Guide to the best Mississippi cities for big families

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Moving is never easy, especially in 2022. A lot has happened this year and with the ongoing post-pandemic inflation, the recent future isn’t looking bright. Having knowledge and information about the place you’re moving to is more important than ever. Since there are a lot of places where you can start a family, Spyder Moving and Storage MS has offered to help you make your choice. We’ve created the ultimate guide to the best Mississippi cities for big families. Hop in and let’s explore this beautiful state in the search of the best places for raising your family.

One of the best Mississippi cities for big families is Hattiesburg

Every city has its upsides and downsides. However, Hattiesburg has more advantages than disadvantages that’s for sure. It has a total population of 48,730 people and it’s considered one of the best places for living in MS with all A’s across the board. It has some of the best schools in Mississippi, making your child’s education much higher in quality. The median house price is $110,500 which is more than double the price of the national average of $229,800. Local movers have seen more and more people moving to Hattiesburg MS for great real estate prices, ethnic and economically diverse population, and the beautiful dense suburban lifestyle. If this sounds like a dream, we encourage you to try Hattiesburg and see that’s it’s very real.

A family of three packing a box while thinking about the best Mississippi cities for big families;
Professional movers are of big help to big families.

If you’re looking to move from afar, there are plenty of Mississippi long distance movers that can help you. Just be careful since nowadays there are a lot of long distance moving companies; the only problem is that many of them are full of false claims and they brag too much. Rather than buying at the first store, take your time and look around first. Be sure that your mover has everything that you’ll need like:

  • Residential and Commerical Moving
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Storage
  • Piano moving
  • Heavy moving
  • Gun moving

Once you find the one which suits your needs for example if you need commercial movers. Do a little background check or ask if anyone moved with them previously. In the end, word of mouth is the best guidance you can get.

Another wonderful city for big families in Mississippi in Oxford

Moving to Oxford MS is a great decision. With a population of 27,662, it’s just the right size for families that want a peaceful lifestyle. If Hattiesburg had all A-grade schools, Oxford has ones with A+ ratings.  The 2nd best public elementary school in the whole state of Mississippi is Della Davidson Elementary School and it’s located in Oxford. Over 69% of students are proficient in reading and 83% are proficient in math. Oxford Middle School is the best middle school in Oxford and Oxford High School is also a premium quality public school.  There is also St. Joseph Catholic School and St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Real estate is a bit higher with the median house price being $270,000 but the rent is more affordable at $973/month.

Teacher talking to kids while thinking about the best Mississippi cities for big families;
Education is of paramout importance for the future of your family. So this makes Oxford as one the best Mississippi cities for big families.

As a leading Mississippi moving company, we can tell you that this city is flourishing. It offers a variety of jobs, it isn’t expensive and the schools are great. Also, there is no other place like Mississippi where you’ll get that good sense of community. The majority of the population has moderate political views and it’s crowded with your professionals. The robbery rate for Oxford is 6.8 compared to the national 135.5 (Yearly calculation based on 100,000 inhabitants ). There are also plenty of restaurants and places designed especially for kids of all ages and also for parents. So think about it, cheap, low crime rates, and some of the best schools in Mississippi? Check it out and see it yourself; as the Bible quote says “seek, and you shall find;”.

Welcome to Biloxi the Las Vegas on the Gulf of Mexico

This is a great place for kids but also for parents too. Any movers Biloxi MS can tell you that this is a city unlike any other. It’s located on the very beach of the Gulf of Mexico and it’s great if you like a warm climate.  Here you’ll get a suburban and urban vibe at the same time because the city is spreading in all directions. It’s located between two other major cities Gulfport and Ocean Springs. It has a population of 46,042 and the real estate price are between Oxford and Hattiesburg at $166,500. But the rent is even cheaper at $865/month. Yes, there are indeed a lot of casinos in the city but there are also A-rating schools as well. This is the place where parents can enjoy more nightlife and diversity than in previously mentions cities. Plus tourists are coming in all year round.
The Las Vegas Strip;
Biloxi is the mini Las Vegas of the Mississippi.

Now here you can enjoy other things such as the beach and other water-oriented activities. So if your child has the wish to go swimming you can take it any time of the year. Even during the colder months, there are events. On the sea, they decorate their ships for Christmas and cruise them around the bay as everyone watches.  Tourists like this and you’ll have to get used to living in a popular place since on the boulevards and near casinos, you’ll see a lot of tourist shops and stands with magnets and tourist-oriented merchandise. The city has been rebuilding since August 29, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Mississippi. This is true for a lot of these places and thus more job’s been created.

The city of Jackson, Mississippi welcomes you

The majority of Jackson residents rent their houses, giving the city’s population a sparse suburban atmosphere. There are several parks in Jackson. Jackson has a large population of families and young professionals, and in the city, a lot of especially young people tend to be liberal. This place is more continental than places like New Orleans and movers Jackson MS like this city a lot and they’ll say to you that it has changed over the years. In the past, it was not a popular place but nowadays it has the three best neighborhoods in the whole state of Mississippi. These neighborhoods are Madison, Clinton, and Flowood.

Inside library;
Jackon has one of the best libraries in the whole of Mississippi.

Madison for an instance has the best-trained police and thus the lowest crime and poverty rates in the state of Mississippi. Madison Central High School is officially the best high school in Mississippi. The overall cost of living is more expensive than in other cities but it’s worth as the people of Jason say. The public library is one of the best extra-activities in Flowood and the pollution is decreasing day by day. Residents are doing a great job to keep the city safe and clean and there are a lot of parks in Flowood. The school system of Clinton has a 95%+ graduation rate and it’s one of the places with the best fast food restaurants in a healthy way. One extra thing about Clinton is its architecture. This is all in proximity to Jackson so hop in and try some of these places.

The best Mississippi city for big families with small kids is Starkville

If you have a big family, you should try Starkville. It’s quite a nice place with 25,495 residents and good nightlife (and the best daycare centers). So young big families can relax in the evening while in the morning daycare centers are working to the fullest.  Some of the best daycare centers are FUMC Weekday Ministries, Brickfire Project, Mary Dorough, Oktibbeha County Head Start Center, Aiken Village Preschool, Creative Learning Center, etc. If you like sports then take a bowl of hot chill or soup at the annual SOUPer BOWL. Harveys is a great place located in downtown Starkville and you can try their special prime ribs as well as cajun pasta (they also have great Philly cheesesteaks).

Two girls playing while talking about the best Mississippi cities for big families;

If you need any help moving companies Starkville MS will be glad to help you. We’ve even got piano movers, as more people are buying them in the last couple of years. In our blog section, you can find a lot of free tips and tricks on moving, packing, and other places around Mississippi.  If you need any help like moving a piano please at least consider calling movers to assist you because if something goes wrong the whole piano can end up being destroyed. We had to include this in the guide to the best Mississippi cities for big families since a lot of situations like this (breaking the piano) have occurred before. So give it a try and we hope that you’ll succeed, other than piano we can also move your company too in no time.

Last but not least the best Mississippi city for big families is Horn Lake

With a population of 27,234 people and the highest diversity rate, what else can you expect it’s a great example of new meets old. This east meets west city is one of the best in Mississippi. This is a suburb of Memphis so if you’re a big family that will need to commute a lot this is the place to be. It’s got a great public transportation system and it’s located on the border with Tennessee. On the other hand, it’s only 17.5 miles (20-minute ride) from Memphis.  If your kid is a Tony Hawks fan there is a famous Latimer Lakes Skate Park.  Of course, we’ll have to mention Latimer Lake Park which is popular all year round.  Most people here live in their homes so they’re not renting and you’ll have to see that public schools here are out of any league.

If your big family is too busy the best movers in Horn Lake MS will help you anytime you call them. Not only that but did you know that a professional moving company can pack a four-bedroom house in 3 hours and they can unload and load a full moving truck in between 60 and 80 minutes? These are just some of the reasons why you should consider hiring professional movers to assist you. Why not spend your time enjoying the pristine nature of Mississippi and some of its most beautiful cities, rather than packing your things? Also think about spending time with friends, family, and kids instead of unpacking.

A crystal clear lake surrounded by evergreen forest;
Pristine nature doesn’t come at a high cost only in Horn Lake.

The summary on the best Mississippi cities for big families

Let’s do a speedrun on the best Mississippi cities for big families. First of all, we’ve presented you with six cities in this article; Hattiesburg, Horn Lake, Starkville, Jackson, Biloxi, and Oxford. Each of them will provide you with unique features and different experiences when it comes to living factors. The cost of living might be the most important thing, and Jackson is the most expensive on our list. Also, Horn Lake is in the heart of beautiful parks and it has a lot of skating areas for kids while being close to Memphis. On the other hand, Oxford has some of the best schools and is incredibly safe for living in. Hattiesburg has overall best ratings across the board with all A’s. So, in the end, you can choose to think in terms of jobs, schools, and proximity to entertainment, prioritize, and make your decision. It’s up to you!

These were our data-based thoughts and conclusions about the best Mississippi cities for big families. We hope that you liked it and found it informative. Have a great move and a great time in Mississippi.