and add a personal touch, you will relocate successfully. Focus on your moving schedule and cover a step at a time. Good luck and we hope you will relocate without any troubles.