Guide to transferring utilities when moving

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Are you stressing about moving soon? Don’t panic just yet. Our blog exists to relieve you of all your moving worries and doubts. There is a solution to everything and a guide for every step of the move. Let’s say you have already arranged for Tennessee long distance movers to pack you and relocate you. This is the best way to do it, even price-wise. Not to mention that it is highly cost-effective. They will do most of the tasks connected to moving for you, but some things you have to do by yourself. These are usually some moving obligations that people forget. Have you ever thought about transferring utilities when moving? Well, we are here to remind you and guide you through it. While it is certainly not the most fun step, it’s nonetheless a very important one.

Start getting organized

First thing’s first: before you reach your final week, you have to make a checklist for the move well in advance. Get yourself acquainted with all of your current utility service companies. You have been using their services for some time now, but who pays attention to the details about their providers? Utilities you need to familiarize yourself with before moving to Tennessee are cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash, and phone. We recommend you create a list of your monthly service providers. Write down their phone number and contact information and keep notes. If you’re transferring utilities when moving to a different provider, be sure to write down the new contact details.

Planner on a table
Do everything on time


Notify your providers a few weeks in advance

  • Once you’ve organized all of your transferring utilities when moving information, start calling each provider to notify them about your move.
  • Contact them at least two weeks in advance. If certain utility services require an installation on-site, we recommend calling a month in advance. It won’t cost you anything to do it in advance, and you will regret not doing it on time if you move in and you realize that you have no internet access at home. And setting it up after moving to Mississippi can take a long time. These utilities are usually the cable and internet company, as well as security system companies, like ADT.
  • When scheduling your disconnect date, make sure that it is a day or two after you move. This way, if you are moving within your city, the lights and HVAC will still be operational. You won’t have to spend a moving day in a freezing home during the winter just because you disconnected your utilities earlier. Balance is a must here, don’t do it too late, but don’t hurry either. Keep this also in mind in case you need to return to your former home to see if you’ve left something behind.
  • The same goes for scheduling your gas and electric. Schedule the connection for the day before you move in. This way you go earlier and turn on the AC or heat if you need to. This is especially important during the winter and summer, but you can get away with doing this later if you are moving in during spring or autumn when the weather is milder.

Do your research on the new service providers

Moving to another state often means that you will have to use different service providers. Well before your moving day, research the utility providers in the new area. This way you will know what options there are available. Sometimes you will only have one option that controls the utility services in many cities. The best and easiest way to do this is to check the official site of the city that you plan to move to. You could also ask local experts for their recommendations. The good news is that if you are moving inside the borders of the same state, you will probably be able to keep using the same service providers that you used until now.

Person doing research on laptop
Research the new providers before moving

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Don’t wait until the last minute to do these moving obligations! Start ticking off utilities from your moving checklist weeks before your relocation date. Last-minute chaos will leave you anxious and forgetful, so don’t wait around too long. An exception would be an unplanned, rushed move, but that is a whole other story. You don’t want to pay additional costs later on. If you don’t disconnect on time, you will for sure pay an additional fee for early contract termination. Or even worse, you have to wait for your new providers to turn on or install new services.

Transferring utilities when moving: water and sewer service

When it comes to transferring utilities when moving with some movers Holly Springs MS, water and sewer are ordinarily handled through your new municipality. Arrange for the water and sewer services to start on moving day. You can do that by contacting your city’s public utility office. You should do it in advance, for example, a few weeks before the move, because they might be busy. Waiting for this to be done after moving day can be a bit of a problem.

Check if the HOA covers transferring utilities when moving

Moving to a community with a Homeowners’ Association? If you are, your Homeowners’ Association fees usually cover basic utilities like the water and sewer services, gas and trash pickup. This is a great time-saver because you’ll just pay one monthly bill to the HOA, instead of the five different bills to separate utility companies. Doesn’t this tip make transferring utilities when moving and your monthly bills a super easy experience? And that’s what we all want, a hassle-free way to finish everyday tasks.

Picture of a showerhead
You could pay one bill monthly instead of paying separate ones

Update your address if you’re transferring utilities when moving

When contacting your utility service providers, make sure you give them your new address. That way, you’ll know for sure that all your future bills will arrive at their correct address. Don’t forget to change your mailing address with USPS. It is an amazingly easy step to do, as well. Just go to, and select the date of your move or any other that works better for you to begin forwarding your mail. It is much easier to do this right away than getting a few month’s worth of bills to a different address and having to pick them up from there.

Pay any overdue bills before relocating!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to pay any overdue bills before transferring utilities and moving! When contacting your utility service companies, simply inquire them whether you currently owe them or not. If you do, make sure to pay off these debts before moving. Don’t you know that these could potentially hurt your credit score? Paying off balances will bring the energy of a clean slate and a fresh start into your new abode. The burdens from your past home won’t follow you to your new place, and you will be happy that you finished a chapter of your life the right way!

Do a final meter reading before transferring utilities when moving

Before transferring utilities when moving with Spyder Moving Services, arrange for your utility service providers to come to your home and do one final reading of the gas, electric, and water meters. Just in case they still send you any unexpected bills after you move, you’ll have a copy of the meter reading reports in your records. You’ll be able to settle the misunderstanding without any problems when you have evidence of how much you spent and when you moved out.

Envelope with money ready for transferring utilities when moving
Do a final reading before you move


Finally, it’s time to pack! After gathering supplies via your trusted mover and transferring utilities when moving, you can start the packing process by yourself if you enjoy it. It is the best way to say goodbye to your old home. Start by boxing up items that you won’t need in the upcoming weeks before the move. These may include seasonal clothing, books, picture frames, art, and other miscellaneous items. Then call Spyder Moving company for the heavy stuff. You could try doing it yourself if you have friends and family to help you, but we don’t recommend it. Lifting heavy things with unproper lifting techniques will most likely lead to injuries. You don’t want that for sure. Your essentials should be last because you’ll need the right up to the move. These are kitchen tools and dishes, important documents, kids and pet supplies. And don’t forget packing the essentials bag. Having toiletries, a change of clothes, medicine and chargers for electrical devices at hand will make the first day after moving so much easier. Trust us, you won’t want to go through packed boxes in the middle of the night.  Then sit back and relax, while your movers do the rest!