Guide to storing expensive furniture

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Storing expensive furniture is something many people decide to do when they are moving. Sometimes you do not have enough space and sometimes you just do not want to use something for a period of time. Besides hiring reliable movers Starkville MS to help you, there are things you should do yourself in order to prepare your expensive items for storage. We will help you with some tips and advice on how to do it.

Why should you protect before storing expensive furniture?

There are many ways to store furniture but there are only so many to protect it before you store it. You will probably hire Mississipi moving company to help you with the transfer but the protection of the items is up to you. We will be giving you examples and tips on how to do this properly. It is important to prepare your expensive furniture the right way so you can be sure it is safe and will not be damaged while it is not being used. Let us begin with examples of how your furniture can get damaged if you do not do this the proper way.

  1. It can get layers and layers of dust and dust can get sticky after some time.
  2. If you store expensive furniture that is made out of wood, the wood can lose its shine or get damaged by insects.
  3. It can start to decay over time as all things do.
  4. Mold can start to form on certain materials faster than on others.
  5. The color can fade beyond repair.
  6. Restauration of damaged furniture can sometimes be more expensive than buying new furniture.
Before storing expensive furniture you must protect it, otherwise, it can end up looking like this.

How to prepare the furniture before you store it

As we have already mentioned, there are only so many ways to protect an item before you store it. Let us see what are the options. You can then choose the best ones for your items depending on the material and other important factors. Just remember to prepare everything else too. Call movers who will provide the transferring service, and do it on time. Some things depend on you and other things depend on your movers.


Cleaning is the first and maybe the most important thing you should do. If you store filthy furniture, you can cause various problems we will not even begin to explain. Just trust us when we say you should clean it. Now, depending on the material your furniture is made of, you should use different cleaning supplies and chemicals. For any fabric on chairs and couches, you should probably hire someone to do a deep cleaning method. Wood is much easier to clean. You should use cleaning chemicals that are made especially for wood. Those can be bought in any store more or less. Be thorough when cleaning and do not miss even a spot.

Cleaning supplies
You can find different cleaning supplies made especially for a certain surface.


Not all furniture can be disassembled but the pieces that can be taken apart, should. This will make the storing much easier because it will give you the option to use cardboard boxes which are a great way to protect an item. Other items that cannot be taken apart require a little more attention and preparation but we will get to that soon enough. Just remember to be very delicate when disassembling because you can easily break something. Also, have a little plastic bag for any screws you do not want to lose because some of them can be irreplaceable. Expensive furniture is often custom made and everything about them is custom made too.

Protecting glass items and other fragile parts before storing valuable furniture

If you have glass parts you might have a problem. Glass can very easily break no matter how thick it is and it is prone to scratches. Because of this, protecting glass items is a different story than any other material. To protect such fragile items, you should use very thick and soft fabric as coverage. The glass should, literally, be wrapped up in this material so that you can prevent both dust, scratches, and maybe even breakage. If the glass is a part of an item that cannot be disassembled then you will have to treat the entire item as if it were made of glass.

Boxes, foam padding, and other protection

Once you have cleaned, disassembled what can be disassembled, and done everything else in your power, you are left with the final touches. Every disassembled part of the furniture should be, and we emphasize this, wrapped in thick fabric, put in a box, and secured with foam padding or bubble wrap on all sides. Do not put too many items in one box because you are making the chance of damage higher. Everything that cannot be put inside a box should be covered with the same thick fabric and taped for security. You do not want to leave any holes. If you have a big wardrobe, you should put something beneath the legs of the wardrobe. This is so they do not get worn out over time.

Bubble wrap
Using bubble wrap and other kinds of protection is highly recommended.

Storing expensive furniture is now a piece of cake

Most of these tips for storing expensive furniture are used for storing any kind of furniture. Yet, with the expensive items, you must be extra careful and dedicated. We hope that this guide was useful and helpful. The only important thing is for you to protect your items properly so that when you use them again, they will be in the same condition you left them in. In whatever way you choose to protect and store your expensive furniture, we wish you good luck!