Guide to storing vinyl records

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When storing vinyl records, you have to keep in mind that their rigidity is not the problem. The problem is the wide array of environmental factors that can damage them. For example, the temperature is something that needs to be strictly monitored. That is if you are looking for long-term storage. Of course, once you decide to move, movers in Tennessee will be extra careful when handling your vinyl records. But, did you know that there are some things you can do to safely store them?

Shelft with records and TVs
Avoid improper storage!

First things first

Just like you need to be careful when packing and moving an aquarium, you need to take extra steps to prevent damage to your vinyl records. So, if you have decided to move them, you need to find a good way to store them. Did you know that improper storage is the number one cause of damaged records? If you want to enjoy your records for a long time, you better keep in mind the tips we are going to give you!

Sleeves and bags are your best option for storing vinyl records

There are basically two types of sleeves:

  1. Inner – The inner sleeve is crucial if you want to maintain the quality while storing vinyl records. It has to be smooth and silky and you should avoid paper-like materials at all costs. Consequently, you will prevent the records from getting scratched.
  2. Outer – Inner sleeves are simply not enough if you are looking to maximize protection. You should pair them with outer sleeves that go over the inner cardboard ones. With this combination, your vinyl records are 90% protected. That way, you will ensure that no scratching will occur and you can still use them regularly.
Vinyl sleeves
Use inner and outer sleeves for storing vinyl records.

If you are looking for a long-term storage solution, there is always the option of vinyl bags. They offer that additional 10% protection because they keep the records airtight. With that addition, residential movers Memphis can safely transport them and you don’t have to worry about damages.

Keep in mind the temperature when storing vinyl records

As we said, storing vinyl records can be tough. Not because of their sturdiness, but because of the specific temperature they have to be stored at. If you have a store that sells vinyl records, this can be somewhat of a problem. The perfect temperature to store the records is below 50°F. Because of that fact, it’s important that you hire reliable commercial movers Memphis when moving your store.

Clean the records without scratching

When you clean your vinyl records, try and use record cleaning brushes to quickly and easily clean your vinyl records. Just like you want to prevent scratching your floor when you move furniture, you also want to prevent scratching your vinyl record when you handle it. So, don’t use the end of your shirt, no matter how soft it is. After a while, your record will inevitably get scratched and useless. Be smart and get a cleaning solution and a record cleaning brush to maximize the result! This also goes for storing vinyl records.